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HP 316095-B21 - StorageWorks Edge Switch 2/24 Release Note

Fw 07.01.02/hafm sw 08.06.00 hp storageworks edge switch release notes (aa-rtdzh-te, august 2005).
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HP StorageWorks
Edge Switch release notes
Part number: AA–RTDZH–TE/958–000284–008
Eighth edition: (August 2005)


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  • Page 1

    HP StorageWorks Edge Switch release notes Part number: AA–RTDZH–TE/958–000284–008 Eighth edition: (August 2005)

  • Page 2

    Hewlett-Packard Company shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. The information is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind and is subject to change without notice. The warranties for Hewlett-Packard Company products are set forth in the express limited warranty statements for such products. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty.

  • Page 3: About This Document

    About this document These release notes contain late breaking and supplemental information for the Edge Switch 2/12, Edge Switch 2/24, and Edge Switch 2/32. Be sure to read these release notes before installing an edge switch. This information is periodically updated and available on the following HP web site:

  • Page 4

    For more information on upgrading firmware versions, refer to the appropriate HP StorageWorks edge switch service manual. The features of this firmware version are detailed in the following manuals. Other edge switch documentation In addition to these release notes, HP provides the following corresponding information: •...

  • Page 5

    • HP StorageWorks Edge Switch release notes, AA-RTDZG-TE/958–000284–007 CD-ROM directory structure The HP StorageWorks edge switch documentation and firmware CD contains the following items: • Manuals.pdf—HP StorageWorks Edge Switch 2/12, Edge Switch 2/24, and Edge Switch 2/32 Documentation; links to the following documents and search function •...

  • Page 6

    • Firmware • HPQ_MSF_v07.01.02-4.bin—HP StorageWorks M-Series firmware • firmwareupdate.txt—Instructions for updating firmware • Acrobat • RP505ENU.EXE—Windows installation file for Acrobat Reader 5.0 with Search Supported configurations Operation of multiple switches in a fabric topology is subject to the following topology limits.

  • Page 7: Cable Requirements

    Cable requirements NOTE: Optical cables for the Edge Switch 2/12, Edge Switch 2/12, and Edge Switch 2/32 must be ordered separately. For cables measuring up to 500 meters (1 Gbps) or 300 meters (2 Gbps), use multi-mode Fibre Channel cables. For longer cables, use single-mode Fibre Channel cables. Multi-mode optical cables are connected to short-wave optical transceiver modules in a switch.

  • Page 8

    Zonesets containing domain/port number zones while in Open Fabric interop mode no longer cause zoning to hang When directors and edge switches in a fabric were configured for Open Fabric 1.0 interop mode, and the fabric’s zoneset contained a zone with members defined by domain/port number instead of World Wide Name, activating changes to the zoneset could cause the Zone Manager to hang.

  • Page 9

    Table 1 shows HP terminology and McDATA Corporation equivalents used in the McDATA documents. Table 1 HP and McDATA terminology HP term McDATA term HP StorageWorks Edge Switch 2/12 Sphereon 4300 Fabric Switch Sphereon 3216 Fabric Switch HP StorageWorks Edge Switch 2/16 Sphereon 4500 Fabric Switch HP StorageWorks Edge Switch 2/24 HP StorageWorks Edge Switch 2/32...

  • Page 10

    HAFM and firmware compatibility Table 2 lists the minimum version of HAFM that can run with the various versions of firmware for the directors and edge switches. Table 2 HAFM and firmware compatibility Firmware version HAFM version (minimum) 01.01.02 04.00.01 (HP EFCM) 01.02.02-06 04.01.02-14 (SDCM) 01.03.00-35...

  • Page 11

    Prerequisites for installing and using firmware 07.01.02 If you are using HAFM, firmware 07.01.02 requires HAFM 07.01.00 or later (check with HP Customer Support for the latest shipping version of HAFM). HAFM should be at the minimum level before installing the new firmware. NOTE: HAFM is not required for operating hardware products using the firmware.

  • Page 12

    If you get one of these messages during the upgrade, the firmware upgrade failed, but the unit continues working with the existing firmware without an interruption in service. The upgrade process checks for sufficient memory before activating the new firmware image.

  • Page 13

    Before downgrading below 07.01.02-4, there can only be one user assigned access rights as Administrator and one user assigned as Operator for Embedded Web Server and CLI. If additional users were created, you have to delete them before downgrading. Firmware 07.01.02-4 does not allow the last user with Administrator rights in Embedded Web Server or CLI to be deleted.

