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Hitachi CD14F - 14" Portable Dry Cutting Saw Instruction Manual page 15

Dry cut metal saw
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6. Cutting Operation
(1) After turning on the trigger switch and checking that the saw blade is rotating at full speed, slowly push
down the handle while holding down the lever and bring the equipment in the vicinity of the workpiece.
(2) When the saw blade contacts the workpiece, push the handle down gradually to produce cutting.
(3) When the cutting (or desired cutting-in) has been completed, raise the handle up to the retract position.
(4) Turn off the trigger switch after each cutting operation is completed, and allow the saw blade to come to
a complete stop before preparing for the next operation.
Be sure to wear protective goggles-while cutting.
Slowly bring the saw blade into contact with the workpiece. Do not move the blade suddenly.
Increased pressure on the handle does not necessary mean cutting. On the contrary, too much force
may result in overload of the motor and/or decreased cutting efficiency.
While cutting, the top will wear down slightly, but this will not adversely affect cutting ability. Continue
to use as is. However, when cracks appear on the metallic block immediately stop using the saw blade.
When the saw blade ceases to work during cutting, immediately turn off the trigger switch and remove
the saw blade from workpiece.
Afterwards, check for problems by no load test operation without any workpiece.
When the material that is to be cut off and discarded is thin or narrow, if after cutting the handle is lifted
while the saw blade continues to rotate, this scrap may fly out when it comes into contact with the
rotating saw blade and cause injury. Return the handle to its original position after the saw blade has
completely stopped moving.
Ensure the trigger switch is turned OFF and the plug is removed from the power outlet when work has
been completed.
Never attempt to cut workpiece less than 0.88" thick except pipe or workpieces which cannot be secured
firmly with the vise. The piece cut off may be caught by the blade, causing dangerous scattering of chips
and/or damage to the carbide chips. Possible serious injury may result.
Too little pressure on the handle may result in more sparks and premature blade wear.
If the blade stops during operation, makes an odd noise or begins to vibrate, switch off the tool
immediately. Replace cracked or damaged blade with a new one.
Do not touch the material around the region where it has been cut with unprotected
hands. It is very hot.
It is dangerous to remote or install the workpiece while the saw blade is turning.
7. Overload protective device for motor (Fig. 16)
Brush Cap
FIg. 16
When the motor becomes overload, the overlaod protective device
cuts of fthe current to stop the motor.
In this case, push the overload switch (after few minute later).


Table of Contents

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