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  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

    To reduce the risk of electrical shock: before pulling. 16. No responsibility will be taken on behalf of BERNINA for any 1. An appliance should never be left unattended when plugged in. possible damage as the result of misuse of the sewing computer.

  • Page 3: Welcome

    We are happy, to welcome you in the BERNINA sewing family and we hope you will have a wonderful sewing experience with your bernette Deco 340.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents Important Safety Instructions Welcome Embroidery Computer Overview 4- 6 Getting Ready to Embroider 7- 20 Important Embroidery Information 21- 24 Key Operations 25- 35 Embroidery 36- 40 Lettering 41- 45 Editing and Combining Designs 46- 53 Design Transfer and Compatibility 54- 58 Care and Maintenance 59- 60...

  • Page 5

    Embroidery Computer Overview Name of Parts LCD touch panel Bobbin winder spindle Bobbin thread cutter Spool holder (large) Spool pin Bobbin winding thread guide Thread guide Thread take-up lever Thread tension dial 10. Face plate 11. Thread cutter 12. Needle threader 13.

  • Page 6

    Embroidery Computer Overview Standard accessories 1. Bobbins 2. Lint Brush 3. Extra Spool Pin 4. Spool Pin Felt 5. Spool Stand 6. Spool Holder (Large) 7. Spool Holder (Small) 8. Scissors 9. Screwdriver 10. Screwdriver 11. Set of Needles 12. Instruction Book 13.

  • Page 7: Embroidery Computer Overview 4

    Embroidery Computer Overview Detachable Extension Table To remove, lift out the extension table toward you as illustrated. To attach, position the tabs on the base tab holes and push down gently. Extension table Tabs Base tab holes Sewing accessories are stored in the extension table. Pull open the door to store the accessories.

  • Page 8

    Getting Ready to Embroider Connecting the Power Supply Turn off the power switch and insert the machine plug into the machine. Insert the power supply plug into the wall outlet and turn the power switch on. Power switch Machine plug Machine socket Power supply plug Wall outlet...

  • Page 9

    The end of the thread should unwind as illustrated. End of the thread Cushion felt Extra spool pin Hole To achieve the best embroidery quality, BERNINA recommends to use only high quality embroidery thread such as Mettler Metrosene +® Poly Sheen ® , Isacord...

  • Page 10

    For safety purposes, the motor will stop automatically after running for two minutes. Adjust how much the bobbin is filled by rotating the bobbin winder stopper. To achieve the best embroidery quality, BERNINA recommends to use only high quality bobbin thread such as OESD 41ET/W or Mettler ®...

  • Page 11

    Getting ready to Embroider Inserting the bobbin Place the bobbin in the bobbin holder with the thread unwinding counter-clockwise. Thread Bobbin holder Guide the thread into front notch on the front of the bobbin holder. Draw the thread to the left, sliding it between tension spring blades. Front notch Continue to draw the thread lightly until the thread slips into side notch.

  • Page 12

    Getting ready to Embroider Raising the Presser Foot The presser foot lifter raises and lowers the presser foot. The presser foot can be raised about 6 mm (1/4") higher than the normal up position. This will help you to place the embroidery hoop under the foot.

  • Page 13

    Getting ready to Embroider Slip the thread through the slit and down into the eye of the take- up lever as shown (D). Draw the thread down through the left channel. Slit Eye of the take-up lever Slip the thread behind the lower thread guide from the right. Lower thread guide Slip the thread in the needle bar thread guide from the left.

  • Page 14

    Getting ready to Embroider Needle Threader Lower the presser foot. Press the needle threader lever down as far as it will go. The hook comes out through the needle eye from behind. Needle threader lever Hook Note: Avoid applying sideways force to the needle threader lever as this could cause malfunction of the threader.

