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About Mp3 And Wma - Kenwood HM-438USB Instruction Manual

Compact hi-fi component system
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About MP3 and WMA

The playable MP3/WMA fi le (hereafter called
Audio fi le) and the media format has the following
limitation. The Audio fi le, which is not conforming to
the specifi cation, may not play normally, or the fi le
and folder names may not display correctly.
Playable Audio fi le : MP3, WMA
• Attach the correct extension for the Audio fi le. (MP3: ".MP3",
WMA: ".WMA")
• Do not attach the extensions to fi les other than the Audio fi le.
If the extension is attached, the fi le, which is not the Audio
fi le, will play and outputs a loud noise, causing damage to the
• The fi les with copy protection cannot be played.
• Audio fi les cannot be played depending on the encoding
software setting, USB device type, and/or recording
• The unit may not be compatible with upgrade of
compression format standard and additional specifi cations.
Playable MP3 fi le
• MPEG 1/2 Audio Layer 3 fi le
• Transfer bit rate: 8/ 16/ 24/ 32/ 40/ 48/ 56/ 64/ 80/ 96/ 112/
128/ 144/ 160/ 192/ 224/ 256/ 320 kbps
• Sampling frequency: 48/ 44.1/ 32/ 24/ 22.05/ 16/ 12/ 11.025/
8 kHz
Playable WMA fi le
• The fi le in accordance with Windows Media Audio 9
• Transfer bit rate: 32-192 kbps
• Sampling frequency: 48/ 44.1/ 32 kHz
Playable storage media
• USB device (USB version 1.1)
• CD-RW discs which are quick formatted by the writing
software cannot be used.
• When recording to the maximum CD-R/RW media capacity at
once, the writing software is set to "Disc at once".
• For details on the available USB devices, refer to <About USB
device> (page 7).
Playable CD-R/RW format
• ISO 9660 Level 1/2
• Joliet
Playable fi le format of USB device
• For the formats supported by USB devices, refer to <About
USB device> (page 7).
The maximum number of characters for
display (CD-R/RW)
• File/Folder name: 128 characters
• MP3 ID3 Tag/ WMA Contents property:
30 characters
• File/Folder name is the number of the characters including
the extensions.
• This unit can display the following versions of MP3 ID3 tag:
version 1.0/ 1.1/ 2.2/ 2.3
Limitation of structure for the fi le and the
folder (CD-R/RW)
• Maximum number of directory levels: 8
• Maximum number of folders: 255 (including root folder)
• Maximum number of fi les per folder: 510 (including the
number of folders)
Playing order of the audio fi le
• Audio fi les are played in the order the fi les are written. You
can specify the order of playback by numbering fi les in a
folder and writing them by folder.
: Folder
: Audio file
Audio file
• Playing order
Playing order after ¡! play:
➡ ¡", ¡#, ¡$, ¡%...



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