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Searching By Station Name - Asus AIR User Manual

Asus internet radio - air user manual
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Manual - 34 pages
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The list includes: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle
East, North America, Oceania/Pacific, and Internet Only.
2. Select a geographical region and then select a country in the
region. A list of stations located in the country displays.
3. Highlight a station and press Enter to connect to the station.
• For countries that have a huge number of radio stations, the stations
are sub-classified by name initial alphabetically.
• If you select a language other than English, you will see the name of
a country where that language is spoken in the Radio.Station�.
Music menu. Highlight the country name and press Enter to display
the stations located in this country.
1. From the main menu, select Service.>.Search.Radio..
2. The stations are divided into 10 categories by their name
initial: 0-9,.A-C,.D-F,.G-I,.J-L,.M-O,.P-R,.S-U,.�-Z,.and.Other.
Select a category and a list of stations displays.
NOTE� Stations with names in Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese,
and Simplified Chinese are in the Other group.
3. Select any of the stations again to display more stations. The
stations are listed alphabetically according to the first two
letters of their names.
4. Highlight a station and press Enter to connect to the station.
NOTE� When you highlight a station from the lists, vertical bars
appear at the bottom left corner of the display to indicate the
accessibility to the station. Three bars suggest the highest accessibility.
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