NEC PlasmaSync 42XM2 Operation Manual
NEC PlasmaSync 42XM2 Operation Manual

NEC PlasmaSync 42XM2 Operation Manual

Nec plasmasync 42xm2: operation manual
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PlasmaSync Plasma Monitor

Operation Manual

For the specifications of your plasma monitor,
refer to "Model Information".
NEC Solutions (America), Inc.


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: Operation Manual

    PlasmaSync Plasma Monitor Operation Manual For the specifications of your plasma monitor, refer to “Model Information”. NEC Solutions (America), Inc.
  • Page 2: Introduction To The Plasmasync Plasma Monitor

    PlasmaSync’s crisp, vivid image quality will transform data from any graphic medium from PCs to DVD players- into art. NEC has made sure that a host of multimedia resources can be easily connected and displayed as brilliantly as intended on the PlasmaSync™...
  • Page 3: Important Information

    If you install the unit in an enclosure, make sure there is adequate space at the top of the unit to allow hot air to rise and escape. If the monitor becomes too hot, the overheat protector will be activated and the monitor will be turned off.
  • Page 4 * Change the position of the menu display from time to time. * Always power down the monitor when you are finished using it. If the plasma monitor is in long term use or continuous operation take the following measures to reduce the likelihood of phosphor burn: * Lower the Brightness and Contrast levels as much as possible without impairing image readability.
  • Page 5: Recommandations Importantes

    Recommandations importantes Précautions Veuillez lire avec attention ce manuel avant d’utiliser le moniteur à plasma et le conserver accessible pour s’y référer ultérieurement. ATTENTION RISQUE D’ELECTROCUTION NE PAS OUVRIR MISE EN GARDE: AFIN DE REDUIRE LES RISQUES D’ELECTRO-CUTION, DEPOSER LE COUVERCLE, IL N’Y A AUCUNE PIECE UTILISABLE A L’INTERIEUR DE CET APPAREIL.
  • Page 6 Pour éviter des dommages et prolonger la durée de service de l’appareil: 1. N’utiliser qu’une source d’alimentation de 120 V 50/ 60 Hz CA. Le fait d’utiliser l’appareil en continu à des tensions de ligne supérieures à 120 Volts CA réduit sa durée de vie et risque de provoquer un incendie.
  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Contents How to Attach Options to the Plasma Monitor ... 1 Ventilation Requirements for enclosure mounting ... 1 How to use the safety metal fittings and the screws for safety metal fittings ... 1 Part Names and Function ... 2 Front View ...
  • Page 8: How To Attach Options To The Plasma Monitor

    How to Attach Options to the Plasma Monitor You can attach your optional mounts or stand to the plasma monitor in one of the following two ways: * While it is upright. (See Drawing A) * As it is laid down with the screen face down (See Drawing B). Lay the protective sheet, which was wrapped around the monitor when it was packaged, beneath the screen surface so as not to scratch the screen face.
  • Page 9: Part Names And Function

    /EXIT VOLUME MENU/ENTER DOWN q Power Turns the monitor’s power on and off. w Remote sensor window Receives the signals from the remote control. e POWER/STANDBY indicator When the power is on ... Lights green. When the power is in the standby mode ... Lights red.
  • Page 10: Rear View/ Terminal Board

    Connect the remote cable* to the remote control’s remote jack to obtain wired remote control. K REMOTE OUT Connect the remote cable* to the REMOTE IN jack of the other display monitor to obtain wired remote control. * The 1/8 Stereo Mini cable must be purchased separately.
  • Page 11: Remote Control

    RGB/PC1 RGB/PC3 COMP. : RGB/PC can also be selected using the INPUT SELECT button on the monitor. e DVD / HD Press this button to select DVD/HD as the source. The available sources depend on the setting of “BNC INPUT”.
  • Page 12: Battery Installation And Replacement

    !5 MULTI Not functional for the models covered in this manual. !6 SELECT Not functional for the models covered in this manual. !7 AUTO ADJUST Press this button to adjust Fine Picture, Picture ADJ, Position, and Contrast automatically, or to switch the screen size to ZOOM mode automatically with the superimposed caption displayed fully only when the picture contains dark areas above and below the picture.
  • Page 13: Using The Wired Remote Control Mode

