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Electrolux EMT38409AX Instruction Manual

Combination microwave with drop down door with white led display in stainless steel.
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EMT 38409
Instruction Manual



  Summary of Contents for Electrolux EMT38409AX

  • Page 1 EMT 38409 Microwave Instruction Manual...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    INSTALLATION ........................34 WE'RE THINKING OF YOU Thank you for purchasing an Electrolux appliance. You’ve chosen a product that brings with it decades of professional experience and innovation. Ingenious and stylish, it has been designed with you in mind. So whenever you use it, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ll get great results every time.
  • Page 3: Installation Instructions

    ENGLISH 3 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE INSTALLATION AFTER INSTALLATION Check that the input voltage indicated The oven is equipped with a power on the characteristics plate is the same cable and a plug for single phase as the voltage of the power outlet you current.
  • Page 4: Microwave Safety

    4 ENGLISH MICROWAVE SAFETY The surfaces of the contact between WARNING! the door and the oven front are Never leave the oven unwatched, damaged; especially when using paper, The door window glass is damaged; plastic or other combustible There is frequent electrical arcing materials.
  • Page 5 ENGLISH 5 This oven is exclusively for domestic door can bear a maximum weight of use! 8 kg. Use the oven only for preparing meals. The turntable and the grills can bear Avoid damaging the oven or other a maximum load of 8 kg. To avoid dangerous situations by following damaging the oven, do not exceed these instructions:...
  • Page 6: The Advantages Of Microwaves

    6 ENGLISH THE ADVANTAGES OF MICROWAVES In conventional ovens, heat radiated Why food heats up by electrical elements or gas burners Most foods contain water and water slowly penetrates the food from molecules vibrate when subjected to outside to inside. On account of this microwaves.
  • Page 7: Description Of Your Oven

    ENGLISH 7 DESCRIPTION OF YOUR OVEN Control panel Turntable support Door window glass Turntable ring Lateral supports Turntable plate Catches Rectangular Glass Tray Hot Air Output Rectangular Rack Confimation key (OK) Cancel / Safety Block key Start / Quick Start key Temperature Light Parameter selection keys Function Lights...
  • Page 8: Function Description

    8 ENGLISH FUNCTION DESCRIPTION Microwave Symbol Function Power Foods Output Slow defrosting for delicate foods; keeping food hot Cooking with little heat; boiling rice Rapid defrosting, heating baby food Heating and cooking food Microwave Cooking vegetables and food Cooking and heating carefully, Heating and cooking small portions of food 1000 Rapidly heating liquids...
  • Page 9: Basic Controls

    ENGLISH 9 BASIC CONTROLS SETTING THE CLOCK The clock display will flash to indicate that the time shown is not correct. To set the clock, proceed as follows: 1. Select the Clock Symbol with the Confirm the selection with the Parameter selection keys (not Confirmation key “1”.
  • Page 10: Safety Blocking

    10 ENGLISH SAFETY BLOCKING The oven functioning can be blocked (for example, to stop it being used by children). Proceed as follows: 1. To block the oven, press the 2. To unblock the oven, press the Cancel key “ ” for 3 seconds. You Cancel key ”...
  • Page 11: Main Function

    ENGLISH 11 MAIN FUNCTION MICROWAVE Use this function to cook and heat vegetables, potatoes, rice, fish and meat. 1. Select the Microwave function with 5. Select the Duration with Parameter the Function selection keys “ ” selection keys “ ”. The Duration 2.
  • Page 12 12 ENGLISH GRILL Use this function to brown the top of food quickly. 1. Select the Grill function with the 4. Press the Confirmation key “ ” to Function selection keys “ ” validate the duration. The display 2. Select the Duration with Parameter and symbol stop blinking.
  • Page 13 ENGLISH 13 HOT AIR Use this function to bake and roast. 1. Select the Hot-Air function with the 5. Select the Duration with Parameter Function selection keys “ ”. selection keys “3”. The Duration 2. Select the Temperature with symbol and display start blinking. Parameter selection keys “3”.
  • Page 14: Grill With Fan

    14 ENGLISH 9. Set the duration with the Plus and 11. Start the cooking process by Minus keys “ ”. pressing the Start key “ ”. 10. Press the Confirmation key “ ” to validate the duration. The display and symbol stop blinking. GRILL WITH FAN Use this function for crispy roast meat, fish, poultry or French fries.
  • Page 15 ENGLISH 15 5. Select the Weight with Parameter 7. Press the Confirmation key “ ” to selection keys “3”. The Weight validate the weight. The display symbol and display start blinking. and symbol stop blinking. 6. Set the weight with the Plus and 8.
  • Page 16: Special Functions

    16 ENGLISH SPECIAL FUNCTIONS SPECIAL FUNCTION F1: HEATING FOOD Use this function to heat various types of food. 1. Select the Special function F1 with 5. Select the Weight with Parameter the Function selection keys “ ”. selection keys “3”. The Weight 2.
  • Page 17 ENGLISH 17 heat up most containers, these may WARNING! heat up through heat transmission After heating the container may be from food. very hot. Although microwaves do not SPECIAL FUNCTION F2: COOKING Use this function to cook fresh food. 1. Select the Special function F2 with 5.
  • Page 18 18 ENGLISH Unpeeled potatoes – Use potatoes of Peeled potatoes and Fresh vegetables the same size. Wash them and prick – Cut into pieces of the same size. Add the skin several times. Do not add a soup spoon of water for every 100 g water.
  • Page 19: When The Oven Is Working

