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Deni Magic Vac 1715 Instructions For Proper Use And Care Manual: Hints And Tips; Above Sea Level Operation

Deni - keystone manufacturing co, inc. vacuum sealer instruction manual.
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Commercial Quality Vacuum Sealer

Hints and Tips

Juices and moisture in foods can prevent a good seal,
therefore, we recommend to pre-freeze food for 1-2
hours before vacuum packaging. An alternative
method is to fold a paper towel. Fill the bag with food
and lay flat. Place the folded towel so it lies between
the top of the bag and the food. Ensure that the paper
towel is below the sealing strip. When you vacuum
seal, the paper towel will absorb the excess moisture.
Liquids need to be cooled before vacuum packing. Hot
liquids will bubble up and over the top of the jar when
vacuum packed. Note: A jar attachment is necessary
for sealing jars.
Use canning lids that have been checked for flaws. To
create and keep a good vacuum, soak lids in boiling
water for 3 minutes and rub a drop of mineral oil on
the gasket. This will lubricate and hydrate the gasket.
After vacuum packing, you may use the metal rim that
comes with the jar in order to hold the lid in place.
This rim is meant to assist in keeping the vacuum
sealed lid secure.
Store perishable foods in the freezer or refrigerator.
Vacuum packing extends the shelf life of foods, but
does not preserve them.
Many foods are sold pre-packed in commercial vacu-
um bags such as cheese and deli meats. Now, you can
maintain the taste and freshness of these foods, by re-
packaging with Deni Magic Vac™ Bags after the com-
mercially packed bags have been opened.
Pantry items such as flour, rice, mixes for cakes and
pancakes, all stay fresher longer when vacuum packed.
Nuts and condiments maintain their flavor while ran-
cidity is kept out.
For objects with sharp points and edges, such as bones
or dried pasta, pad the edges with paper towels to
keep them from puncturing the bag.
There are many non-food uses for vacuum packing.
Keep camping supplies such as matches, first aid kits
and clothing clean and dry. Keep flares for auto emer-
gencies ready. Keep silver and collectibles untarnished.
Fill a bag about
full with water, seal the end (don't
vacuum). Freeze the bag and use for ice in the cooler,
or ice packs for sports injuries.
Using the Deni Magic Vac above sea level (over 4800 ft)
The Vacuum Gauge is a device technically working on a differential basis
since it measures the difference between external pressure (room) and the
internal vacuum level. This means that, in the presence of the same inter-
nal vacuum level, the vacuum gauge change from yellow to green will
depend on the external pressure. Thus, when using the Magic Vac above
sea level, the vacuum gauge might not turn totally green when reaching
the maximum vacuum level due to the altitude; however, this does not
mean that the obtained vacuum value is lower than the vacuum achieved
at sea level.


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