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Overview; Features; Precautions - Sony RM-BR300 - Remote Control Unit Operating Instructions Manual

Remote control unit
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The optical three-axis joystick allows
comfortable pan/tilt/zoom operations.
Easy operation of versatile camera
Using the buttons on the unit, you can easily perform
various camera adjustments such as auto focusing, one-
push auto focus adjustment, AE adjustment, one-push
auto white balance adjustment and backlight
The VISCA RS-232C/RS-422 communication
interfaces allow high-speed, long-distance
The unit is capable of controlling up to seven cameras
connected in daisy chain.
A tally lamp input/contact output terminal (9-
pin connector plug) allows connection of a
video switcher.
Preset feature to save camera settings
The unit allows saving up to 16 combinations* of
camera settings such as pan/tilt/zoom positions and
other camera adjustment values in the memory of the
* The number of positions to be saved differs depending
on the connected camera. (For the BRC-300/300P
3CCD Color Video Camera, 6 positions can be saved.)
Controllable Sony VISCA cameras
The unit can control the following cameras:
• BRC-300/300P 3CCD Color Video Camera
• BRC-H700 HD 3CCD Color Video Camera
• BRC-Z700 HD 3CMOS Color Video Camera
• EVI-D100/D100P Color Video Camera
• EVI-D70/D70P Color Video Camera
• EVI-D30/D30P Color Video Camera
• SNC-RZ30N/RZ30P Network Camera
• The operable functions are limited to those that the
camera is equipped with.
• This manual mainly explains the functions of the unit
for the BRC-300/300P camera.
When another camera is connected, refer to the
Operating Instructions supplied with the connected
camera for available functions.
Features / Precautions


Operating or storage location
Operating or storing the unit in the following locations
may cause damage to the unit:
• Extremely hot or cold places (Operating temperature:
C to 40
C [32
F to 104
• Exposed in direct sunlight for a long time, or close to
heating equipment (e.g., near heaters)
• Close to sources of strong magnetism
• Close to sources of powerful electromagnetic
radiation, such as radios or TV transmitters
• Locations subject to strong vibration or shock
To prevent heat buildup, do not block air circulation
around the unit.
When transporting the unit, repack it as originally
packed at the factory or in materials equal in quality.
• Use a soft, dry cloth to clean the external surfaces of
the unit. Stubborn stains can be removed using a soft
cloth dampened with a small quantity of detergent
solution, then wipe dry.
• Do not use volatile solvents such as alcohol, benzene
or thinners as they may damage the surface finishes.


Table of Contents

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