  • Page 15

    Getting Ready to Embroider Drawing up the Bobbin Thread Raise the presser foot lifter. Hold the needle thread with your finger. Needle thread Turn the handwheel one complete turn toward you. Draw the needle thread to bring up a loop of the bobbin thread. Loop of the bobbin thread Pass the needle thread through the hole in the embroidery foot and draw it up to the thread holder leaving an inch of free thread.

  • Page 16

    Getting Ready to Embroider Thread Tension Adjust the thread tension of the upper thread with the thread tension dial (9. on page 4). The initial position for the thread tension dial is «4». For most applications this adjustment will give suitable upper thread tension. Depending on the material and the thickness of the embroidery thread, as well as of the fabric stitched on, it might be required to tweak the upper thread tension.

  • Page 17

    Getting Ready to Embroider Change Needle Turn off the power switch and disconnect the machine from the power supply. Raise the needle by turning the handwheel and lower the presser foot. Holding the needle tight, loosen the needle clamp screw by turning it counterclockwise.

  • Page 18

    Inner hoop Attaching knob Hoop tightening screw Please see your BERNINA dealer for additional hoop sizes. The following hoops are preset in the embroidery computer: Hoop C: for free arm embroidery, 50 x 50 mm Hoop F: round, embroidery area 126 x 110 mm...

  • Page 19

    Getting Ready to Embroider There are two things to keep in mind when hooping fabric: the act of hooping and the stabilization. Following carefully the related instructions in this manual will help you to achieve the best results for your embroidery project. For hooping instructions follow the descriptions below, for the use of stabilizer please refer to page 19.

  • Page 20

    Getting Ready to Embroider Attaching the Embroidery Hoop to the Machine Turn the attaching knob so it is parallel with the hoop, and set it on the carriage. Attaching knob Carriage holes Pins Turn the attaching knob clockwise. Caution: • Always provide sufficient clearance for the embroidery carriage behind your machine before starting the machine.

  • Page 21: Getting Ready To Embroider 7

    Getting Ready to Embroider Embroidery stabilizers Tear-away stabilizers • Similar to interfacing; tears like paper • one or more layers can be used • available in different weights • for more stability, apply to the wrong side of the fabric with temporary spray adhesive before hooping • carefully tear away excess stabilizer from the back of the embroidery after stitching • stabilizer will remain under larger embroidered areas Application: For all wovens and non-stretchables Cut-away stabilizers • one or more layers can be used • available in light- and heavyweight • for more stability, apply to the wrong side of the fabric with temporary spray adhesive before hooping • carefully cut away from the back of the embroidery after stitching • stabilizer will remain under larger embroidered areas Application: For all stretchable fabrics...

  • Page 22: Important Embroidery Information

    Important Embroidery Information Spray starch for additional stiffening • spray starch is ideal for stiffening fine, soft or loosely woven fabrics • spray the area to be embroidered, let dry or press gently with a warm iron • always use an additional stabilizer such as water soluble stabilizer on the wrong side of the fabric Application: • ideal for fine, loosely woven fabrics, e.g. batiste, fine linen, etc. Water soluble stabilizer for fabric with a pile and lace embroidery • water soluble stabilizer looks like plastic wrap • dissolve stabilizer in warm water when embroidery is complete • water soluble stabilizers are ideal protection for fabrics with a thick or looped pile such as toweling.

  • Page 23

    One of the most important elements in successful embroidery is the quality of the thread. We strongly recommend that you purchase thread from a reputable BERNINA dealer in order to avoid irregularities, thread breakage, etc. which so often occur with poor quality threads.

  • Page 24

    The thread rubs on the edges of the groove and can get jammed. This can break the thread. Needle Summary BERNINA uses needle system 130/705 H. This system number refers to shank shape as well as to length and form of the needle point. 130/705 H S 70...

  • Page 25

    Jersey/Stretch 70–90 130/705 H-SUK Ball point Embroidery on all natural and Embroidery synthetic fabrics 75–90 130/705 H-E Large eye, slight ball point sewing with metallic threads Metafil 75–90 130/705 H-MET Large eye Special needles are available at your BERNINA dealer.

