Pioneer DVR530 Operating Instructions Manual

Pioneer DVR530 Operating Instructions Manual

Operating instructions


Table of Contents
DVD Recorder
Operating Instructions


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 DVD Recorder DVR-630H-S DVR-530H-S ™ ™ Operating Instructions...
  • Page 2 Thank you for buying this Pioneer product. Please read through these operating instructions so you will know how to operate your model properly. After you have finished reading the instructions, put them away in a safe place for future reference.
  • Page 3: Operating Environment

    When you find it outlet you want to use, the plug must be removed damaged, ask your nearest PIONEER authorized and appropriate one fitted. Replacement and service center or your dealer for a replacement.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents 01 Before you start 06 Recording Features ........6 About DVD recording .
  • Page 5 11 The PhotoViewer Playing a slideshow ......93 12 The Disc Setup menu Introduction ....... 95 Basic settings .
  • Page 6: Before You Start

    Before you start Chapter 1 Before you start • Chase play VR mode Features Using chase play you can start watching a recording from the beginning, while continuing to record. For ™ • Built-in GUIDE Plus+ electronic program guide example, you could set a timer recording for a program The GUIDE Plus+™...
  • Page 7: Before You Start

    * ‘DVD-Video format’ recording: The use of the DVD-Video format for recording on DVD-R and DVD-RW discs is referred to as recording in minutes, up to six hours. ‘Video mode’ on Pioneer’s DVD recorders. Supporting playback of DVD- • Optimized recording...
  • Page 8: What's In The Box

    • You can control this recorder using the remote sensor of another Pioneer component using the CONTROL IN jack on the rear panel. See Rear panel connections on page 12 for more information.
  • Page 9: Disc / Content Format Playback Compatibility

    Ver. 1.1 discs. The following table shows older Pioneer DVD recorders’ General disc compatibility limited compatibility with DVD-RW Ver. 1.2 discs. This recorder is compatible with a wide range of disc types (media) and formats.
  • Page 10 DVD-RW discs recorded in VR mode (Video Recording format). However, for discs recorded with a record-only-once encrypted program, playback can only be achieved using a CPRM compatible device. Note that Pioneer cannot guarantee that discs recorded using this recorder will play on other players.
  • Page 11: About The Internal Hard Disk Drive

    HDD failure. Video format for recording on DVD-R and DVD-RW discs is referred to as recording in ‘Video mode’ on Pioneer’s The HDD should not be regarded as a place to store DVD recorders. Supporting playback of DVD-R / DVD- recordings permanently.
  • Page 12: Connecting Up

    CONTROL IN 11 DV IN Use to control this recorder from the remote sensor of A DV input i.LINK connector, suitable for connecting a another Pioneer component with a CONTROL OUT DV camcorder. terminal and bearing the Pioneer mark. Connect the...
  • Page 13: Extra Features For Use With Compatible Tvs

    Connecting up Extra features for use with compatible TVs When this recorder is connected to a TV that features i/o Link. A, AV Link, T-V Link, EasyLink, MegaLogic, SMARTLINK, Q-Link, DATA LOGIC or NexTView Link using a fully-wired 21-pin SCART cable (not supplied), the following functions are available: •...
  • Page 14: Easy Connections

    Connecting up Easy connections The setup described below is a basic setup that allows you to watch and record TV programs, and play discs. Other types of connections are explained starting on the following page. Important • These connections use SCART cables (not supplied). If your TV (or VCR) does not have a SCART connection, see the following page for connecting up using the supplied audio/video cable.
  • Page 15: Using Other Types Of Audio/Video Output

    Connecting up Using other types of audio/video output If you can’t use the SCART AV connector to connect your TV to this recorder, there are standard audio/video output jacks, as well as an S-video and component video output. Using the supplied audio/video cable Using the S-video or component video output AUDIO...
  • Page 16: Connecting To A Cable Box, Satellite Receiver Or Digital Terrestrial Receiver