    * The 1/8 Stereo Mini cable must be purchased separately. Operating Range * Use the remote control within a distance of about 7 m/ 23ft. from the front of the monitor’s remote control sensor and at horizontal and vertical angles of up to approximately 30°.
  • Page 14: Installation

    To video inputs on the plasma monitor Document Camera DVD Player IBM VGA or Compatibles Macintosh or Compatibles (Desk top type) Monitor adapter for Macintosh To Mini D-Sub 15 pin connector on the plasma monitor Personal computer with a digital signal output...
  • Page 15: Connecting Your Pc Or Macintosh Computer

    5. Turn on the plasma monitor and the computer. 6. If the plasma monitor goes blank after a period of inactivity, it may be caused by a screen saver installed on the computer you’ve connected to the plasma monitor.
  • Page 16: Pin Assignments And Signal Levels For 15 Pin Rgb (Analog)

    Pin Assignments and Signal Levels for 15 pin RGB (Analog) 10 9 15 14 13 12 11 Pin No. Signal (Analog) Green or sync-on-green Blue No connection Ground Red ground Green ground Blue ground No connection Sync signal ground No connection Bi-directional DATA (SDA) Horizontal sync or Composite sync Vertical sync...
  • Page 17: Creating A Video Wall

    • To connect monitors, please use a 1~2m (3.3~6.6 feet) BNC cable (any commercially available cable). • If the image quality is poor, do not use the monitor’s out terminal. Use a distribution amplifier (any commercially available distribution amplifier) to connect the split signals to the respective monitor INPUT terminals.
  • Page 18: Basic Operations

    1. Plug the power cord into an active AC power outlet. 2. Press the Power button (on the unit). The monitor’s POWER/STANDBY indicator turns red and the standby mode is set. 3. Press the POWER ON button (on the remote control) to turn on the unit.
  • Page 19: Off Timer

    Note: After the power is turned off with the off timer ... A slight current is still supplied to the monitor. When you are leaving the room or do not plan to use the system for a long period of time, turn off the power of the monitor.
  • Page 20: Wide Operations

    WIDE Operations Wide Screen Operation (manual) With this function, you can select one of six screen sizes. When viewing videos or digital video discs 1. Press the WIDE button on the remote control. 2. Within 3 seconds ... Press the WIDE button again. The screen size switches as follows: NORMAL FULL...
  • Page 21: Wide Screen Operation With Computer Signals

    Supported resolution See page 7 of Model Information for details on the display output of the various VESA signal standards supported by the monitor. “PICTURE SIZE” setting When the setting of “PICTURE SIZE” is OFF, the size of RGB-input pictures will be TRUE in place of NORMAL.
  • Page 22: Osm Controls

    (On Screen Menu) Menu Operations The OSM window is displayed with respect to the screen as shown on the diagram. * Depending on the screen’s mode, the OSM may be displayed differently. In the explanation, the OSM section is shown close up. MAIN MENU 1 / 2 PICTURE...
  • Page 23: Menu Tree

    Menu Tree :Shaded areas indicate the default value. button to adjust. The default value is at the center. : Press the :Menu items in a ruled box are available when the ADVANCED OSM is set to ON. Main menu Sub menu Sub menu 2 PICTURE CONTRAST...
  • Page 25: Picture Settings Menu

    Picture Settings Menu Adjusting the picture The contrast, brightness, sharpness, color and tint can be adjusted as desired. Example: Adjusting the contrast 1. On the MAIN MENU, select “PICTURE”, then press the MENU/ENTER button. The “PICTURE” screen appears. 2. Use the buttons to select “CONTRAST”.
  • Page 26: Reducing Noise In The Picture

    Reducing noise in the picture Use these settings if the picture has noise due to poor reception or when playing video tapes on which the picture quality is poor. Example: Setting “NR-3” 1. On the MAIN MENU, select “PICTURE”, then press the MENU/ENTER button.
  • Page 27: Changing The Gamma Curve