  • Page 26: Key Operations

    LCD touch screen. This is the required boot up time and is not a defect. During the boot up the bernette 340 Deco logo is displayed. To select a function, just touch the key on the screen with your finger tip.

  • Page 27

    Key Operations Status Line: Screen Title Displays the current status of the embroidery computer Selection Tabs: Touch to choose the different categories on a screen. A.B.C OK-key: Confirm entries. Modification in this screen will be stored. X-key: close the current screen, without saving any modifications. Page-keys: Scroll through pages of larger menus.

  • Page 28

    Key Operations Adjust User Preferences / Setup Use these screens to personalize the functions on the emboridery computer. All these settings are stored permanently until they are overwritten. 1 Press Utilities - Setup to open the setup screens. 2 Setup key Press this key to open the setup window.

  • Page 29

    Key Operations Key Operations  1 Screen contrast  1 Screen contrast   The touch screen contrast can be adjusted.  Press the plus key, to sharpen the screen contrast.  Press the minus key, to fade the screen contrast. 2 Sound control ...

  • Page 30: Formatting The Memory

    Key Operations Key Operations 1 Sewing light 1 Sewing light  You can turn the sewing light on or off by pressing the sewing light  key. Maximum speed setting 650spm 2 Auto Thread Cutter 2 Auto Thread Cutter  With this option activated (= ON) the Deco 340 automatically cuts ...

  • Page 31

    Key Operations 1 Hoop Size Selection Choose the default hoop size by pressing the corresponding key. Note: This selection will only be assigned for monogramming. 2 Auto Stop Activate to have the embroidery computer automatically stop after 5 stitches in order to allow trimming the thread tail. 3 Thread Check Choose OFF to disable the lower thread and upper thread sensor.

  • Page 32: Changing Needles, Inserting The Bobbin, Threading The Machine, Winding The Bobbin

    Key Operations On-screen Help You can view on-screen help for the basic operations of the machine. Press the utility key. Press the help key in the utility selection window. Index Select a help topic by pressing the key next to the topic. Press the Page keys to scroll through the pages of a help window Changing needles Inserting the bobbin...

  • Page 33

    3 Open Designs on Cards Use this category to open embroidery designs from the optionally available Design Cards. Every BERNINA embroidery card can be used. For further details about compatibility of Design Cards please refer to corresponding chapter «Design Transfer and Compatibility»...

  • Page 34

    Key Operations Select Designs for Embroidery Press the corresponding tab in the Pattern Selection Window to open designs. A similar window is used to select designs from the various memory sources. 8 designs are displayed at once on one page of the screen. 1 Page keys Press the key to view the next page.

  • Page 35

    Key Operations Deleting Designs from Memory You may delete design files from your Personal Designs, ATA card or USB Stick provided, that these memory media are not write protected. 1. In the Pattern Selection Window select the location from which \ Embf5 \ FOLDER1AB you want to delete a file by pressing the corresponding tab.

  • Page 36

    Key Operations Deleting Folders from USB Stick You may delete folders with all its contained files at once from a USB Stick. Caution: All designs will be deleted permanently - careful use of this function is highly recommended. 1. In the Pattern Selection Window select the tab for the USB Stick. 2.

  • Page 37

    Embroidery Embroidery Window Use the functions on the embroidery window to align your design on the fabric. Further there are functions to select parts of a design for stitching. Screen Information In the embroidery window, the following information will be shown. Sewing time in minutes Number of colors Design size...

  • Page 38

    Embroidery 1 Jog / Stitch Key Press this key to toggle between the jog keys and the stitch forward/ backward keys. Note: The display automatically switches between jog keys before stitching and the stitch forward / backward keys while stitching a design out. 2 Jog Keys Before starting to embroider adjust the hoop to the desired center position using the jog keys.

  • Page 39

    Embroidery Starting to Embroider Select the desired pattern. The image of the selected pattern will be shown in the embroidery window. Adjust the center lines on your fabric to the needle using the jog keys. See last page for details. Lower the presser foot.