    Connecting up Connecting to a cable box, satellite receiver or digital terrestrial receiver If you have a cable, satellite or digital terrestrial receiver with a built-in decoder, connect it to this recorder and your TV as shown on this page. If you are using a separate decoder box for your cable/satellite TV, set up following the instructions on the next page.
  • Page 17: Connecting An External Decoder Box (1)

    Connecting up Connecting an external decoder box (1) If you have an external, dedicated decoder box for your satellite or cable TV system, use the setup described on this page. See the previous page for how to connect the G-LINK™ cable. Important •...
  • Page 18: Connecting An External Decoder Box (2)

    Connecting up Connecting an external decoder box (2) If you only have a decoder, connect it to this recorder and your TV as shown on this page. Using the setup on this page you can: • Record scrambled channels received using the recorder’s built-in TV tuner. Important •...
  • Page 19: Connecting To An Av Amplifier/Receiver

    Connecting up Connecting to an AV amplifier/receiver To enjoy multichannel surround sound you need to connect this recorder to an AV amplifier/receiver using the digital optical output. In addition to a digital connection, we recommend also connecting using the stereo analog connection for compatibility with all discs and sources.
  • Page 20: Connecting Other Av Sources

    Connecting up Connecting a DV camcorder Connecting other AV sources Using the front panel DV IN jack, it is possible to connect a DV camcorder or video deck, or DVD-R/RW recorder and digitally transfer DV tapes or DVD-R/RW discs to Connecting a VCR or analog camcorder DVD-R/RW.
  • Page 21: Controls And Displays

    Controls and displays Chapter 3 Controls and displays Front panel OPEN/CLOSE HDD/DVD PULL-OPEN ONE TOUCH COPY STANDBY/ON 13 12 11 10 STANDBY/ON +/– Press to switch the recorder on/into standby. Use to change channels, skip chapters/tracks, etc. Disc tray Press to start recording. Press repeatedly to set the OPEN/CLOSE recording time in 30 minute blocks.
  • Page 22: Remote Control

    Controls and displays DVD (page 30) Press to select the DVD for recording or playback. Remote control INPUT SELECT (page 57) Press to change the input to use for recording. Alphanumeric buttons, + and CLEAR STANDBY/ON ONE TOUCH OPEN/CLOSE COPY Use the number buttons for track/chapter/title selection;...
  • Page 23 Controls and displays 15 RETURN 20 Recording controls (page 30) Press to go back one level in the on-screen menu or display. Press to start recording. Press repeatedly to set the 16 GUIDE Plus+™ system controls recording time in blocks of 30 mins. GUIDE STOP REC Press to display the GUIDE Plus+™...
  • Page 24: Display

    Controls and displays Display Recording quality indicators (page 50) Lights during playback; blinks when playback is paused. Lights when the recording mode is set to XP (best Lights when copying. quality). Lights during recording; blinks when recording is Lights when the recording mode is set to SP paused.
  • Page 25: Getting Started

    Getting started Chapter 4 Getting started Use the buttons to choose a language, then press ENTER. Switching on and setting up When you switch the recorder on for the first time, you Initial Setup can make several basic settings using the Setup Basic Clock Setting Language...
  • Page 26: Manual Clock Setting

    Getting started • Use the buttons to choose your country, The recorder takes a short while to set the time. After then press ENTER. you see that the time has been set, select Next to proceed. Initial Setup Initial Setup Basic Basic Clock Setting...
  • Page 27: Setting Up The Guide Plus+™ System

