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Language; Backlight; Sleep Timer; Buffer - Asus AIR User Manual

Asus internet radio - air user manual
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4. The icon will appear at the upper right corner of the
display to indicate that the alarm function is activated.
Make sure that the device is not connecting to any stations at
the set time, or the alarm will not set off. When the alarm sets off,
press any button to stop it.


Refer to page 5 for details about language selection.
The Configuration.>.Bac�light option allows you to adjust the
brightness of the backlight. You can also shift the backlight mode
by pressing the Bac�light button
on the remote control.
Three modes are available:
• Turn.Off� Select to turn off the backlight.
• Power.Saving�.Select to turn down the backlight.
• Turn.On�.Select to turn on the backlight.
The Configuration.>.Sleep.Timer option allows you to select a
preset amount of time after which the device shuts off. You can
also set the sleep timer by pressing the Sleep button
on the
remote control. When this function is activated, the XXX icon
will appear at the upper right corner of the display, XXX
signifying the minutes left. Six options are available: Turn.Off,
15.Minutes, 30.Minutes, 60.Minutes, 90.Minutes, and


The Configuration.>.Buffer option allows you to set the buffer
to hold data received for a certain amount of time. Setting a
longer buffer makes the data transfer more smoothly but takes
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