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To Activate / Deactivate The Timer; Sleep Timer Setting - Kenwood HM-438USB Instruction Manual

Compact hi-fi component system
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Clock/timer operation
Press TIMER SET (timer set) button.
The icon "TIMER" fl ashes and the volume display
Press PROGRAM (program) button.
Press SEARCH/TUNING 4 or ¢ (4 or ¢
search +/–) button to set volume level and
press PROGRAM (program) button to store the
Press TIMER SET (timer set) button.
Press TIMER ON/OFF (timer on/off ) button to
activate timer mode.
The icon "TIMER" changes from fl ashing to steadily
The timer is now set.
Switch the system to standby mode.
• When reached the preset timer, the selected source will play
or switch to standby mode after the timer has been activated.

To activate / deactivate the timer

Press TIMER ON/OFF (timer on/off ) button.
If activated, the icon "TIMER" appears on the display.
• The timer off will not be activated if the starting and stopping
time are the same.
• If the selected source ("CD", "USB", "TAPE" or "REC TU") is not
available when preset timer is reached, TUNER will be selected
• During timer setting, if no button is pressed within 7 seconds,
the system will exit timer setting mode automatically.

Sleep timer setting

If the sleep timer is activated, the system will switch
to standby mode after the selected time has expired.
Each press of the SLEEP button decreases the timer
period by 10 minutes. The sleep timer can be set up
to 90 minutes.
The icon "SLEEP" appears on the display.
The display will change to sleep time display and
change as follows:
90 min - 80 min -70 min - 60 min - 50 min - 40 min
- 30 min - 20 min - 10 min - OFF - 90 min - 80 min...
While sleep mode is in active:
To deactivate the sleep timer
Press SLEEP button or press POWER ( ) button to
turn the power off .
If timer off and the sleep off are all activated, the system will
switch to standby mode by the earlier timer set.



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