    Getting started Use the buttons to move from one field to • Manual channel setting – This setting lets you skip another. channels where there is no station, as well as manually tune to stations. See Manual CH Setting on •...
  • Page 28 Getting started Press GUIDE to display the GUIDE Plus+ setup If you are using an external receiver (such as a menu. satellite receiver) with the supplied G-LINK cable, complete this step, otherwise jump to step 5 below. The language and country settings are already set to whatever you selected in the Setup Navigator.
  • Page 29 Getting started See also GUIDE Plus+ FAQ and troubleshooting on • If you cannot receive any of the host channels (see page 47. the above table) then you won’t be able to use the GUIDE Plus+ system. In this case do not set the Identify the host channel for your country.
  • Page 30: Selecting The Hard Disk Or Dvd For Playback And Recording

    Getting started on which the channel can be found on its receiving device/source. The entry in the Editor screen must match this number for correct recording of that STANDBY/ON OPEN/CLOSE channel. • The above is especially important for the ‘host channel’.
  • Page 31: Using The Built-In Tv Tuner

    Getting started Changing audio channels • If the recorder is connected to your TV using a SCART cable and your TV supports Direct Recording, it’s You can change the audio channel of the broadcast or possible to quickly start recording whatever channel external input signal.
  • Page 32: Basic Playback

    Getting started Switching between TV and DVD Important When the recorder is stopped or recording you can • Throughout this manual, the term ‘DVD’ means choose whether to have the audio/video from the built-in playback-only DVD-Video discs and DVD-R/RW. If a TV tuner (or external input) play on your TV (‘DVD mode’), function is specific to a particular kind of DVD disc, it or watch the channel that the TV is currently set to (‘TV...
  • Page 33 Getting started Playing DVD discs Playing from the HDD The table below shows the basic playback controls for The table below shows the basic playback controls when DVD-Video, and recordable DVD discs. playing video recorded on the hard disk (HDD). Press to start playback.
  • Page 34 Getting started Playing CDs and WMA/MP3 discs Playing Video CD/Super VCDs The table below shows the basic playback controls for The table below shows the basic playback controls for Video CD/Super VCDs. audio CDs , and WMA/MP3 files. Some discs feature Playback Control (PBC for short) Press to start playback.
  • Page 35: Using The Home Menu

    Getting started Using the Home Menu Displaying disc information on- screen From the Home Menu screen you can access all the features of the recorder. You can display various on-screen information about the Note that some options in the Home Menu may be disc loaded or the HDD.
  • Page 36 Getting started Audio mode The example displays below show high-speed copying from HDD to DVD, and HDD chase playback. Shows the broadcast audio mode for the current channel preset (Mono, Stereo, etc.). Rec Mode SP(2h00m/DVD) Copy control information Shows recording restrictions of the current channel DVD-RW Video program.
  • Page 37 Getting started Total running time of title Angle indicator • When using the simultaneous play and record Lights during multi-angle scenes. feature, the display shows information for playback only. Play display 2 • During real-time copy, the copy source playback information is displayed.
  • Page 38: Using The Guide Plus+™ Electronic Program Guide

    Using the GUIDE Plus+™ electronic program guide Chapter 5 ™ Using the GUIDE Plus+ electronic program guide The GUIDE Plus+ system Using the GUIDE Plus+ system ™ All the various features and areas are color-coded for The GUIDE Plus+ system* is a free, interactive on- ease of navigation.
  • Page 39 Using the GUIDE Plus+™ electronic program guide Navigating GUIDE Plus+ What it does The table below shows a summary of the remote buttons ENTER Press to confirm a selection or to leave you’ll use to navigate the GUIDE Plus+ system. the GUIDE Plus+ screen.
  • Page 40: Areas

