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Before Using - Hitachi CD14F - 14" Portable Dry Cutting Saw Instruction Manual

Dry cut metal saw
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3. Extension Cord.
Ampere rating
12.1 to 16.0
(on nameplate)
Wire gauge size
Ext. cord length
A.W.G (mm
25 ft
(7.5 m)
50 ft.
(15 m)
100 ft.
(30.5 m)
The lower the wire size number, the heavier the wire, and the farther it will carry current
without a voltage drop. If in doubt, use the next heavier gauge.
Never connect this unit to an electrical power source until all operating instructions
have been read and understood.
4. Take off the chain.
As the movable part is pulled down by a chain when shipping out, slightly push the handle down and
take off the chain from the handle.


1. Make sure the power source is appropriate for the tool.
Never connect the power tool unless the available AC power source is of the same
voltage as that specified on the nameplate of the tool.
Never connect this power tool to a DC power source.
2. Make sure the trigger switch is turned OFF.
If the power cord is connected to the power source with the trigger switch turned
ON the power tool will start suddenly and could cause a serious accident.
3. Check the saw blade for visible defects.
Confirm that the saw blade is free of cracks or other visible damage.
4. Confirm that the saw blade is fixed securely to the power tool.
Using the supplied wrench, tighten the clamping bolt on the saw blade mounting shaft to secure the
saw blade.
When the clamping bolt is loose, the saw blade may be damaged when the wheel
axle starts revolving, causing a hazardous condition.
5. Check the safety cover for proper operation.
Safety cover is designed to protect the operator from coming into contact with the saw blade during
operation of the tool. (See Fig. 2)
Always check that the safety cover moves smoothly and covers the saw blade properly.
NEVER OPERATE THE POWER TOOL if the safety cover does not function smoothly.
To use the power tool when no suitable power source is nearby,
use an extension cord of suitable size to ensure safety, and to
prevent power loss and overheating.
Determine from the accompanying table the required extension
cord wire size.
Check power cord and extension cords for loose or exposed wires
14 A.W.G
and damaged insulation, before using.
(2.0 mm
Repair or replace as needed, before using the power tool.
12 A.W.G
Use only 3-conductor type extension cords with three-prong
(3.5 mm
grounding-type plugs and 3-pole receptacles that accept the tool's



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