  • Page 40

    Embroidery After finishing the first section, the screen will show the instruction window (C). Raise the presser foot. The screen will show the instruction window (D). • If Auto Thread Cutter is set to ON, the machine has trimmed the threads automatically. • If Auto Thread Cutter is set to OFF, trim the threads with scissors or by pressing the Thread Cutter button Note: Instruction window (D) closes automatically after a few seconds in order to give you free sight to the new colour to be used for threading.

  • Page 41

    Embroidery Upper Thread End or Thread Breakage If during embroidery the upper thread runs out or breaks, the machine stops automatically and the following sequence of instruction windows will be displayed. Caution: Please follow the instructions carefully. Otherwise the thread may jam in the hook system.

  • Page 42

     Lettering Gothic  Lettering  Lettering Lettering  A.B.C    Cursor Lettering  Lettering Lettering In the Pattern Selection Window press the Lettering tab to open the  Gothic Gothic   Lettering window. Gothic   In the Lettering selection window, you can program words by ...

  • Page 43

    Lettering Gothic Programming Lettering (Programming «Bear» in Gothic style) A.B.C Press «B». Edit Gothic Press the letter case key to select lower case letters. A.B.C Edit Select «e», «a» and «r». Gothic Press the OK key. Bear A.B.C Edit The display will change to the embroidery screen. Selecting the Starting Point Choose the location of the start position in the letter string by pressing the alignment key.

  • Page 44

    Lettering 1 Color change key Press this key to stitch a multi-color lettering. Bear The machine will stop automatically when each character is finished. Change the thread and stitch the next character. 2 Jog keys Press these keys to adjust the hoop to the start position for lettering Starting to embroider Lower the presser foot and press the Start/Stop button.

  • Page 45

    Lettering Editing the Monogram Deleting a letter Gothic Example: To delete «E» from «BEAT» BEAT Press the cursor key to shift the cursor under the letter to delete. Gothic BEAT Gothic Press the delete key. The letter «E» will be deleted. Inserting a letter Example: To insert «E»...

  • Page 46

    Lettering Gothic 2 / 3 Letters Monogram Example: 2 Letters with a crest A.B.C Select «2 Letters». Note: When the screen language is switched to Russian, there are three more fonts displayed to choose from. Edit Select the crest. 2 Letters A.B.C Edit Select the letter «A».

  • Page 47

    Editing and Combining Designs Editing Mode The editing window can be used to combine embroidery designs. Built-in designs, letters as well as designs from USB Sticks or Design Cards can be merged on the Deco 340 into one single design. These new designs are limited to: • max. 50 single designs that they are made of • a total of 64'000 stitches and...

  • Page 48

    Editing and Combining Designs Edit Selecting a Design to Edit To select a design, press the tab for the location of the desired design A.B.C Edit B: 140x200mm The Pattern Selection Window will open. Select the desired pattern. The selected pattern will be shown in the Editing Window. A frame around the pattern indicates it is selected.

  • Page 49

    Editing and Combining Designs Editing Window 1 Position keys Move the selected design with the Position keys to the desired location. The carriage will not move when you press the Position keys since the design position is just moved relatively to the hoop. Note: The Position keys look exactly the same as the Jog keys but the function is different.

  • Page 50

    Editing and Combining Designs 1 Resize Key Press this key to open the Resize Window. To alter the pattern size, press the plus or minus key. A.B.C The size of the pattern can be altered from 90% to 120% of the original size.

  • Page 51

    Editing and Combining Designs Editing and Combining Designs Example: Combine the built-in design #4 and text «Sky» 1. Select design #4 from the built-in designs. 2. Press the Editing tab. Select the hoop B. 4. Press the Lettering tab. 5. Select «S» (Upper case letter in Gothic style). Gothic A.B.C Edit...