    ENGLISH 19 Frozen pizza – Use pre-cooked frozen Potato dishes, frozen – Chips, potato pizzas and pizzas-rolls. croquettes and fried potatoes must be Deep-frozen food – Use lasagne, suitable for preparation in the oven. cannelloni, prawn soufflé, all frozen. Keep covered. WHEN THE OVEN IS WORKING...
  • Page 20: Defrosting

    20 ENGLISH DEFROSTING The table below shows different defrosting and standing times (in order to ensure the food temperature is evenly distributed) for different types and weights of food, plus recommendations. Defrosting Chart Weight Defrosting Standing Food Recommendation time (min.) time (min.) 5-10 Turn once...
  • Page 21: Cooking With The Microwave Oven

    ENGLISH 21 10. Turn the food whenever the oven Important: lets out a beep and the display The aluminium foil must not come flashes the word: into contact with the oven cavity 11. Remove frozen food from its interior as this can cause electrical wrapping and do not forget to take arcing.
  • Page 22 22 ENGLISH 7. Do not close plastic bags with cooking times or increase or metal clips. Use plastic clips decrease the power levels. instead. Prick the bags several COOKING WITH times so that the steam can escape MICROWAVES... easily. 8. When heating or cooking foods, The greater the amount of food, the check that they reach at least a longer the cooking time.
  • Page 23 ENGLISH 23 Tables and suggestions – Cooking vegetables Standing Quantity Addition Power Time Food Time Instructions of liquids (Watt) (min.) (min.) Cauliflower 100ml 9-11 Cut into slices. Broccoli 50ml Keep covered Mushrooms 25ml Turn once Peas & 100ml Cut into chunks or carrots slices.
  • Page 24: Cooking With The Grill

    24 ENGLISH COOKING WITH THE GRILL For good results with the grill, use the 4. If the grill is used for extended racksupplied with the oven. period of time it is normal to find Fit the rackin such a way that it doesn’t that the elements will switch come into contact with the metal themselves off temporarily due to...
  • Page 25 ENGLISH 25 case of fish, you should join the two then put the fish on the grid iron. ends, putting the tail in its mouth, and Tables and suggestions – Microwave + Grill The microwave + grill function is ideal covered food.
  • Page 26: Roasting And Baking

    26 ENGLISH ROASTING AND BAKING TABLE AND ADVICES – PREPARING MEAT AND CAKE Microwave Quantity Power Temperature Time Standing Food ºC (Min.) time (min.) Roast beef 1000-1500 30-40 Pork loin / Cutlet or bones 800-1000 180-190 50-60 Pork roast Whole chicken 1000/1200 30-40 Half chicken...
  • Page 27 ENGLISH 27 Table and advices – baking Time Type Container Level Temperature (min.) Spring-form type Walnut cake Turntable 170/180 30/35 Spring-form type Fruit tart Turntable 150/160 35/45 tin Ø 28 cm Spring-form type Ring cake Turntable 170/190 30/45 Piquant cakes e.g. Pizza made with Runde Glasform Turntable...
  • Page 28: What Kind Of Ovenware Can Be Used

    28 ENGLISH WHAT KIND OF OVENWARE CAN BE USED? use in both the microwave and the MICROWAVE FUNCTION grill. For the microwave function, keep in ALUMINIUM CONTAINERS mind that microwaves are reflected by AND FOIL metal surfaces. Glass, china, clay, plastic, and paper let microwaves Pre-cooked food in aluminium pass.
  • Page 29 ENGLISH 29 heated without their tops / lids otherwise they can burst. TABLE OF OVENWARE The table below gives you a general idea of what type of ovenware is suitable for each situation. Operating Microwave Grill and mode Combined hot-air Defrosting Type functions...
  • Page 30: Oven Cleaning And Maintenance

    30 ENGLISH OVEN CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE Cleaning is the only maintenance Always keep the door and the oven normally required. front very clean to ensure that the door opens and closes properly. WARNING! Make sure water does not enter the Your microwave oven should be microwave ventilation holes.
  • Page 31: What Should I Do If The Oven Doesn't Work

    ENGLISH 31 The mica cover (3) located in the ACCESSORIES ceiling must always be kept clean. Any Clean the accessories after each use. food remains that collect on the mica If they are very dirty, soak them first of cover can cause damage or provoke all and then use a brush and sponge.
  • Page 32 32 ENGLISH ENGLS H 32 SUBSTITUTION OF LIGHT You have selected the correct operating times and power level. BULB The food you have put inside the To substitute the light bulb, proceed as oven is a larger amount or colder follows: than you usually put in.
  • Page 33: Technical Characteristics

    ENGLISH 33 TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS SPECIFICATIONS AC Voltage (see rating plate) Power required 3400 W Grill power 1500 W Hot air power 1600W Microwave output power 1000 W Microwave frequency 2450 MHz Exterior dimensions (W H D) 542 mm Interior dimensions (W H D) 390 mm Oven capacity 32 ltr...
  • Page 34: Installation

    INSTALLATION 560-568 mín. 450 mín.550 mín.550 Push oven completely into the cabinet and centre it. Open microwave door and fasten the appliance to the cabinet using the four screws provided. Insert the screws through the front holes.
  • Page 36 Cód: 1630350...

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