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Basic Function; Demonstration Mode; Switching The System On; Switching The System To Standby Mode - Kenwood HM-438USB Instruction Manual

Compact hi-fi component system
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Basic function

Demonstration mode

The system is equipped with a demonstration
function (only display). When the power cable is
plugged in and POWER ( ) button is pressed to turn
the system on for the fi rst time, the demonstraton
automatically starts. The demonstration consists of
sequential change of display and indicators showing
the operations, but the audio itself does not change.
The demonstration function can be cancelled as
To deactivate the demonstration
Press and hold (demo) button on the unit for more
than 1 second during demonstration.
To activate the demonstration
After turning the power on, press (demo) button on
the unit for more than 1 second.
The demonstration operates automatically when; a power has
failed and then recovered, or the plug of the power cable has
been pulled out while the power was on and then plugged
back in.

Switching the system on

(TUNER band), USB (CD/USB) or TAPE (TAPE) button.
The standby LED will go out.
The system will switch to the last selected source or
the selected source.

Switching the system to standby mode

Press POWER ( ) button.
The clock is displayed.

Volume control

Press VOLUME UP (volume u) button to increase,
or press VOLUME DOWN (volume d) to decrease
the volume level.
"VOL XX" is displayed. "VOL XX" denotes the volume
To switch off the volume temporarily
Press MUTE button.
Playback continues without sound, and the icon
"MUTE" appears on the display.
• To restore the volume, press MUTE button again or adjust the

Sound control

The sound control system feature enables you to
enjoy special sound eff ects; preset equalizer settings
and bass enhancement, providing the best music
To switch on preset equalizer settings
Press EQ (EQ/X-bass) button to select the desired
sound eff ect: POP, CLASSIC, ROCK, JAZZ or FLAT
(off ).
To switch on the bass enhancement
Press and hold X-BASS (EQ/X-bass) button until the
icon "X-BASS" appears on the display.
• To switch off X-BASS, press and hold X-BASS (EQ/X-bass)
button until the icon "X-BASS" disappears.
• EQ and X-BASS functions are not applied to the recording


To listen to your stereo with headphones (not
included), use the 3.5 mm phones jack on the top of
the unit.



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