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Toshiba TLP-511U Owner's Manual

3lcd data projector
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  Summary of Contents for Toshiba TLP-511U

  • Page 2 WARNING: Changes or modifications made to this equipment, not expressly approved by Toshiba, or parties authorized by Toshiba, could void the user’s authority to operate The exclamation point within an the equipment.
  • Page 3 CONTENTS Before use IMPORTANT PRECAUTIONS In the spaces provided below, record the Model and Serial No. located at the rear of your LCD projector. Model No. Serial No. Save Original Packing Materials The original shipping carton and packing materials will come in handy if you ever have to ship your LCD projector.
  • Page 4 CONTENTS Before use IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS CAUTION: PLEASE READ AND OBSERVE 3. Source of Light 1. Read Owner’s Manual ALL WARNINGS AND Do not look into the lens while the lamp is After unpacking this product, read the INSTRUCTIONS GIVEN IN THIS on.
  • Page 5: Power Cord

    CONTENTS Before use IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 5. Heat 7. Cleaning 9. Overloading The product should be situated away from Unplug this product from the wall outlet Do not overload wall outlets; extension heat sources such as radiators, heat before cleaning. Do not use liquid cleaners cords, or integral convenience receptacles registers, stoves, or other products or aerosol cleaners.
  • Page 6 CONTENTS Before use IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 11. Object and Liquid Entry 13. Stack Inhibited 15. Accessories Never push objects of any kind into this Do not stack other equipment on this Do not place this product on an unstable product through openings as they may product or do not place this product on the cart, stand, tripod, bracket, or table.
  • Page 7 CONTENTS Before use IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 16. Damage Requiring Service 17. Servicing 19. Safety Check Unplug this product from the wall outlet and Do not attempt to service this product Upon completion of any service or repairs refer servicing to qualified service yourself as opening or removing covers to this product, ask the service technician to personnel under the following conditions:...
  • Page 8 CONTENTS Before use IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 21. Do not carry by the camera arm. 23. Do not move the projector while the arm is still erect. Do not carry the projector by the camera arm. Always store the arm back in position when Doing so can result in damage or injury.
  • Page 9 CONTENTS Before use Power supply cord selection If your line voltage is 220 to 240, use one of the following types of cable. Plug configuration Plug type Line voltage EURO 220 – 240V 240V 10 – 15A 200 – 240V 240V Australian 200 –...
  • Page 10: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS Before use Contents Before use Camera SAFETY PRECAUTIONS ............... Part names and functions of document imaging camera ..... IMPORTANT PRECAUTIONS ............Picture projection with the document imaging camera ....IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ........Overlaying projection ..............Power supply cord selection ............. Part names and functions ..............
  • Page 11 CONTENTS Before use Part names and functions Control panel ON/STANDBY button SELECT/ADJUST To turn the projector on or off. ON/STANDBY MENU ENTER INPUT LAMP MENU button Main unit TEMP To display or close the menu. SELECT/ADJUST button To select items or adjust values on the menu.
  • Page 12 CONTENTS Before use (Continued) Left side Right side RS-232C AUDIO AUDIO CONTROL MONITOR OUTPUT RGB INPUT Carrying handle VIDEO INPUT AC IN socket Open to carry the projetor. S-VIDEO VIDEO L - AUDIO -R Rear side CONTROL connector 17 49 To connect a computer to control the projector.
  • Page 14 CONTENTS Before use MUTE button (Continued) To cut off the picture and sound temporarily. L-CLICK button* / MENU button CALL button • To left-click.* Laser emission part • To display or close the menu. To display the current input source and signal status information.
  • Page 15 CONTENTS Before use Notes Remote control operation (Continued) • The remote control may not operate when Point the remote control at the infrared there is sunlight or other strong light such as Notes remote sensor and press a button. a fluorescent lamp shining on the remote Using batteries incorrectly can cause them to sensor.
  • Page 16: Rgb Cable

    CONTENTS Connections and installation Connections Connecting an IBM PC or compatible computer (DOS/V) Connecting a Macintosh computer Check that the power for the projector and computer is off before • Attach the supplied adapter for Macintosh computers. connecting the cables. •...
  • Page 17: Pc Audio Cable

    CONTENTS Connections and installation (Continued) Connecting video equipment Output terminals Check that the power for the projector and computer is off before Check that the power for the projector and computer is off before connecting the cables. connecting the cables. (not supplied) To C R (P R ) output To C B (P B ) output...
  • Page 18: Projector Placement

    CONTENTS Connections and installation Floor-mounted front projection Floor-mounted rear projection Projector placement Viewing a picture projected on the front of Viewing a picture projected through the the screen from a floor. back of the screen from a floor installation. There are four ways of installing this projector Translucent screen as shown right.
  • Page 19 CONTENTS Connections and installation (Continued) Adjust the distance between Connect the power cord. the lens and the screen. • Insert one end in the AC IN socket on the projector. Place the projector on a steady, The projection size depends on the •...
  • Page 20: Release Button

    CONTENTS Connections and installation 3) To put the foot adjuster back, hold down How to use the foot adjuster (Continued) the foot adjuster release button and The tilt of the projector can be adjusted using lower the front slowly. Notes the foot adjuster.
  • Page 21: Picture Projection