    Using the GUIDE Plus+™ electronic program guide Lock / Unlock video window Areas When you enter the GUIDE Plus+ system, the channel you were watching remains visible in the video window. The GUIDE Plus+™ system consists of seven Areas. All The date stamp above the window lets you know the Areas can be accessed from the Menu bar.
  • Page 41 Using the GUIDE Plus+™ electronic program guide Browsing the Grid Press to start the search. ENTER The search results are shown sorted by time and date. Use the following remote buttons to browse the grid: • If no search results are displayed, it means there are (cursor buttons) –...
  • Page 42 Using the GUIDE Plus+™ electronic program guide My TV Area Select a channel from the mosaic of channel icons and press ENTER . Repeat this step to add up to 16 channels. The My TV Area allows you to set up a personal profile. You can define a profile by channels, themes and/or To add a theme to your profile, highlight keywords.
  • Page 43 Using the GUIDE Plus+™ electronic program guide The Schedule Area Press the GREEN Action button to go to continue, or the RED Action button to go back. The Schedule Area is where you can set, see, edit and delete scheduled (timer) recordings. (See also Setting a Enter a name for the scheduled recording.
  • Page 44 Using the GUIDE Plus+™ electronic program guide Press the GREEN Action button (Frequency) to Press (cursor right) to access the extended change the recording frequency. recording options: Select from the various options for one-time, daily and • If you want to record to a particular HDD genre, use weekly recordings.
  • Page 45 Using the GUIDE Plus+™ electronic program guide Setting a ShowView™* recording Setting a manual recording Select ‘Schedule’ from the Menu bar. Select ‘Schedule’ from the Menu bar. Press the RED Action button (ShowView). Press the GREEN Action button (Manual). Use the number buttons to enter a ShowView Use the number and buttons to enter programming number.
  • Page 46 Using the GUIDE Plus+™ electronic program guide Use the number buttons to enter a channel Switching a channel on/off number, then press the GREEN Action button (Next) You can choose whether or not to display a channel in the to confirm. Grid Area by switching the channel on or off in the Editor Area.
  • Page 47: Guide Plus+ Faq And Troubleshooting

    Using the GUIDE Plus+™ electronic program guide The Setup Area GUIDE Plus+ FAQ and The Setup Area is where you can set up the GUIDE Plus+ system for your particular region, TV reception troubleshooting conditions, and so on. This FAQ covers only a few questions. For a complete list please consult the GUIDE Plus+ website at: Making changes to your GUIDE Plus+ setup
  • Page 48 Using the GUIDE Plus+™ electronic program guide • My external receiver was successfully setup. However – For external receiver users only: The connections I have found that when the GUIDE Plus+ system has and setup are OK, but the external receiver was not to change to a channel with a 3-digit program number tuned to the correct host channel.
  • Page 49: Recording

    SECAM recordings, or NTSC and PAL-60. See also Additional information about the TV system settings on page 107. Note 1.Some DVD players, such as some Pioneer models, are compatible with VR mode discs. Check the operating instructions for your player for VR mode compatibility information.
  • Page 50: Recording Time And Picture Quality

    Recording Recording time and picture quality Restrictions on video recording You cannot record copy-protected video using this There are six preset recording quality modes recorder. Copy-protected video includes DVD-Video discs • XP – High quality setting, gives about one hour of and some satellite broadcasts.
  • Page 51: Setting The Picture Quality/Recording Time

    Recording Setting the picture quality/recording Basic recording from the TV time VR mode Video mode VR mode Video mode Follow the instructions below to record a TV program. Recording starts immediately and continues until the Before starting a recording, you will usually want to set disc is full or you stop the recording.
  • Page 52 Recording • While the recorder is stopped, you can also use the number buttons on the remote to select the channel. (For channel 6, press 6 then ENTER; for channel 24, • During recording you can turn on/off the SCART loop press 2, 4 then ENTER) through function.
  • Page 53: Setting A Timer Recording

    Recording Important • A timer recording can’t be set if there are already 32 • You can press TV DIRECT REC while the recorder is timer programs waiting to be recorded. in standby to switch on and immediately start recording. •...
  • Page 54: Easy Timer Recording

    Recording Easy Timer Recording Set the TV channel and recording quality. As the name suggests, Easy Timer Recording makes setting up a timer recording as simple as possible. Easy Timer 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 1/01 2/01 3/01 1/01 9:30 –...
  • Page 55 Recording Use the to move the cursor to the Canceling and stopping a timer recording in recording end time on the grid. progress After a timer recording has started, you can cancel the Recording start time program (but continue recording), or stop recording Recording end time completely if you need to.
  • Page 56: Timer Recording Faq

