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HP c3700 - Workstation Administration Manual: Screen Entries

Hp workstations - hp-ux 11.x graphics administration guide.
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configuring X Windows on HP-UX (HP Visualize graphics cards)
X Server configuration
The X Server delays loading of some X extensions until the first protocol request to
the given extension is received. Specifying this server option forces all extensions to
be loaded at X Server startup. The 11.00 X Server patches shipped after July, 1997
perform delayed loading of X extensions.

screen entries

The minimum screen entry is a line with the keyword "Screen" followed by a screen
device file.
Optional specifications for default visual, monitor size, and device-dependent
screen options may follow this minimal screen description line.
This optional part of the format specifies the default visual that the screen uses.
Valid keywords following the "DefaultVisual" keyword are "Class", "Depth",
"Layer", and "Transparent".
If no default visual is specified, then the standard default visual class, depth, layer,
and transparency for the graphics device is used.
Not all default visual specifications will work on all devices.
If there is an error in a specification, look in an information file for more details (for
example, /usr/lib/X11/Xserver/info/screens/hp), in case it is newer
than the document you're now reading.
Class <StaticGray> |<GrayScale> | <StaticColor> |<PseudoColor> |
<TrueColor>| <DirectColor>
Specify the class of the default visual.
Depth <depth_value>
Specify the depth of the default visual (for example 8, 12, or 24).
Layer <Image> | <Overlay>
Specify the layer of the default visual.
Specify that a visual with an application-accessible transparent entry in the default
colormap be used.
MonitorSize <diagonal_length> Inches | MM
Specify the diagonal size of the monitor. After the "MonitorSize" keyword, you
must specify the diagonal length of the monitor and then the units. Use this entry
only if you are using a non-standard monitor.
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