    CONTENTS Operations Picture projection Select the input source. (On the remote control) Press RGB or VIDEO. (On the control panel of the main unit) CAUTION AUTO SET ON/STANDBY KEYSTONE Do not look into the projection lens while Press INPUT repeatedly. MARKER LASER operating the projector.
  • Page 22 CONTENTS Operations Notes (Continued) • Even after turning the power off, the intake and exhaust fans continue to work for about 3 Notes minutes more to cool the inside of the SELECT/ADJUST • “ ” is displayed on the screen if the projector.
  • Page 23 CONTENTS Operations 2) Press MUTE again. (Continued) Contents of displayed items The picture is also cut off temporarily. “ ” appears. < S T A T US > I NPU T : RGB To restore, press MUTE again. S I GNA L : XGA 6 0 H z AUTO SET ON/STANDBY Note...
  • Page 24: Reset Button

    CONTENTS Operations When the picture size is smaller than the (Continued) projection area: : To move the picture upward : To move the picture down : To move the picture leftward AUTO SET ON/STANDBY KEYSTONE : To move the picture rightward MARKER LASER POINTER...
  • Page 25: Remote Mouse Receiver

    CONTENTS Operations If you connect the iREMOTE MOUSE Notes Operating the computer RECEIVER to the computer, the supplied • To operate the projector and the computer by remote control can work as a mouse of the the remote control, place the REMOTE by the remote control computer.
  • Page 26: Pointer/Pj Selector

    CONTENTS Operations To drag and drop (Continued) While holding down the center of the pointer control, press the rim and release the Operating the computer by the center. remote control Notes Use the supplied remote control pointing it at • The remote control operating range is about 5 the connected REMOTE MOUSE RECEIVER.
  • Page 27: Settings And Adjustments On The Menu

    CONTENTS Adjustments H-position : To shift the image position Bass : To adjust the bass of the sound Settings and adjustments on horizontally output. the menu V-position : To shift the image position Treble : To adjust the treble of the sound vertically.
  • Page 28 CONTENTS Adjustments Proj. mode Initial settings Press to select Confirm your installation type on the chart on page – Default De f a u l t Standard: Floor-mounted front projection L a n g u a g e E n g l i s h Make the basic settings for projecting.
  • Page 29: Press Menu

    CONTENTS Adjustments (Continued) Scrn display On-screen displays (indications of input selection, signal absent or mute mode, etc.) appear. Off: On-screen displays do not appear. Press MENU. The menu disappears. Notes • These settings are stored until you turn the power off. •...
  • Page 30: Keystone Correction

    CONTENTS Adjustments Notes Keystone correction Press MENU to display the • Pressing KEYSTONE on the remote control menu. can also correct the keystone distortion – Keystone automatically. Press to select • These adjustments are stored until you turn Preparation the power off. •...
  • Page 31 CONTENTS Adjustments Notes Projection adjustments • Pressing AUTO SET on the remote control can also adjust the image automatically. – Image I ma g e • If you project an image from a computer with an LCD screen while monitoring the image on Preparation A u t o s y n the computer, the image may not be projected...
  • Page 32: Picture Adjustments

    CONTENTS Adjustments Camera gain: (For document imaging Picture adjustments T i n t – camera model only) S h a r p n e s s – – Picture (–) To lower the camera R - l e v e l –...
  • Page 33 CONTENTS Adjustments Notes Sound adjustments Press MENU to display the • These adjustments are stored until you turn menu. the power off. – Audio • To store the adjustments even if the power is Press to select turned off, follow the procedure of “Saving Preparation data”.
  • Page 34 CONTENTS Adjustments Saving data Press MENU to display the menu. – Save Press to select Preparation • Display the image as explained in “Picture Sa v e Projection”. • Set the POINTER/PJ selector to “PJ”. S a v e d a t A l l p r e s e t SELECT/ADJUST ON/STANDBY...
  • Page 35: Part Names And Functions

    CONTENTS Camera Camera control panel Part names and functions of OVERLAY button document imaging camera To activate the overlaying projection. PHOTO/TEXT button CAUTION To switch modes between text and photo. • When using the camera, be careful to not ARM LIGHT button pinch your hand or fingers into the arm.
  • Page 36 CONTENTS Camera 3) Turn the arm. 6) Pull up the light. (Continued) Preparation of the document imaging camera 1) Raise up the arm. 4) Open the camera head. 7) Turn the light. 2) Stretch the arm. Notes 5) Turn the camera head. •...
  • Page 37: Picture Projection With The Document Imaging Camera

    CONTENTS Camera Picture projection with the Place a document (text, Press CAMERA to select the illustration) onto or around the camera input mode. document imaging camera projector, and turn the camera Pressing CAMERA on the camera control head to direction of the panel or INPUT on the main unit can also Preparation select it.
  • Page 38 CONTENTS Camera Locking the white balance Correcting illuminated defects (Continued) Normally, this camera automatically adjusts the If there are some luminous dots on a projected color balance to project the picture. If the picture, make the following correction. Focus on the picture by adjustment is not sufficient, follow the steps 1) While the camera is active, cover the turning the focusing ring on...
  • Page 39: Overlaying Projection

