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Establishing A Wireless Connection - Asus AIR User Manual

Asus internet radio - air user manual
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Wired connection successful
Wired connection failed
Using a fixed IP address:
1. Plug a network cable in the LAN port to connect the device
to a router or a wireless access point (the device does not
support PPPoE connection). .
2. From the main menu, select Configuration.>.Networ�.>.IP.
3. Press Enter and select IP.Address. Fill-in the values and
press Enter when finished. Refer to the "Text entry" section
for details about inputting numbers.
4. Enter Subnet.Mas�,.Default.Gateway,.Preferred.DNS.
Server,.Alternate.DNS.Server in the same fashion, and then
select make a connection.
5. Refer to the table above for network status.
NOTE� If a connection is established successfully, the device saves the
IP address and related values. With network settings unchanged, the
device will automatically connect to the network when powered on.
will automatically connect to the network when powered on.
automatically connect to the network when powered on.
1. Set up your wireless access point (AP) to receive/broadcast a
wireless signal.
2. From the main menu, select Configuration.>.Networ�.>.
WiFi.Configuration. The names of the receivable access
points are listed. If you highlight a network protected by
WEP/WPA encryption, a key icon will show at the bottom
of the display.
3. Select a network you have access to. If the network is not
secured by a WEP/WPA key, press Enter to make a
connection. If it is locked, press the right navigation button
and select Enter.WEP�WPA.
(the device does not
connect to the network when powered on.
, and then
ASUS Internet Radio 7


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