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Important Information - NEC 61XR3 Operation Manual

Enhanced split screen model
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*1 Only when using a graphic accelerator board that is capable of displaying 852 480.
*2 Display only 640 lines with the screen center of the vertical orientation located at the center.
*3 The picture is displayed in the original resolution. The picture will be compressed for other signals.
*4 Aspect ratio is 5:4. This signal is converted to a 720 dots 768 lines signal.
*5 Normally the RGB select mode suite for the input signals is set automatically. If the picture is not displayed properly, set the RGB mode
prepared for the input signals listed in the table above.
*6 To connect the monitor to Macintosh computer, use the monitor adapter (D-Sub 15-pin) to your computer's video port.
*7 Other screen modes (ZOOM and STADIUM) are available as well.
*8 When viewing a moving picture at a vertical frequency greater than 65Hz, the picture may sometimes be unstable (jumpy). If this occurs,
please set the refresh rate of the external equipment to 60Hz.
To view 480I@60Hz (480 interlaced lines, 60Hz refresh rate) or 576I@50Hz (567 interlaced lines, 50Hz refresh rate) when sync polarity
is "Sync on Green", set "RGB SELECT" to "MOTION".
*9 CVT standard compliant.
• While the input signals comply with the resolution listed in the table above, you may have to adjust the position and size of the
picture or the fine picture because of errors in synchronization of your computer.
• When a 1280 dots
1024 lines signal or 1600 dots
• This monitor has a resolution of 1365 dots
or equivalent.
• With digital input some signals are not accepted.
• The sync may be disturbed when a nonstandard signal other than the aforementioned is input.
• If you are connecting a composite sync signal, use the HD terminal.
What is HDCP/HDCP technology?
HDCP is an acronym for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection. High bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) is a system for
preventing illegal copying of video data sent over a Digital Visual Interface (DVI).
If you are unable to view material via the DVI input, this does not necessarily mean the PDP is not functioning properly. With the implementation
of HDCP, there may be cases in which certain content is protected with HDCP and might not be displayed due to the decision/intention of the
HDCP community (Digital Content Protection, LLC).
• "IBM PC/AT" and "XGA" are registered trademarks of International Business Machines, Inc. of the United States.
• "Apple Macintosh" is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. of the United States.

Important Information

When you connect a computer to this monitor, use an RGB
cable including the ferrite core on both ends of the cable.
And regarding DVI and power cable, attach the supplied
ferrite cores. If you do not do this, this monitor will not
conform to mandatory CE or C-Tick standards.
Set the ferrite cores on both ends of the DVI cable (not
supplied), and both ends of the power cable (supplied).
Close the lid tightly until the clamps click.
Use the band to fasten the ferrite core (supplied) to the
DVI cable.
DVI cable (not supplied)
core (small)
Power cable (supplied)
core (large)
1200 lines signal is input to the monitor, the picture will be compressed.
768 lines. It is recommended that the input signal should be XGA, wide XGA,
core (small)
core (large)

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Table of Contents

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