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Canon VB-M700F Installation Manual

Network camera vb-m700f installation guide
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Network Camera

Installation Guide

Thank you for purchasing Canon Network Camera VB-M700F (hereafter referred to as the
camera). The camera is for indoor use only.
Be sure to read "Installation Guide" (this document) and "VB-M700F/VB-M600D/VB-M600VE
Operation Guide" (included in the Setup CD-ROM) before use.
This Installation Guide explains the mounting method of the camera. Be sure to read the "Safety
Precautions" section for correct use. After reading this Installation Guide, keep it in a readily
accessible location for future reference. The detailed procedures for using this camera are
explained in the "VB-M700F/VB-M600D/VB-M600VE Operation Guide". Read these guides
carefully before using the camera to ensure correct use.
* For the latest information (fi rmware and bundled software, User's Manuals, operating
environment, etc.) please check our website.
To reduce a risk of fi re or electric shock, do not expose this product
to rain or moisture.
Request a professional installer for all camera installation work.
Never try to install the camera by yourself. Doing so may result in
unforeseen accidents such as dropping the camera or electric shock.
Check Bundled Items
This product comes with the following items. If any item is missing, contact the dealer where you
purchased the product.
1.VB-M700F main unit
4. Installation Guide (This document)
2. Power connector
5. Warranty card
3. Setup CD-ROM
6. Notice
Write the serial number and MAC address of the camera (printed on the seal at the top of the
camera) in the fi eld below before storing this Installation Guide in a safe location.
Serial No.
MAC Address
© CANON INC. 2011
European Union (and EEA) only.
These symbols indicate that this product is not to be disposed of with your
household waste, according to the WEEE Directive (2002/96/EC), the Battery
Directive (2006/66/EC) and/or your national laws implementing those Directives.
If a chemical symbol is printed beneath the symbol shown above, in
accordance with the Battery Directive, this indicates that a heavy metal
(Hg = Mercury, Cd = Cadmium, Pb = Lead) is present in this battery or
accumulator at a concentration above an applicable threshold specifi ed in the Battery Directive.
This product should be handed over to a designated collection point, e.g., on an authorized one-
for-one basis when you buy a new similar product or to an authorized collection site for recycling
waste electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) and batteries and accumulators. Improper
handling of this type of waste could have a possible impact on the environment and human health
due to potentially hazardous substances that are generally associated with EEE.
Your cooperation in the correct disposal of this product will contribute to the effective usage of
natural resources.
For more information about the recycling of this product, please contact your local city offi ce,
waste authority, approved scheme or your household waste disposal service or visit
(EEA: Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein)
Notes on Privacy and Publicity Rights Regarding the Use of
When using the camera (for video or audio recording), it is the full responsibility of the user
to protect privacy and avoid any violation of publicity rights. Canon shall have no liability
whatsoever in this regard.
Obtain consent from the Administrator before installing the camera to fi lm specifi c buildings or
Legal Notice
In some cases, camera monitoring may be prohibited by law or regulation, the details of which
differ by country or region. Before using the camera, check the laws or regulations of the country
or region where the camera is used.
User's Manuals
VB-M700F Installation Guide (This document)
This guide provides notes on camera installation and explains the main camera
specifi cations.
VB-M700F/VB-M600D/VB-M600VE Operation Guide (Included in the Setup CD-ROM)
This document explains the initial camera settings, Admin Tools settings, viewer operations
and troubleshooting, etc.
Options can be bought separately as necessary.
AC Adapter PA-V17
A dedicated AC adapter for this camera.
Symbols Indicating Safety Precautions
This Installation Guide uses the following marks to indicate important information the
user should know in order to use the product safely. Be sure to observe these items.
Inappropriate handling against the instruction accompanied by
this sign may result in death or serious injury. Be sure to observe
these warnings to ensure safety.
