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Troubleshooting - NEC 61XR3 Operation Manual

Enhanced split screen model
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If the picture quality is poor or there is some other problem, check the adjustments, operations, etc., before requesting service.
Mechanical sound is heard.
The unit emits a crackling sound.
Picture is disturbed.
Sound is noisy.
Remote control operates erroneously.
The remote control does not work.
Monitor's power does not turn on when the
remote control's power button is pressed.
Monitor does not operate when the remote
control's buttons are pressed.
No sound or picture is produced.
Picture appears but no sound is produced.
Poor picture with VIDEO signal input.
Poor picture with RGB signal input.
Tint is poor or colors are weak.
Nothing appears on screen.
Part of picture is cut off or picture is not
Image is too large or too small.
Picture is unstable.
POWER/STANDBY indicator is lighted in red.
POWER/STANDBY indicator is blinking in
POWER/STANDBY indicator is blinking in
green and red, or green.
*1 Overheat protector
If the monitor becomes too hot, the overheat protector will be activated and the monitor will be turned off. If this happens, turn off the power to the monitor
and unplug the power cord. If the room where the monitor is installed is particularly hot, move the monitor to a cooler location and wait for the monitor
to cool for 60 minutes. If the problem persists, contact your dealer.
*2 In the following case, power off the monitor immediately and contact your dealer or authorized Service Center.
The monitor turns off 5 seconds after powering on and then the POWER/STANDBY indicator blinks. It indicates that the power supply circuit, plasma
display panel, temperature sensor, or one or more fans have been damaged.
• Maybe the sound from the cooling fans used to prevent over heating.
• Are the image and sound normal?
• Is a connected component set directly in front or at
the side of the display?
• Are the remote control's batteries worn out?
• Is the monitor's power cord plugged into a power
• Are all the monitor's indicators off?
• Are the remote control's batteries worn out?
• Is the remote control pointed at the monitor, or is
there an obstacle between the remote control and
the monitor?
• Is direct sunlight or strong artificial light shining on
the monitor's remote control sensor?
• Are the remote control's batteries worn out?
• Is the monitor's power cord plugged into a power
• Is the volume set at the minimum?
• Is the mute mode set?
• Are the speakers properly connected?
• Is AUDIO INPUT set correctly?
• Improper control setting.
Local interference.
Cable interconnections.
Input impedance is not correct level.
• Improper control setting.
Incorrect 15 PIN connector pin connections.
• Are the tint and colors properly adjusted?
• Is the computer's power turned on?
• Is a source connected?
• Is the power management function in the standby
or off mode?
• Is the position adjustment appropriate?
• Is the screen size adjustment appropriate?
• Is the computer's resolution setting appropriate?
• Horizontal and / or vertical sync signal is not
present when the Intelligent Power Manager
control is on.
• The temperature inside the main unit has become
too high and has activated the protector.
— — — — — —
• If there are no abnormalities in the image and sound,
the noise is caused by the cabinet reacting to
changes in temperature. This will not affect
• Leave some space between the display and the
connected components.
• Replace both batteries with new ones.
• Plug the monitor's power cord into a power outlet.
• Press the power button on the monitor to turn on the
• Replace both batteries with new ones.
• Point the remote control at the monitor's remote
control sensor when pressing buttons, or remove the
• Eliminate the light by closing curtains, pointing the
light in a different direction, etc.
• Replace both batteries with new ones.
• Plug the monitor's power cord into a power outlet.
• Increase the volume.
• Press the remote control's MUTE button.
• Connect the speakers properly.
• Set AUDIO INPUT on the AUDIO menu correctly.
• Adjust picture control as needed.
Try another location for the monitor.
Be sure all connections are secure.
• Adjust picture controls as needed.
Check pin assignments and connections.
• Adjust the tint and color (under PICTURE).
• Turn on the computer's power.
• Connect source to the monitor.
• Operate the computer (move the mouse, etc.).
• Adjust the IMAGE ADJUST properly.
• Press the WIDE button on the remote control and
adjust properly.
• Set to the proper resolution.
• Check the input signal.
• Promptly switch off the power of the main unit and
wait until the internal temperature drops. See*1.
• Prompty switch off the power of the main unit. See

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