  • Page 52

    Editing and Combining Designs Gothic 7. Select «k» and «y». A.B.C 8. Press the OK key. Edit 9. Position the letters by dragging or with by using the position keys. 10. Press the OK key and the screen will change to the Embroidery Window.

  • Page 53

    Editing and Combining Designs Save Embroidery Designs From the editing window embroidery design can be stored at two different locations: Personal designs on the Deco 340 ATA Personal Design Card USB Stick The built-in memory of the Deco 340 can hold a large number of your own embroidery design creations.

  • Page 54

    Editing and Combining Designs Assigning a File Name You can assign a name to the file in the File Name window. Press the File Name key to open the File Name window. A keyboard will be displayed in the window. Enter the file name. Note: Only 8 characters can be entered.

  • Page 55

    Design Transfer and Compatibility Design Transfer to the bernette 340 Deco The bernette 340 Deco can read all BERNINA design cards. To run To write modified designs back from the Deco 340 a USB Stick or an non licensed designs from BERNINA CD you require BERNINA...

  • Page 56

    Do not use in PCMCIA slot of laptop PC! (Studio BERNINA CD)* not applicable .EXP(+), (ART)* Read only Convert .ART files on PC with BERNINA Embroider Software and transfer and transfer by any of the above memory Only non-licenced CD’s can be media to Deco 340...

  • Page 57

    .EXP+ files on the ATA Card using Bernina Embroidery Software or OESD Exploratinons Software. BERNINA Design Cards Every BERNINA design card can be read directly by the Deco 340. Just plug them in and select the design in the Card Register in the Design Selection Window.

  • Page 58

    .EXP files do not carry colour info. Please print from the internet for your reference. Note: If you don't use a Laptop PC you may require a BERNINA Card Reader. Personal Design Card (artista 165 / 185) Existing embroidery designs as well as files downloaded from the internet may be transferred through the BERNINA Reader/Writer Box and a Personal Design Card to the Deco 340.

  • Page 59

    Industrial embroidery design format to store sitch by stitch as X/Y coordinates, color change and jumps. Bernia uses an extended version of this .EXP format. .EXP+ artista 630/640, Bernina extended .EXP embroidery design format based on .EXP with added color artista 160 - 185 information. Deco 330/340 In applications that use USB Stick or ATA Personal Design Card (Windows based) you will see a second file with the same file name, but the extension .INF.

  • Page 60: Care And Maintenance

    Care and Maintenance Cleaning the Hook Race and Feed Dog Turn the handwheel to raise the needle, turn the power switch to ‘O’ and then unplug the embroidery computer. Note: Do not dismantle the machine other than what is explained in this section.

  • Page 61

    Care and Maintenance Replacing the Light Bulb Warning: Turn off the power and unplug the embroidery computer before replacing the light bulb. The bulb could be HOT, wait until it has cooled down before touching it. To remove: Remove the cap and setscrew. Remove the faceplate. Pull out the bulb from the socket.

  • Page 62: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Problem Cause Reference The machine is noisy. Threads have been caught in the hook See page 59 mechanism. Lint has collected in the bobbin holder. See page 59 The needle thread breaks The needle thread is not threaded See pages 11, 12. properly.

  • Page 63: Index

    Index Assigning a file name On-screen Help Attaching the Embroidery Hoop Open Designs from internal memory Overview, Embroidery Computer Bobbin Threads Pattern Selection Window Care and Maintenance Change Needle Raising the Presser Foot Checking the Needle Condition Removing the bobbin Cleaning the Hook Race and Feed Dog Replacing the Light Bulb Design Transfer and Compatibility...

  • Page 64: Start Screen

    Built-in Design Chart Start Screen Butterfly Beach Logo Jewel Flower 71.9 mm 100.3 mm 80.8 mm 4149 5668 3741 Night Balloon Parrot Lil’ Fish 72.4 mm 73.8 mm 76.4 mm 12078 17014 8076 Hummingbird Pop Flowers 92.9 mm 63.4 mm 4977 7765 Seasons...