Inappropriate handling against the instruction accompanied
by this sign may result in injury. Be sure to observe these
precautions to ensure safety.
Inappropriate handling against the instruction accompanied by this sign
may result in property damage. Be sure to observe these precautions.
This symbol indicates important or restricted items. Be sure to
read this section.
Contains reference information for operation or additional
Safety Precautions
This section explains precautions that must be observed when using the camera. If they
are not observed, injury, death and/or property damage may occur. Read the following
information carefully and be sure to observe the precautions.
Installation Precautions
Do not install in the following places:
Places in strong direct sunlight, near heat-generating objects, or subject to high
Places near fi re sources or fl ammable solvents (alcohol, thinner, etc.)
Humid or dusty places
Places subject to lamp black or steam
Places subject to sea air
Confi ned or enclosed places
Fire or electric shock may result.
For installation or inspection of this camera, consult the dealer where you purchased
the product.
This installation should be made by a qualifi ed service person and should conform to
all local codes.
When installing on a ceiling, make sure the surface is capable of withstanding the total
weight of the camera and mounting bracket and is suffi ciently reinforced if necessary.
Printed in Taiwan
Periodically check the mounting bracket and screws for rust and loose material to
prevent injuries and equipment damage due to falling items.
Do not install in unstable places, places subject to signifi cant vibration or impact, or
places subject to salt damage or corrosive gas.
Failure to do so may result in the camera falling or other accidents.
Do not insert your fi nger in spaces when installing the camera.
Injury may result.
Do not install the camera on an unstable or inclined surface.
Malfunction may result.
Take care not to damage wiring or pipes in the room.
Damage to peripheral items may result.
Precautions for Use
If you discover defective conditions such as smoke, strange sounds, heat or strange
odors, immediately stop using the camera and contact your closest dealer.
Continued use of the product may cause fi re or electric shock.
Do not disassemble or modify the camera.
Do not damage the connecting cable and others.
Do not spill water or other liquid inside the camera, spray the camera with water, or
otherwise wet it.
Do not insert foreign objects into the camera.
Do not use fl ammable sprays near the camera.
Do not leave LAN cables, external power supplies or AC adapter (optional) power
connectors connected when the camera is not in use for long periods.
Do not use fl ammable solvents such as alcohol, paint thinner or benzine when cleaning
the camera.
Fire or electric shock may result.
External Dimensions
80 (3.15)
98 (3.86)
192 (7.56)
Unit: mm (in.)
Notes on Power Supply
Only use the dedicated AC adapter PA-V17 (optional) for AC power.
Do not set any heavy objects on the power cable.
Do not pull, forcibly bend, scratch, or modify the power cable.
Do not cover or wrap the AC adapter (optional) with cloth or blankets.
Fire or electric shock may result.
Be sure to read the User's Manual for the PA-V17 (optional) before use.
After turning off the power, wait for at least fi ve seconds before turning the power on
again. If the power is turned on again too quickly, the camera may operate poorly.
Main Specifi cations
Image Sensor
1/3 type CMOS (primary color fi lter)
Number of Effective Pixels
Approx. 1.3 million pixels
Scanning Method
3x Optical Zoom Lens (Electric Drive)
Focal Length
f=2.8 (W) – 8.4mm (T)
F1.2(W) – F2.0 (T)
Viewing Angle
Horizontal: 102.5° (W) – 34.2° (T)/Vertical: 75.6° (W) – 25.6° (T)
Day/Night Switch
Auto or Manual.
In "Auto" mode, it switches automatically according to "Switching Brightness" and
"Response" settings.
Min. Subject Illumination
Day Mode (color):
0.25 lux (F1.2, Shutter Speed 1/30 sec., when Smart Shade Control is off)
0.07 lux (F1.2, Shutter Speed 1/8 sec., when Smart Shade Control is off)
0.018 lux (F1.2, Shutter Speed 1/8 sec., when Smart Shade Control is on)
Night Mode (monochrome):
0.008 lux (F1.2, Shutter Speed 1/30 sec., when Smart Shade Control is off)
0.002 lux (F1.2, Shutter Speed 1/8 sec., when Smart Shade Control is off)
0.001 lux (F1.2, Shutter Speed 1/8 sec., when Smart Shade Control is on)
One-shot AF/Manual/Fixed at infi nity
Day Mode: 0.3 m (12 in.) – ∞
Shooting Distance
Night Mode: 1.0 m (3.3 ft.) – ∞
(from front of lens)
Shutter Speed
1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/15, 1/30, 1/60, 1/100, 1/120, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000,