    6. Adjust the white balance using the GAIN RED * If neither the button is pressed within 5 seconds, the current setting is set and the previous screen reappears. Information Adjusting the white balance GAIN R/G/B ... White balance adjustment for signal level BIAS R/G/B ...
  • Page 28: Adjusting The Colors

    Adjusting the colors Use this procedure to adjust hue and color density for red, green, blue, yellow, magenta and cyan. You can accentuate the green color of trees, the blue of the sky, etc. Example: Adjusting the color tune for blue Set “ADVANCED OSM”...
  • Page 29: Setting The Allocation Of The Audio Connectors

    Setting the allocation of the audio connectors Setting the AUDIO 1, 2, and 3 connectors to the desired input. Example: Setting “AUDIO INPUT1” to “VIDEO 2” 1. On the MAIN MENU, select “AUDIO”, then press the MENU/ENTER button. The “AUDIO” screen appears. 2.
  • Page 30: Option1 Settings Menu

    Information When “AUTO PICTURE” is “OFF” IMAGE ADJUST ASPECT MODE FULL V-POSITION H-POSITION V-HEIGHT H-WIDTH AUTO PICTURE FINE PICTURE PICTURE ADJ. SEL. ADJ. EXIT RETURN When Auto Picture is off, the Fine Picture and the Picture ADJ. items are displayed so that you can adjust them.
  • Page 31: Setting The Bnc Connectors

    “V” OPTION1 BNC INPUT D-SUB INPUT RGB SELECT AUTO HD SELECT 1080B INPUT SKIP ALL RESET 1024 768 SEL. MENU/ENTER EXIT RETURN OSM ORBITER settings ON ... The position of the menu will be shifted by eight dots each time OSM is displayed. OFF ...
  • Page 32: Setting High Definition Images To The Suitable Screen Size

    Information RGB SELECT modes One of these 6 modes must be selected in order to display the following signals correctly. AUTO ... Select the suitable mode for the specifications of input signals as listed in the table “Computer input signals supported by this system” on page 7 of Model Information.
  • Page 33: Resetting To The Default Values

    Information Power management function * The power management function automatically reduces the monitor’s power consumption if the computer’s keyboard or mouse is not operated for a certain amount of time. This function can be used when using the monitor with a computer.
  • Page 34: Power/Standby Indicator

    POWER/STANDBY indicator Power POWER/ Power Description management STANDBY management mode indicator operating status Green Not activated. Horizontal and vertical synchronizing signals are present from the computer. Activated. Horizontal vertical synchronizing signals are not sent from the computer. Setting the picture to suit the movie The film image is automatically discriminated and projected in an image mode suited to the picture.
  • Page 35 LOCK1, 2, 3 ... Sets maximum brightness. The brightness level decreases in the order of LOCK 1, 2, 3. LOCK 3 provides minimum brightness. ORBITER Use this to set the picture shift. Example: Setting “ORBITER” to “AUTO1” Perform Steps 1-2 of LONG LIFE, then... 3.
  • Page 36 “WORKING TIME” is ON. * THE “WORKING TIME” and “WAITING TIME” can be set for up to 12 hours and 45 minutes in units of 3 minutes. * Ending a WORKING TIME function, the monitor will be STAND BY. [Example] WORKING TIME: 01H30M WAITING TIME: 02H00M 1.5 H...
  • Page 37: Setting The Gray Level For The Sides Of The Screen

    Information Setting the time WORKING TIME ... Set the time duration for “SCREEN WIPER”. When the WORKING TIME is set to “ON” the mode will stay on. WAITING TIME ... Set the standby time until the “SCREEN WIPER” mode starts. SPEED ...
  • Page 38: Setting The Picture Size For Rgb Input Signals

    Information S1/S2 settings AUTO ...Adjusts the screen size automatically according to the S1/S2 video signal. OFF ... Turns the S1/S2 function off. Restoring the factory default settings Select “ALL RESET” under the OPTION1 menu. Note that this also restores other settings to the factory defaults.
  • Page 39: Option3 Settings Menu

    Option3 Settings Menu Using the timer This function sets the monitor to turn ON/OFF automatically at a set time. Set “ADVANCED OSM” to “ON” in the main menu (1/ 2), then perform the following operations. 1. On the MAIN MENU, select “OPTION3”, then press the MENU/ENTER button.
  • Page 40: Setting The Power On Mode

