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Troubleshooting - Asus AIR User Manual

Asus internet radio - air user manual
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Read the following Q&As for troubleshooting guide. If these do
not give you answers, you may contact us directly at the contact
information provided on this manual's inside cover.
The display shows that a music station is being played, but I
cannot hear anything.
Some stations may not have 24-hour broadcasts. You cannot hear
anything If the stations do not send out any programs.
Why is it that I cannot hear anything from the speaker?
• Either your ASUS Internet Radio is muted or the volume is so
low that you cannot hear anything. Turn up the volume or
press the Mute button
are using additional speakers, make sure that the connected
speaker system is powered on.
• If the above steps make no difference, reboot the device.
What can I do if my ASUS Internet Radio crashes?
Press the power switch on the rear panel to turn off the device,
and then switch it on again.
I have set the alarm but it did not set off.
The alarm will not set off while you are connecting to a station.
The wireless connection is not stable.
• Establish a wired connection to test if your network is reliable.
• If the wired connection is more stable than the wireless one,
use the LAN connection instead.
Why do I need to update the Internet Radio?
The URLs of the internet radio stations may change, so the ASUS
technicians update them regularly. You need to update your
ASUS Internet Radio to get the latest list of stations.
to cancel the muted mode. If you
ASUS Internet Radio 17


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