1/4000, 1/8000 sec.
Auto/Flickerless/Shutter-Priority AE, Manual (Shutter Speed/Aperture/Gain)
White Balance
Auto / Select Light Source (Warm Fluorescent, White Fluorescent, Daylight Fluorescent,
Mercury Lamp, Sodium Lamp, Halogen Lamp) / Lock (One-shot WB) / Manual
Metering Mode
3 options (Center-weighted/Average/Spot)
Exposure Compensation
7 levels
Smart Shade Control
7 levels (function for increasing the brightness of shaded subjects in a high-
contrast image)
Video Compression Method
H.264, JPEG
Image Size
JPEG: 160 x 120, 320 x 240, 640 x 480, 1280 x 960
H.264: 320 x 240, 640 x 480, 1280 x 960
Image Quality
JPEG/H.264: 5 levels
Frame Rate
JPEG: 30 – 0.1 fps
H.264: 30/15/10 fps
Max. Frame Rate
Max. 30 fps (1280 x 960) *1
Simultaneous Client Access
JPEG: Max. 30 Clients + 1 Admin Client
H.264: Max. 10 Clients
Audio Compression Method
G.711 µ-law (64 kbps)
Audio Communication Method
Full-duplex (two-way) - Echo cancellation function compliant
Audio Playback
available *2
IPv4: TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, FTP, SNMP (MIB2), SMTP (Client), DHCP (Client),
DNS (Client), ARP, ICMP, POP3, NTP, SMTP authentication, WV-HTTP
(from Canon), ONVIF
IPv6: TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, FTP, SMTP (Client), DNS (Client),
ICMPv6, POP3, NTP, SMTP authentication, WV-HTTP (from Canon), ONVIF
On-Screen Display
Encrypted Communications
SSL/TLS, IPsec (Auto Key Exchange/Manual)
Camera Control
3 user levels available (Administrator/Authorized user/Guest user)
Up to 50 users' user names and passwords can be set for Authorized users.
Privacy Mask
Number of registration: Max. 8 places, Number of mask colors: 1 (select from 9 colors)
Access Control
Access control (user name and password)/Host-based access control (IPv4, IPv6)
Intelligent Function
Detection types: Moving Object Detection, Abandoned Object Detection,
Removed Object Detection, and Camera Tampering Detection
Detection areas: Max. 15 places
Volume Detection
Event Trigger Type
External Device Input 1/2, Intelligent Function (Image), Intelligent Function
(Volume), Timer
Image Upload
FTP/HTTP/SMTP (e-mail)
Temporary storage memory in camera: Max. approx 4MB, Frame Rate: Max. 10 fps
Event Notifi cation
HTTP/SMTP (e-mail)
English / French / German / Italian / Spanish / Japanese
*1) The frame rate may be reduced due to Viewer PC's specs, the number of clients accessing at the same time,
network loads, type or movement of the subject, image quality setting or other reasons.
*2) A separately-sold amplifi er speaker is necessary for playing audio fi les.
"ONVIF" is a trademark of ONVIF Inc.
Network Terminal
LAN x 1 (RJ45, 100Base-TX (Auto/full-duplex/half-duplex))
Φ3.5 mm (Φ0.14 in.) mini-jack connector (monaural)
Audio Input Terminal
(common for LINE IN & MIC IN)
LINE IN/MIC IN can be switched in the setting page.
LINE IN x 1 (connect to an amplifi er microphone) or
MIC IN x 1 (connect to a microphone w/o amplifi er)
Φ3.5 mm (Φ0.14 in.) mini-jack connector (monaural)
Audio Output Terminal
LINE OUT x 1 (connect to an amplifi er speaker)
External device I/O Terminal
Input x 2 Output x 2
Memory Card
SD Memory Card, SDHC Memory Card Compatible. Max. approx. 32 GB,
Frame Rate: Max. 1fps
Operating Environment
Temperature: -10 – 50°C (14 – 122°F)/Humidity: 5 – 85% (without condensation)
Power Supply
PoE: PoE power supply via LAN connector (IEEE802.3af compliant)
AC adapter: PA-V17 (AC 100-240 V)
External power source: AC 24 V/DC 12 V
Power Consumption
PoE Input : Max. approx. 5.9 W
When using AC adapter PA-V17 : Max. approx. 6.9 W
DC Input : Max. approx. 5.7 W
AC Input : Max. approx. 5.4 W
(H x W x D ) 65 x 80 x 192 mm (2.56 x 3.15 x 7.56 in.)
Main unit Approx. 700 g (1.55 lb.)
AC Adapter (optional)
100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
13 VDC 1.0 A (MAX), temperature -10°C – 45°C (14 – 113°F) humidity 20 – 85%
Black line side (-), White line side (+)
(H x W x D) 25 x 58 x 118 mm (0.98 x 2.28 x 4.65 in.)
(excluding projections)
Approx. 215 g (7.6 oz.) (excluding cables)


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: Installation Guide

    External power source: AC 24 V/DC 12 V • Do not disassemble or modify the camera. to protect privacy and avoid any violation of publicity rights. Canon shall have no liability Power Consumption PoE Input : Max. approx. 5.9 W whatsoever in this regard.
  • Page 2 Audio Output Terminal LINE OUT (monaural output) External Power Supply after inserting it into the camera (see “Memory Card” in “Setting Page” in the “VB-M700F/VB-M600D/ VB-M600VE Operation Guide”). Connect the camera to a speaker with an amplifi er. Audio can be sent to the speaker from RM 12 VDC or 24 VAC input can be used.