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Deni Magic Vac 1715 Instructions For Proper Use And Care Manual: Food Storage And Safety Information

Deni - keystone manufacturing co, inc. vacuum sealer instruction manual.
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Food Storage and Safety Information

Deni Magic Vac™ will change the way you purchase and store
foods. As you become accustomed to vacuum packing, it will
become an indispensable part of your food preparation. When
preparing and vacuum packing foods using your Magic Vac™
Select, there are certain procedures that must be followed to
ensure food quality and safety. Review this section carefully for
your protection.
Food spoilage is caused by chemical reactions in the food to
air, temperature, moisture, enzyme action, growth of microor-
ganisms, or contamination from insects.
Oxygen in the air causes spoilage primarily through the
process of oxidation, which causes food to lose nutritive
value, texture, flavor and overall quality. Air contributes to the
growth of most microorganisms, and carries moisture into
and out of foods unless they are protected with moisture-proof
packaging. Freezer burn results from frozen foods being
exposed to air.
Vacuum packaging with the Magic Vac™ Select removes up
to 90% of the air from the package. In scientific terms, the
vacuum level is measured up to 24" Hg (inches of Mercury).
Air contains approximately 21% oxygen, which leaves a 2%
to 3% residual oxygen level in Magic Vac™ vacuum pack-
aged foods. Most mold, moisture and microorganisms are
inhibited from growth when the oxygen level is at or below
Although vacuum packaging extends the life of many fresh
foods by reducing oxidation, most fresh foods still contain
enough moisture to support the growth of microorganisms which
can grow with or without air. To prevent spoilage, foods need to
be stored at low temperatures.
Temperatures in the refrigerator greater than 40°F (4°C) (espe-
cially for extended periods of time) may support the growth of
harmful microorganisms. Monitor the temperature and maintain
a temperature at 40°F (4°C) or below.
Suitable temperature for the freezer is 0°F (-17°C).
retards the growth of microorganisms, BUT DOES NOT KILL
Dried foods are also affected by storage temperature when
vacuum packaged. Their shelf life is extended 3-4 times for
every 18° F (10°C) drop in temperature.
Microorganisms can be divided into three categories: mold,
yeast, and bacteria. Although microorganisms are present
everywhere, they can only cause problems under certain
Mold does not grow in a low oxygen environment or in the
absence of moisture. Yeast requires moisture, sugar and a
moderate temperature to grow, but can grow with or without air.
Refrigeration slows the growth of yeast and freezing stops it
completely. Bacteria can grow with or without air.



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