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Installation; Handle Installation - Frigidaire FFWC38F6LS Use & Care Manual

Complete owner's guide (english)
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This Use & Care Guide provides general operating
instructions for your model. Use the appliance only as
instructed in this Use & Care Guide. Before starting the
wine cooler, follow these important first steps.
Choose a place that is near a grounded electrical
outlet. Do Not use an extension cord or an adapter
For optimal performance, it is recommended that
you install the wine cooler where the ambient
temperature is between 70 and 78 degrees
Allow space around the unit for good air circulation.
Leave a 2 inch space on the back and sides of the
wine cooler for adequate circulation.
Be sure the wine cooler stays in the upright position
during transport.
Keep the wine cooler from any hazardous or
combustible agents.
The exterior walls of the wine cooler may become quite
warm as the compressor works to transfer heat from
the inside. Temperatures as much as 30° F warmer
than room temperature can be expected. For this
reason it is particularly important in hotter climates to
allow enough space for air circulation around your wine
The wine cooler must have all bottom corners resting
firmly on solid floor. The floor must be strong enough
to support a fully loaded wine cooler. NOTE: It is Very
Important for your wine cooler to be level in order to
function properly. If the wine cooler is not leveled during
installation, the door may be misaligned and not close
or seal properly, causing cooling, frost, or moisture
To Level Your Wine Cooler:
After removing all interior and exterior packaging
materials, use a carpenter's level to level the wine cooler
from front-to-back. Adjust the leveling legs in front, ½
bubble higher, so that the door closes easily when left
halfway open.
Wooden Shelf Made of Beech
Wash any removable parts of the wine cooler interior,
Control Panel
and exterior with mild detergent and warm water.
Wipe dry. Do not use harsh cleaners on these
Glass Door
Control Switch of Lamp
Do not use razor blades or other sharp instruments,
Adjustable Leg
which can scratch the appliance surface when
removing adhesive labels. Any glue left from the tape
Placement of Wine Cooler
can be removed with a mixture of warm water and
The wine cooler should be placed in dry and ventilated room. The location of
mild detergent, or touch the residue with the sticky
side of tape already removed. Do not remove the
the wine cooler should not be irradiated by direct sunshine. The wine cooler
serial plate.
should be far away from heating sources, such as: cooking stove or heating
Important Safeguards: Do not store food in your wine
radiator. If the wine cooler has to be placed near heating source, please adopt
cooler as interior temperature may not get cool enough
proper heating insulation board for insulation or keep the wine cooler at least
to prevent spoilage. In summer months or areas of high
the following minimum distances away from the heating sources:
humidity, the glass door may build up moisture. To
remove the moisture, wipe it away.
For electric stove: 3
For oil or coal stove: 30

Handle Installation

Replacement of Door Hinge
Set handle over the two mounting studs at top of
The door hinges of this wine cooler can be interchanged between the left and
right sides.
Use hex head screw driver or allen wrench to tighten
Installation of Handle
set screws from bottom to secure handle to door.
1. Set the handle on the fixation shaft.
2. Screw down the fixation pins of the handle with screw driver.
Level the Wine Cooler
Place the wine cooler on the planned location and level it.
The front screw of leg is adjustable.
Pay Attention to Room Temperature & Ventilation
Fixation Shaft of Handle
Mounting stud
Set Handle
Locate handle
Handle Fixation Pin
Set screw
- 7 -
Screw Driver
Screw driver

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents