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Frigidaire PLWC486GS0 Use & Care Manual


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(Feb 07)


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  • Page 1 Welcome ....... Safety instructions ..2°3 Unstaitation o-, c...g_ng the Reversible Door ....® 4 Care & C_eaning ....Warranty ...... "_ Before You Call ....READ AND SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS pin5995485017 (Feb 07)
  • Page 2 ,, Before connecting the appliance to an electrical power Congratulations on your purchase of a new wine cooler! We supply, let it stand for about 4 hours. This will reduce the here at EBectrotux Home Products, inc. are very proud of our possibility of malfunctions in the cooling system due to...
  • Page 3 This Use and Care Guide provides specific operating instructions for your model, Use the wine cooler only as instructed in this guide, Before starting the wine eooter follow these important first steps. BUILTAN INSTALLATION 44#_" Door in 90_ 0pe_ position Grounding type wall receptacle...
  • Page 4: Changing The Reversible Door

    If installing b etween frameless cabinets, a 1/2"wide fillerstrip CHANGING THE REVERSIBLE DOOR orsidepanel may beneeded o nthehinge side. T hefillerstrip willactasa spacer b etween theappliance andtheadjacent cabinet doorswing. Thewidth oftheopening m ust i nclude t he fillerpanels. Plug Buttons Connecting to Power Supply or Screws ,, A 115 volt 60Hz., 15 or 20 amp power supply is required.
  • Page 5 Engaged wineracks There arefive, f ulldepth RED WHITE wine racks ontheupper p art ofthecabinet tostore wine bottIes. The second supporting guido (counting f rom top-down, see illustration marked " A') is notsuitabme forwine COOL DOWN PERIOD racks. A llofthetopfive wine racks have tabs to The intended temperature range of the wine cooler is 39°F to engage the cabinet on both...
  • Page 6: Changing The Bulb

    ENERGY SAVING mDEAS Stainless Steel Try not to open the door too often, Ctean with a high quality, stainIess steei cleaner/polish. especially when the weather is hot and Frequent cleaning wiII remove surface contamination that could humid. Once you open the door, ctose it lead to discoloration or rust.
  • Page 7 Your appliance is covered by a one year limited warranty. For one year from your original date of purchase, Electrolux will pay all costs for repairing or replacing any parts of this appliance that prove to be defective in materials or workmanship when such appliance is installed,...
  • Page 8: Operation

    TROUBLESHOOTING Before calling for s ervice, review t his list. i t may s ave y ou time and expense. This listincludes common GUmDE occurences that a renot t he result ofdefective workmanship ormaterials inthis appliance. PROBLEM CAUSE CORRECTION WINE COOLER OPERATION Wine cooler does not run.
  • Page 9 PROBLEM CAUSE CORRECTION SOUNDS AND NOISE (Cont.) Popping or cracking sound ,' Metal parts undergo expansion o This is normal. Sound will level off or disappear as wine when compresson comes on. cooler continues to run. and contraction, as in hot water pipes.

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