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HP 316095-B21 - StorageWorks Edge Switch 2/24 Release Note

Hp storageworks ha-fabric manager release notes, v08.09.01 (aa-rur6j-te, october 2006).
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HP StorageWorks
HA-Fabric Manager release notes
Part number: AA–RUR6J–TE/958–000288–013
Eighth edition: (October 2006)


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   Summary of Contents for HP 316095-B21 - StorageWorks Edge Switch 2/24

  • Page 1

    HP StorageWorks HA-Fabric Manager release notes Part number: AA–RUR6J–TE/958–000288–013 Eighth edition: (October 2006)

  • Page 3: Update Recommendation

    Description These release notes contain late-breaking and supplemental information for the HA-Fabric Manager (HAFM) 08.09.01 software. These release notes are intended for customers who purchased HAFM software. This information is available and periodically updated on the HP web site Update recommendation Routine Devices supported...

  • Page 4: Operating Systems

    HAFM software version 08.09.01 HAFM 08.09.01 applies to the 1U rack-mount appliance only and cannot be installed on the notebook server. All remote clients running down-level versions of HAFM are required to reinstall the client application. You must exit HAFM before installing the latest version of HAFM. When logging in to the HAFM appliance through the remote client, an error message is displayed stating that the new version must be installed.

  • Page 5

    Fixes Table 2 lists issues that have been fixed in HAFM 08.09.01 since the release of HAFM 08.08.00. Table 2 HAFM 08.09.01 fixes Description Problem Category The Operational Status column does not update correctly when a Display/Layout/GUI McDATA 4Gb SAN Switch is taken offline. Instead of indicating that the McDATA 4Gb SAN Switch is offline, the status in the Operation Status column and alert icon (Product List and Topology view) displays as failed.

  • Page 6

    Description Problem Category Switches added to the fabric binding membership list may not be Fabric Binding able to join the fabric. Isolated switches with fabric binding enabled may display information Fabric Binding from a prior fabric. Import User created columns may not import using the CVS import feature. Import HAFM does not take the NickName file from default folder and import failed.

  • Page 7

    Description Problem Category The Nickname size limit is not consistent throughout HAFM Nicknames application. No data in exported file when exporting WWNs of discovered Nicknames devices via Configure Nicknames dialog. All WWNs are displayed in the configure nicknames dialog when Nicknames you select All WWNs from the display pull-down menu.

  • Page 8

    Description Problem Category In a blade switch fabric, an invalid attachment is not shown on McDATA 4Gb SAN switches McDATA switch port. If there is an invalid attachment between 2 ports, one on a switch blade and one on a McDATA switch, the invalid attachment is not displayed on the McDATA switch port.

  • Page 9

    Description Problem Category Switch Blades and Enterprise Fabric Mode: switch binding is Enterprise Fabric Mode deactivated when Enterprise Fabric Mode is deactivated for switch blades. When an ethernet cable is disconnected, the ethernet event is not Ethernet Event sent for switch in a discovered fabric. Event Log No SNMP traps are displayed in the event log when sent across through a firewall.

  • Page 10: Important Information

    PFE key support For information about all PFE features, contact your authorized McDATA reseller. You can find the latest McDATA contact information by region on the web site Compatibility and interoperability This section describes Director or Edge Switch products compatibility. HAFM and firmware compatibility Table 3 lists the minimum version of HAFM that can run with the various versions of firmware for Directors,...

  • Page 11

    Disabling the SNMP Proxy By default, the SNMP Proxy is enabled on all McDATA 4Gb SAN Switches. To ensure proper HAFM functionality, disable the SNMP Proxy feature before attempting to discover the McDATA 4Gb SAN Switches in HAFM. To disable the SNMP Proxy: Telnet to the switch.

  • Page 12

    Adding McDATA 4Gb SAN Switch to HAFM management A McDATA 4Gb SAN Switch is added to HAFM management the same way as other M-Series switches, with one additional configuration requirement. The username and password for the Administrator account of the switch must be configured in HAFM. The default username and password for a McDATA 4Gb SAN Switch are preconfigured for the switch in HAFM when the switch is added to HAFM management.

  • Page 13: Known Issues

    Backup to network When configuring backup to network using the Options dialog, the path for the backup output directory must be in the folowing format: \\Networkname\sharedfolder\subfolder You must manually create a subfolder under a shared folder. HAFM backup does not recognize the shared folder;...

  • Page 14

    The issue arises because either LAN connection on the HAFM appliance can be the public LAN or the private LAN. Though the Directors and Edge Switches can be managed via either LAN, the public LAN is the only one that can support remote client access. Thus, if one attempts to access the HAFM appliance via a remote client session and is unknowingly using what has been designated as the private LAN, the remote session is not allowed.

  • Page 15

    Effect of no LAN connection to HAFM appliance during boot up If the HAFM appliance has no LAN connection while booting up, but it is connected after booting up, the remote client sessions to the HAFM appliance are not allowed. Also, the IP address that is displayed when you select SAN >...

  • Page 16

    Workaround If this condition persists, it may be necessary to reboot the HAFM appliance. This is not disruptive to managed switches, but monitoring and logging functions are interrupted while the appliance is rebooting. Disabled Show Route/Hide Route menu item The the Show Route menu item, from the Right-click on a port in the Product Tree, is disabled (grayed out) after installing HAFM on an HAFM Appliance that has not previously had HAFM installed.

  • Page 17

    HAFM Client cannot log in to a server through a Cisco router with strict ACLs An HAFM Client cannot log in to a server when it is required to cross a Cisco router with strict ACLs. Workaround Remove the strict ACLs enforcement. Topology view does not load with HAFM and a McDATA 4Gb SAN Switch When using HAFM to manage a McDATA 4Gb SAN Switch for HP p-Class BladeSystem, if you perform a logout instead of an exit, and if you log back as a different user, a problem is encountered and the...

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