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HP Xw4600 - Workstation - 2 GB RAM Installation Manual page 9

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Standard data cable connections
This section applies to SAS hard drives installed in all optical bays and the internal hard drive bays of
HP xw Workstations and HP
If connecting a SAS hard drive, ensure that there is a SAS-to-SATA interconnect cable adapter
(supplied with the HP workstation SAS hard drive kit) to the data connector on the SAS hard drive.
Figure 7
Select the long 4-port data cable that best fits the workstation. Avoid sharp bends in the data cables.
To choose a cable, see
For standard cable connections, hard drives located in the internal bays and hard drives
located in the optical bays may share a long 4-port data cable.
To connect a hard drive in the fifth internal bay on HP xw8000 and xw9000 Workstations, use
the 4-port data cable with straight connectors.
400 Workstations.
Attaching the SAS-SATA adapter
Table 1 Data cable configuration guide on page
Step 3—Configuring the cabling



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