  • Page 65

    Big Fireworks Shells and Starfish Fireworks 88.3 mm 80.5 mm 80.9 mm 9008 7350 6406 Punpins & Vine Pumpkins Fall Corner 73.6 mm 99.8 mm 101.6 mm 4149 10522 11456 Fall Leaves Pine Cones Summer 74 mm 76.2 mm 82.7 mm 9887 6410 16189...

  • Page 66

    Redwork Ornament Redwork Candy Snowflake 28.8 mm 66 mm 76.4 mm 3362 5091 4712 Breezy (Snowman) 88.9 mm 15975 Sports Sunrise on the Geens Golf Baseball 92 mm 94.6 mm 127.4 mm 10354 10521 9762 Soccer Player Soccer Smiley Blue Cart Race Car 83.6 mm 89.3 mm 98.6 mm...

  • Page 67

    Motorcycle Sailing Fishing 98.1 mm 87.3 mm 101.2 mm 5161 15045 6509 Hunting Bow and Arrows Baseball Grecian tassel 67 mm 104.8 mm 78.2 mm 5185 4470 22 min Decoration Milky Way Ellipse Pop Flower Sewing-Border 101.6 mm 50.1 mm 86.5 mm 7118 3837...

  • Page 68

    Lac Heart Border Flower Heart Fancy Gizmo Border 67 mm 70.3 mm 98.6 mm 12435 5474 2685 Lac Flower Lace Paisley 56.5 mm 71.1 mm 7285 6199 Flowers Lily Aster Orchids 95.4 mm 71.9 mm 58.8 mm 14211 8569 6742 Marguerites Sunflower Border Daisy Wreath...

  • Page 69

    3 Sunflowers 2 Roses Rose Corner 98.7 mm 71.1 mm 53 mm 16622 17298 3019 Flowers Meadow Flowers Grape 90.6 mm 86.1 mm 26.5 mm 3470 2498 2602 Strawberries Floral Border Evergreen Corner 98 mm 52 mm 52.7 mm 2554 3459 2731 Flower Chain...

  • Page 70

    Edelweiss Red Bouquet 102.9 mm 92.5 mm 8211 12041 Children Rocking Horse Rattle Party Balloons 70.3 mm 98.7 mm 81.6 mm 6335 5689 10981 Bear Bear with Heart 1910 Locomotive 60.5 mm 65.6 mm 92.2 mm 7948 3349 15588 Pirate Skull Easter Girl in Flowers Gardening Hat 90.9 mm...

  • Page 71

    Cute Bunny It’s a Girl It’s a Boy 38.4 mm 96.1 mm 114.4 mm 4535 8322 8498 Girls Rule I Love You 98.7 mm 99.7 mm 13881 6053 Animals Moonlit Bats Dragonfly Hummingbird 65.5 mm 99 mm 71 mm 6905 10508 3904 Eagle...

  • Page 72

    Gazelles Giraffe Lion 90.7 mm 117.8 mm 95 mm 15293 7616 9242 Buck Deer Head Kitty 88 mm 65.6 mm 74.9 mm 18675 5739 1402 Wolf Moorish Idol Horse 89 mm 99.1 mm 99.3 mm 24256 18943 11422 Dragon 68.3 mm 17255...

  • Page 73

    Table of Preset Colors Colour Mettler Madeira Sulky Isacord White 0015 255 255 255 1001 227 229 251 1002 249 249 244 0015 255 255 255 0015 Yellow Beige 0270 254 252 180 1222 233 222 186 1061 255 247 185 0270 254 252 180 Beige...

  • Page 74

    Colour Mettler Madeira Sulky Isacord 3750 1027 1165 3750 Gray Blue 179 206 225 154 186 202 223 229 235 179 206 225 3650 1153 1074 3650 3650 Pale Sky 197 216 235 172 191 203 214 213 232 197 216 235 3840 1132 1222...

  • Page 75

    Copyright 2011 Bernina International AG, Steckborn...

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