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Upright Vacuum
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Owner's Manual
ENGLISH § pp.1-13
ESPAÑOL § pág. 14-22
FRANÇAIS § p. 23-30
This product was designed for
easy assembly (see page 3)


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  • Page 1: Upright Vacuum Cleaner

    Upright Vacuum Cleaner HOOVER Owner’s Manual ENGLISH § pp.1-13 ESPAÑOL § pág. 14-22 FRANÇAIS § p. 23-30 Thank you for your purchase! ® This product was designed for easy assembly (see page 3)

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    • Do not use with damaged cord or plug. If appliance is not working as it should, has been dropped, damaged, left outdoors, or dropped into water, take it to a Hoover Sales and Service Center or Authorized Hoover Warranty Service Dealer (Depot).

  • Page 3: Carton Contents

    If you need any assistance: Visit our website at Click on the “Service” button to find the service outlet nearest you OR Call 1-800-944-9200 for an automated referral of service outlet locations (U.S. only) OR Call 1-330-499-9499 to speak with a representative in our Consumer Response Center.

  • Page 4: Cleaner Descriptions

    Push screws into holes on back of Place hose on holder. handle (Fig. 1-6) and hose holder (Fig. 1-7). Tighten screws securely with a Phillips screwdriver. 2. How to use Cleaner description The assembled cleaner will look like the drawing. 1.

  • Page 5: Embedded Dirt Finder Feature

    Transporting cleaner Handle positions Carrying cleaner Put handle in upright position. Tilt clean- The handle of your cleaner has three Use the carrying handle to lift the er back on rear wheels. Push forward. positions; upright for storage and when cleaner.

  • Page 6

    Cleaning tools When using cleaning tools, cleaner han- dle should be in the upright position to activate the automatic “brush roll automatic shut off” and for conve- nience in moving the cleaner from one area to another. 2-10 Cleaning lightweight Settings flexible rugs For maximum cleaning performance,...

  • Page 7: Stair Cleaning

    2-15 2-14 How to attach tool Stair cleaning cover Use the hose and powered hand tool or furniture nozzle for stair cleaning. The tool cover is designed with a “break- CAUTION: To prevent the cleaner away” feature which allows it to snap free if from falling, always place it at the it is pushed open too far.

  • Page 8: Filter Assembly

    3-11 Cleaning final filter What to buy 3-12 This cleaner uses a 12 volt, wedge base type 912 bulb, HOOVER part No. 27313107. 3-13 Slide filter assembly down into cup until a light snap is felt. Gently pull up on...

  • Page 9

    3-15 3-16 3-14 Install bulb - Using a flat screwdriver, pry off hood as Turn cleaner over. Remove HOOVER® Pull old bulb straight out shown and remove. emblem (B). Using a Phillips screwdriv- of socket. Push new bulb straight into...

  • Page 10: Belt Replacement

    Belt replacement 3-26 in the lowest position. Turn cleaner over. Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the The belt on your Hoover cleaner causes seven screws and lift off the bottom the brush roll to rotate and is important plate. for the effective operation of your If the belt is cracked, gouged or broken, cleaner.

  • Page 11

    Pivot bottom plate down and snap Replace and tighten screws. closed. Replace belt Powered hand tool 3-35 When replacing belt, ask for HOOVER Belt replacement part No. 38528037. Inspect the belt 1. Remove bottom plate, belt guard and The powered hand tool belt is designed brush roll as described in Figs.

  • Page 12: Custom Control™ Switch

    • Broken or worn belt 4. If you have a Lubrication • Replace belt problem The cleaner is equipped with bearings that contain sufficient lubrication for the Problem: Cleaner hard to push If a minor problem occurs, it usually can Possible cause life of the cleaner.

  • Page 13: Warranty

    (U.S. only). If further assistance is needed, or if there are questions concerning this Do not send your cleaner to The Hoover warranty or the availability of warranty Company in North Canton for service, service outlets, phone the Hoover this will only result in delay.

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