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Asus internet radio - air user manual
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How can I tell if the update is successful?
• When you start the update process, a countdown timer
displays to count from 60 seconds. If the device reboots at
around 57 seconds, it means that your current firmware
version has been the latest. If the timer continues to count
until the device reboots, the update is successful.
• Go to Configuration.>.�ersion.Update to check if the
version name is different from the previous one.
I cannot connect to certain stations.
The accessibility to online radio stations vary with the network
bandwidth in different countries. Failed connections may be due
to the following:
• The network bandwidth in the country you want to connect
to is narrow. We recommend an ADSL/Cable Modem
bandwidth of at least 1M bps.
• Internet congestion.
• The URLs of the stations have changed. Update the device and
try again. If you still cannot connect to the stations, contact us
• The stations do not provide enough bandwidth.
• The stations are under repair or no longer exist.
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