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HP 316095-B21 - StorageWorks Edge Switch 2/24 Manual: Upgrade And Migration Procedures; Upgrading An Existing Hafm Appliance From Hafm 7.x To 8.8

Hafm sw 08.08.00 hp storageworks ha-fabric manager transition guide (aa-rv1md-te, january 2006).
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When migrating data from a notebook server to an HAFM appliance that is running HAFM 8.x,
you can migrate data from the notebook server as a mapped (shared) drive. Both the notebook
server and HAFM appliance must be on the same physical network. This restriction may require
additional hardware, such as a hub or switch, if an unused Ethernet port is not available.
Exit all HAFM software running on the HAFM appliance and remote systems before upgrading.
HAFM services must be stopped on the appliance.
The earlier HAFM 7.2 version is not removed from an existing HAFM appliance during the
HAFM 8.x upgrade process. After installing HAFM 8.x, you must uninstall the previous HAFM
7.x version before rebooting, because HAFM services for both versions start after reboot. Current
HAFM data is not removed, however, and is available for migration to the new HAFM version.
Upon failure of communication between the HAFM Appliance and any resource (switch) data,
the migration continues. Data and settings for such a switch may not be completely migrated.
There is no recovery from a switch being unavailable before the start of migration other than
running the installation again.
When upgrading a notebook server to an HAFM appliance running HAFM 8.x or upgrading an
HAFM appliance to HAFM 8.x from an earlier version, make sure that you obtain the serial
number (on the software CD jewel case) and your license key for your installation. See
license and feature
You must have system administrator user rights for the earlier versions of HAFM from which you
are migrating. Obtain a login ID and password with those rights.
The notebook server must be at HAFM 6.0 or later before you can migrate data to an HAFM
appliance running HAFM 8.x. If the notebook server is not at 6.0 or later, upgrade to
HAFM 7.1. See the upgrade instructions for the HAFM to which you are upgrading.
The firmware on switches and directors managed by HAFM 8.x must be 4.0 or later. However, if
you want HAFM management and administrative support for features in later versions of
firmware, you should upgrade switches to that version.

Upgrade and migration procedures

This section describes upgrade and migration procedures for the following situations:
• Upgrading an existing HAFM appliance from HAFM 7.x to
• Upgrading an existing HAFM appliance from HAFM 8.x to

Upgrading an existing HAFM appliance from HAFM 7.x to 8.8

This section includes procedures to upgrade HAFM 7.x to HAFM 8.8 on the 1U-high rack mount
HAFM appliance.
Be sure to keep the current version of your software. If you need to restore a previous
version in the future, you need to reinstall your previous version before installing your new version in
order to ensure that the backup functionality functions correctly. For more information, see the HP
StorageWorks HA-Fabric Manager user guide.
Upgrading to HAFM 8.8
keys" on page 21 for general information on license and feature keys.
8.8, page 12
8.8, page 16


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