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Hitachi CD14F - 14" Portable Dry Cutting Saw Instruction Manual page 13

Dry cut metal saw
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Always remove the lock-off button from the handle when the power tool is not in
use. This will ensure that the power tool cannot be turned on accidentally or by
someone (especially a child) who is not qualified to use the power tool. If the lock-off
button is left in the handle, serious personal injury can result. Since the lock-off button
fits rather tightly, it may be necessary to turn it to the left and right during mounting
and removing.
2. Procedure for fixing the cutting workpiece (Fig. 7 and 8).
Quick Lock Vise
Place the workpiece material between Vise (A) and Vise (B), raise the clutch and push the Screw Handle
to bring Vise (A) lightly into contact with the workpiece material, as shown in Fig. 7. Then, turn the
clutch down, and securely fix the workpiece material in position by turning the Screw Handle. When the
cutting job is completed, turn the Screw Handle 2 or 3 times to loosen the vise, and remove the workpiece
material, as shown in Fig. 8.
Work piece
Always set the clutch to the right fully when securing the workpiece. Failure to do so
way result in insufficient securing of the workpiece. This could cause the workpiece to
be ejected or cause damage to the blade.
3. Cutting at angles (Fig. 9 and 10).
The machine permits cutting at angles of 45° or 60°
When setting at
an angle of 0°
Loosen the 25/64" (10 mm) bolt on the vise (B), then set the working surface on the vise-jaw at any
angles of 0°, 30° or 45° as shown in Fig. 9.
Upon completion of setting, securely tighten the 25/64" (10 mm) bolt, as shown in Fig. 10.
M10 Machine Screw
Vise (A)
Screw Handle
Fig. 7
When setting at
an angle of 30°
Vise (B)
Work piece
When setting at
an angle of 45°
Fig. 9
Fig. 10
Vise (A)
Screw Handle
Fig. 8


Table of Contents

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