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Kenwood HM-437MP Instruction Manual

Compact hi-fi component system
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B60-5521-08 00
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  Summary of Contents for Kenwood HM-437MP

  • Page 1: Instruction Manual

  • Page 2: Before Applying Power

    Before applying power Caution : Read this page carefully to ensure safe operation. Units are designed for operation as follows. Europe .......... AC 230 V only The marking of products using lasers CLASS 1 LASER PRODUCT LASER KLASSE 1 APPAREIL A LASER DE CLASSE 1 LUOKAN 1 LASERLAITE KLASS 1 LASERAPPARAT The marking this product has been classified as Class 1.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Basic function ........... 8 Demonstration mode ........8 KENWOOD recommend that you retain the origi- Switching the system on ......8 nal carton and packing materials in case you need Switching the system to standby mode ..8 to move or ship the unit in the future.
  • Page 4: Preparing The Remote Control

    Before applying power Preparing the remote control Connections Insert batteries type R6/LR6 (“AA” size) into the Connecting the AM antenna remote control. Set up the AM loop antenna, and then connect it. Operation Speakers connection When the standby indicator is lit, the power turns ON when you press the POWER button on the •...
  • Page 5: Names And Functions Of Parts

    Names and functions of parts 8 ENTER button Remote control unit To confirm the selection in file search mode for MP3-CD. 9 SEARCH/SKIP/TUNING +/– ¢ / 4 buttons To search forward/backward to next/previous POWER track for CD; to skip tracks for CD; to search RDS/ STEREO DISPLAY...
  • Page 6: Main Unit

    Names and functions of parts Main unit ALB. icon INTRO icon SYNC icon TOTAL icon SLEEP icon REC. icon RDS icon TIMER icons ALL icon REMAIN icon MP3 icon FILE SEARCH icon INTRO SYNC REC. FILE-SEARCH REPEAT ALB. ALL SLEEP TOTAL REMAIN PROGRAM RANDOM...
  • Page 7 Names and functions of parts 1 CD compartment # search +/– ¢ / 4 buttons 2 phones jack To search forward/backward to next/previous 3 EQ/X-bass button track for CD; to skip tracks for CD; to search To select the desired sound effect: POP , CLAS- forward/backward or to skip to the next/previ- SIC, ROCK, JAZZ or FLAT;...
  • Page 8: Basic Function

    Basic function Demonstration mode “VOL XX” will be displayed. “VOL XX” denotes the volume level. The system is equipped with a demonstration The volume can be adjusted in 32 steps from function (only display). The demonstration consists minimum to maximum. of sequential change of display and indicators showing the operations, but the audio itself does To switch off the volume temporarily...
  • Page 9: Using The Cd/Mp3-Cd

    Using the CD/MP3-CD Loading a disc Selecting a desired track/passage 1 Press CD button to select CD/MP3 mode. To select a desired track Press 4 or ¢ button (4 or ¢ SEARCH/ 2 Press the area marked push open to open the CD door. SKIP/TUNING button on the remote control) re- peatedly until the desired track appears on the 3 Place a CD/MP3 into the tray with the label...
  • Page 10: Programming Tracks

    Using the CD/MP3-CD 3 Press program button on the unit ( PROGRAM To search a desired file by file name button on the remote control) to store the se- 1 Press FILE SEARCH button on the remote lected track. control. The track number returns to “–...
  • Page 11: Random

    Using the CD/MP3 2 Press + or – button to select the Random desired album and press 4 or ¢ button You can play all the tracks in random order. (4 or ¢ SEARCH/SKIP/TUNING button on the remote control) to select the desired 1 During playing, pause or stop mode, press file.
  • Page 12: Intro Scan

    Using the radio Using the CD/MP3-CD Tuning in radio stations To repeat one album (For MP3-CD only) 1 Press TUNER/band button (TUNER/BAND Press repeat button (REPEAT button on the re- mote control) twice in play or pause mode. button on the remote control) to select TUNER The icon “REPEAT ALB.
  • Page 13: Tuning To A Preset Radio Station

    Using the radio 6 Press program button (PROGRAM button on Radio Text function: the remote control) again to store the radio Displays the radio text data transmitted by some station. RDS stations when you press RDS/display but- Repeat steps 3 to 6 to store other preset ra- ton on the unit (RDS/DISPLAY button on the re- dio stations.
  • Page 14: Using The Cassette

    Using the cassette Using the radio 4 Press PTY button on the remote control to Playing a cassette tape select your desired program type. 1 Press TAPE button to TAPE. Program type table Program Type Name Display 2 Press the area marked push open to open the News NEWS cassette compartment door.
  • Page 15 Using the cassette 4 Program the desired sequence of CD tracks/ Radio recording tip MP3 files. • To temporarily pause the recording, press rec button (REC/DEMO button on the remote con- See page 10 for programming procedure. trol). Press 6 button (6 PLAY/PAUSE but- ton on the remote control) to resume record- 5 Press rec button (REC/DEMO button on the ing.
  • Page 16: Clock/Timer Operation

    Clock/timer operation View clock Timer setting The clock (if it is set) will be shown in standby The system can switch on to CD, TUNER or TAPE mode. mode automatically at a preset time, serving as To view the clock in any source mode (CD, TUNER an alarm to wake you up.
  • Page 17: To Activate/Deactivate The Timer

    Clock/timer operation 8 Press program button (PROGRAM button on To activate / deactivate the timer the remote control). Press timer on/off button (TIMER ON/OFF but- ton on the remote control). If activated, the icon 9 Press 4 or ¢ button (4 or ¢ SEARCH/ “TIMER”...
  • Page 18: General Information

    General information Maintenance Caution on condensation Cleaning the cabinet Condensation (of dew) may occur inside the unit when there is a great difference in temperature • Use a soft cloth slightly moistened with a mild between this unit and the outside. This unit may detergent solution.
  • Page 19: In Case Of Difficulty

    In case of difficulty Radio reception Resetting the Microcomputer Noise in radio. The microcomputer may malfunction (unit can- \ Tune to a correct frequency. not be operated, or shows an erroneous dis- play) if the power cord is unplugged while the \ Adjust the direction of the FM antenna.
  • Page 20: Specifications

    ......... 87 .5 MHz ~ 108 MHz AM tuner section Notes: Tuning frequency range • KENWOOD follows a policy of continuous advance- ......... 531 kHz ~ 1,602 kHz ments in development. For this reason specifica- tions may be changed without notice. CD player section •...