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HP 316095-B21 - StorageWorks Edge Switch 2/24 Manual: Hafm_sc.bat File

Hafm sw 08.08.00 hp storageworks ha-fabric manager transition guide (aa-rv1md-te, january 2006).
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If the firewall prevents the server from connecting to arbitrary ports on the client, force only
the export port of the client (-Dsmp.client.export.port=XXXX).
The HAFM_c.bat file starts both the client and server and is installed on computers with the HAFM
appliance software. The file is typically located in c:\Program Files\HAFM 8.x\bin. Both
the client and server areas of the HAFM_sc.bat file must have matching parameters. Add a
matching parameter to the HAFM_c.bat file if, this file is installed on your computer. This file starts
the Client only and is installed with the Client software.

HAFM_sc.bat file

Edit the HAFM_c.bat file in the HAFM server area to include the parameter
-Dsmp.server.export.port=XXXX and the HAFM Client area to include the parameter
-Dsmp.client.export.port=YYYY, where XXXX and YYYY are any TCP port numbers not
being used by another application. Although the server port number XXXX could match the client
port number YYYY, this is not necessary. If the HAFM_c.bat file is installed on your computer, add
the -Dsmp.client.export.port=YYYY parameter to that file. Add these parameters after the
%CLASSPATH% parameter, as in the following example.
pushd %~dp0\..
call bin\set_cp.bat
rem HAFM Server
start %JAVA_HOME%\bin\HAFMServer.exe -server -Xmx512m -Xminf.15 -Xmaxf.35
-classpath %CLASSPATH% -Dsmp.Mp.max=512 -Dsmp.autodiscovery=false
-Dsmp.mpi.test -Dsmp.deployment.prefix=Server/ -Dsmp.zoning=legacy
-Dsmp.zoning.wait.timeout=180000 -Dsmp.webServer
-Dsmp.server.export.port=XXXX -Dsmp.flavor=%APP_FLAVOR% Server
rem HAFM Server Debug Mode
rem start %JAVA_HOME%\bin\HAFMServerD.exe -server -Xmx512m -Xminf.15
-Xmaxf.35 -classpath %CLASSPATH% -Dsmp.Mp.max=512 -Dsmp.autodiscovery=false
-Dsmp.mpi.test -Dsmp.deployment.prefix=Server/ -Dsmp.zoning=legacy
-Dsmp.zoning.wait.timeout=180000 -Dsmp.debug -Dsmp.webServer
-Dsmp.server.export.port=XXXX -Dsmp.flavor=%APP_FLAVOR% Server
rem HAFM Client
start %JAVA_HOME%\bin\HAFMClient.exe -Xmx256m -Xminf.15 -Xmaxf.35 -classpath
%CLASSPATH% -Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true -Dsmp.fabricPersistenceEnabled=true
-Dsmp.Mp.max=256 -Dsmp.deployment.prefix=Client/
-Dsmp.client.export.port=YYYY ?Dsmp.flavor=%APP_FLAVOR% Client
rem HAFM Client Debug Mode
rem start %JAVA_HOME%\bin\HAFMClientD.exe -Xmx256m -Xminf.15 -Xmaxf.35
-classpath %CLASSPATH% -Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true
-Dsmp.fabricPersistenceEnabled=true -Dsmp.Mp.max=256
-Dsmp.deployment.prefix=Client/ -Dsmp.debug -Dsmp.client.export.port=YYYY
?Dsmp.flavor=%APP_FLAVOR% Client
Configuring HAFM through a firewall


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