    PROGRAM TIMER This sets the day and time at which the power will be switched ON/OFF as well as the input mode. Example: Setting so that the power will be switched on at 8:30 A.M., Monday, displaying RGB2 source, and switched off at 10:30 A.M. Perform Steps 1-2 of TIMER, then...
  • Page 41: Enabling/Disabling The Front Panel Controls

    Information PWR. ON MODE settings LAST ... Last mode (the mode that was last selected at the time the power was switched off). VIDEO1, 2, 3 ... VIDEO input mode. RGB1, 2, 3 ... RGB input mode. HD/DVD1, 2 ... HD/DVD input mode. Restoring the factory default settings Select “ALL RESET”...
  • Page 42: Loop Out Setting

    Loop Out setting When this feature is set to ON, the received signal will be looped out. Example: Setting “ON” Set “ADVANCED OSM” to “ON” in the main menu (1/ 2), then perform the following operations. 1. On the MAIN MENU, select “OPTION3”, then press the MENU/ENTER button.
  • Page 43: Video Wall Setting

    Video Wall setting Use this feature to configure a 2 2 or 3 3 video wall. Set “ADVANCED OSM” to “ON” in the main menu (1/ 2), then perform the following operations. 1. On the MAIN MENU, select “OPTION3”, then press the MENU/ENTER button.
  • Page 44 DISP. MODE Select the screen mode from between two options (Splitting, Blanking). Example: Setting “BLANK” Perform Steps 1-2 of VIDEO WALL, then... 3. Use the buttons to select “DISP. MODE”. 4. Use the buttons to select “BLANK”. The mode switches as follows each time the button is pressed: SPLIT BLANK...
  • Page 45 No.1 monitor. By pressing the POWER ON button on the remote control the No.1 monitor will turn on and the others will be turned on one by one automatically. * From the second monitor onward, neither the POWER button on the unit nor the POWER ON button on the remote control does function.
  • Page 46: Advanced Osm Settings Menu

    REPEAT TIMER Use this to set two timers. Each timer can use the DIVIDER, SOURCE and WORK TIME functions. Turn on the AUTO ID and set the DIVIDER (at 1, 4 or 9) before the following operations. Example: TIMER1...VIDEO1 will be displayed for 3 minutes. TIMER2...RGB1 will be displayed for 6 minutes in a 2 2 video wall.
  • Page 47: Language Settings Menu

    Language Settings Menu Setting the language for the menus The menu display can be set to one of seven languages: English, German, French, Swedish, Italian, Spanish or Chinese. Example: Setting the menu display to “DEUTSCH” 1. On the MAIN MENU, select “LANGUAGE”, then press the MENU/ENTER button.
  • Page 48: External Control

    Connections Connections are made as described below. External equipment e.g., Personal computer Display Connector on the plasma monitor side: EXTERNAL CONTROL connector. Use a crossed (reverse) cable. Type of connector: D-Sub 9-pin male Pin No. Pin Name...
  • Page 49: Troubleshooting

    • Set IR REMOTE OFF on OPTION3 menu. • Set an ID number with the ID SELECT button, or set the ID number to ALL. • Plug the monitor’s power cord into a power outlet. • Press the power button on the monitor to turn on the power.
  • Page 50 *1 Overheat protector If the monitor becomes too hot, the overheat protector will be activated and the monitor will be turned off. If this happens, turn off the power to the monitor and unplug the power cord. If the room where the monitor is installed is particularly hot, move the monitor to a cooler location and wait for the monitor to cool for 60 minutes.
  • Page 51: Limited Warranty

    1. Any product which is not distributed in the U.S.A. or Canada by NEC Solutions or which is not purchased in the U.S.A. or Canada from an authorized NEC Solutions dealer. 2. Any product of which the serial number has been defaced, modified or removed.
  • Page 52 NEC Solutions (America), Inc. 1250 N. Arlington Heights Road, Suite 500 Printed on recycled paper Itasca, Illinois 60143-1248 Printed in Japan 7S800991...

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