  • Page 14

    Downgrades directly to 05.03.01 from 06.xx.xx is not concurrent when the second-generation Edge Switch 2/24 is configured in Open Fabric operating mode. In other words, downgrades in Open Fabric mode cannot be done with the second-generation Edge Switch 2/24 online without disrupting port operations. Since second-generation Edge Switch 2/24 switches cannot be downgraded earlier than 05.03.01, they must be configured in Homogeneous Fabric Interoperability mode to remain concurrent.

  • Page 15

    If you are using the 1U rack-mount HAFM appliance to manage the director or edge switch, the minimum HAFM version required is 07.02.00-9, which is the minimum version installed. This HAFM software is contained on the HP StorageWorks ha-fabric manager documentation and software CD (Part Number 516-000024-720).

  • Page 16

    The Zone FlexPar feature is available in both Open Fabric 1.0 and Homogeneous Fabric 1.0 Interop modes, as well as in environments with loop-attached devices. In Homogeneous Fabric 1.0 mode, the default zone is treated like any other zone, and RSCNs are sent only to the affected devices if the default zone is enabled or disabled.

  • Page 17

    • Enhanced Maintenance Port Security—This allows users to enable enhanced authorization on the maintenance port, which is the switch or director RS-232 connection. Enhanced Authorization mode enforces stronger security policies, requiring users to change the well-known password to a case- sensitive private password the first time they use the maintenance port.

  • Page 18

    Embedded Audit Log The Audit log is a new log available through CLI and EWS. This is not the same Audit Log available through HAFM. The log records all configuration changes to the switch to provide data for analyzing problems caused by configuration changes. Embedded Port Log The Embedded Port Log is a new log that records all Fibre Channel traffic from or to the embedded port.

  • Page 19 through—This subnet is used internally to the HAFM appliance. Using an IP address in this range causes the call-home feature to function incorrectly. Hard zoning Hard zoning is a security enhancement introduced in firmware 05.01.00-24 that prevents ports from accessing devices outside their zones. Hard zoning is enabled by default when using firmware 05.01.00-24 or greater and cannot be disabled.

  • Page 20: Zoning Limitations

    SNMP requests can be received in either 3.0 or 3.1 of the Fibre Alliance (FA) MIB, and the switch responds in the same version. The switch can also be configured to use a specific version for traps generated by the switch. Zoning limitations With firmware 06.00.00 and later, you have the ability to configure large zone sets, including up to 1024 zones and 1024 end ports in a single zone set.

  • Page 21: Full Volatility

    For customers who want to add a second-generation switch to their existing SAN, but are not ready to upgrade their SAN from 5.x to 06.02.00, there is a downgrade firmware version for each of these edge switches which provides compatibility with a SAN running 05.02.00.

  • Page 22

    The feature configures a switch or director so that no frame data is stored after a power off. Without Full Volatility, if the switch or director experiences a fault condition, a dump of the embedded memory space is captured into nonvolatile memory. This dump retains the last 30 frames transmitted from and last four frames transmitted to the embedded port.

  • Page 23

    BB_Credit Allocation for ports With firmware 07.00.00 and later, this supports the ability to allocate a specific number of buffer credits per port. This feature provides benefit primarily in the Edge Switch 2/12 and 2/24 switches, where a single pool of buffers is shared among all ports. Users will now be able to allocate buffer credits only where needed.

  • Page 24: Known Issues

    NOTE: This limit is disabled when the switch parameter Suppress Zoning RSCNs on Zone set activations check box is enabled. Full-fabric capability for Edge Switch 2/12 Unlike other edge switch and director products, a product feature enablement (PFE) key, controls Edge Switch 2/12 E_Port-to-E_Port connections. Once the feature key is purchased and installed, the switch can be configured for E_Port connections on any of the active ports.

  • Page 25

    Workaround None. HSG80 transparent mode not recommended with controller in SCSI-3 mode with HP-UX operating systems Due to an issue with nonexistent duplicate LUNs being displayed with the HP-UX operating systems, the HSG80 controller is restricted to SCSI-2 mode of operation when set to Transparent failover mode.

  • Page 26

    Workaround If an older HBA has difficulty logging into a switch port that has its port speed configured as Negotiate, configure that port speed to 1Gb/sec or 2Gb/sec according to the operation speed of the HBA connected to that port. Ports may accumulate spurious events A port may accumulate Invalid transmission word and Bit-Error Threshold Link Incident events when a transceiver is poorly seated, resulting in a poor ground connection.

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