    CONTENTS Camera Overlaying projection Write on the paper with a blue or red pen. The handwriting is superimposed on the RGB picture. When an RGB source is projected, you can overlap your handwriting on it. RGB picture Preparation • Display an RGB picture. •...
  • Page 40: Trouble Indications

    CONTENTS Maintenance Lit (red) Lit (red) Trouble indications LAMP Lit (red) LAMP – TEMP – TEMP Flashing (red) If there is some problem inside the projector, The lamp turns off or does not light up. The power turns off or does not come on. the indicators light up or flash.
  • Page 41: Air Filter, Lens And Main Unit Cleaning

    CONTENTS Maintenance 3) Clean the air filter cover. Cleaning the lens Air filter, lens and main unit Remove dust and stains with a vacuum Use a blower or a lens cleaner to clean the cleaning cleaner. lens. Never rub or tap the lens with a hard object as CAUTION the lens surface is fragile.
  • Page 42: Lamp Replacement

    CONTENTS Maintenance Lamp replacement Take off the lamp cover on the Attach the lamp cover. bottom panel. Slide the cover in place and tighten two screws. Loosen two screws, and pull off the lamp cover. The lamp will eventually begin to project dark or dull pictures and finally will not light up.
  • Page 43: Before Calling Service Personnel

    CONTENTS Others • The “Brightness” adjustment is at its • The picture is out of focus. Before calling service darkest. Focus the picture. personnel Make the “Brightness” adjustment. • The projection distance is not • The source is not correctly connected to appropriate.
  • Page 44 CONTENTS Others (Continued) Image does not appear when using the document imaging camera. The remote control does not work. • The wrong input is selected. • The remote control is not facing the remote sensor. Select the correct input source. Face the remote control transmitter toward the remote sensor on the Image is out of focus or not clear when...
  • Page 45: Input Signal

    CONTENTS Others Input Signal Mode determination and signal system : full compatible : dot resizing display : simplified display : high resolution serial transfer control Frequency Signal Resolution (line) Synchronizing Default Remarks Horizontal Vertical 650/651 450/451 Horizontal Vertical Mode System model model (kHz)
  • Page 46 CONTENTS Others (Continued) : full compatible : dot resizing display : simplified display : high resolution serial transfer control Frequency Signal Resolution (line) Synchronizing Default Remarks 650/651 450/451 Horizontal Vertical Horizontal Vertical Mode System (kHz) (Hz) model model XGA60 XGA 60Hz 48.363 60.004 1024...
  • Page 47 CONTENTS Others (Continued) Signal assignment D-SUB 15 pin shrinking terminal Input Signal Pin arrangements Video signal Pin No. Analog 0.7V(p-p) 75 Video input (Red) Video input (Green) Horizontal synchronizing signal Video input (Blue) TTL level (positive/negative polarity) GND (Red) Vertical synchronizing signal GND (Green) TTL level (positive/negative GND (Blue)
  • Page 48 CONTENTS Others (Continued) RGB signal defaults The following signals are factory set as defaults Video Timing (Horizontal) Video Timing (Vertical) in each mode. However, some computers may have different timings than those in the chart. Make the necessary adjustments if the picture Video Video has flickers or is blurred.
  • Page 49: Adjustments With Rs-232C

    CONTENTS Others Command list Adjustments with RS-232C Conditioning of the Projection Unit can also be done by a computer via the RS-232C, as well Classification Command Meaning NORMAL Power OFF as by the remote control. NORMAL Power ON NORMAL Video audio mute OFF Pin No.
  • Page 50 CONTENTS Others (Continued) Classification Command Meaning Classification Command Meaning ADJUST Adjustment value decrease Default German display setting ADJUST Adjustment value increase Default Italian display setting ADJUST Adjustment value decrease Default Spanish display setting KEYSTONE Keystone automatic adjustment Default Portuguese display setting KEYSTONE Keystone manual adjustment Default...
  • Page 51: Specifications

    CONTENTS Others VIDEO INPUT Projection lens Specifications S-video signal : Mini DIN 4-pin Lens Zooming lens F = 1.8 – 2.1 Video signal : 1V(p-p), 75 f = 36 – 47mm Audio : 1V(p-p), more than 22k , RCA pin jack Focusing Manual operation Main unit...
  • Page 52 CONTENTS Others (Continued) Accessories Wireless remote control ....... 1 AA size battery ..........2 Power cord ........... 1 RGB cable ..........1 (3m) Adapter for Macintosh computers ....1 PC audio cable ........1 (3m) Audio/Video cable ........ 1 (3m) Lens cover ............
  • Page 53: Limited Warranty

    Toshiba America Consumer Products, Inc. (TACP) makes the following units which have been altered or modified without authorized of limited warranties.
  • Page 54 CONTENTS Others (Continued) 6. The repaired product is returned freight prepaid to the purchaser after warranty servicing. 7. If you have any questions about service, please contact the following TACP Service Center. TACP is not obligated to provide purchasers with a substitute unit during the warranty period.

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