    Recording Timer recording FAQ Simultaneous recording and playback Frequently Asked Questions VR mode • Even though the timer is set, the recorder doesn’t start A feature called Chase Play makes it possible to watch a recording! recording in progress (DVD or HDD) from the start of the recording (as in, playback is ‘chasing’...
  • Page 57: Recording From An External Component

    Recording • If the aspect ratio is distorted (squashed or stretched), adjust on the source component or your Recording from an external TV before recording. component Set up the recorder. VR mode Video mode • Use REC MODE to set the recording quality. See Setting the picture quality/recording time on page 51 You can record from an external component, such as a for detailed information.
  • Page 58: Recording From A Dv Camcorder

    Recording Important Recording from a DV camcorder • The source signal must be DVC-SD format VR mode Video mode • Some camcorders cannot be controlled using this recorder’s remote. You can record from a DV camcorder connected to the DV IN jack on the front panel of this recorder. Using the •...
  • Page 59: Playing Your Recordings On Other Dvd Players

    Video mode press ENTER. Most regular DVD players can play finalized discs recorded in Video mode. A number of players (including many Pioneer models) can also play DVD-RW discs Stop Stop 1.02.22 recorded in VR mode, finalized or not. Most players will...
  • Page 60: Initializing A Recordable Dvd Disc

    DVD-R back to Video mode. Press HOME MENU and select ‘Disc Setup’. Select ‘Initialize’ • Discs recorded partially or fully on the Pioneer DVR-7000 DVD recorder do not support this feature. These discs will have only a text title menu when Disc Setup finalized on this recorder.
  • Page 61: Playback

    Playback Chapter 7 Playback Introduction Navigating discs and the HDD Most of the features described in this chapter make use of on-screen displays. Navigate these using the During playback you can easily jump to another title, and ENTER. To go back one level from any screen, use chapter or track on a disc using the number buttons on the RETURN button.
  • Page 62: Using The Disc Navigator To Browse The Contents Of A Disc

    Playback • You can change the thumbnail picture displayed for Video CD Super VCD WMA/MP3 a title; see Set Thumbnail on page 84. During playback, use the number buttons to To play the highlighted title, press ENTER. input a track number. •...
  • Page 63 Playback • Sort Order – Sort by date (most recent first), Using the Disc Navigator with playback-only unwatched first, title name or recording date (oldest discs first) DVD-Video Video CD Super VCD WMA/MP3 Press HOME MENU and select ‘Disc Navigator’ Disc Navigator (HDD) 10Titles from the on-screen display.
  • Page 64: Scanning Discs

    Playback Scanning discs Playing in slow motion You can fast scan discs at various speeds, forwards or Video CD Super VCD backward. You can play video at various slow motion speeds. DVDs and video on the HDD can be played in slow motion in either direction, while Video CD/Super VCDs can only be REV SCAN PLAY...
  • Page 65: Frame Advance/Frame Reverse

    Playback Frame advance/frame reverse Video CD Super VCD You can advance or back up video on a DVD disc or the HDD frame-by-frame. With Video CD/Super VCDs, you CLEAR CLEAR can only use frame advance. PLAY MODE ENTER PLAY PAUSE STEP/SLOW PLAY Press PLAY MODE to display the Play Mode menu...
  • Page 66: Repeat Play

    Playback Use the number buttons to enter a title/chapter/ With ‘B (Loop End)’ highlighted, press ENTER at folder/track number or the search time (in hours, the point you want the loop to end. minutes & seconds). Playback immediately jumps back to the start point and plays the loop round and round.
  • Page 67: Program Play

    Playback To resume normal playback, select ‘Repeat Off’ CD or Video CD/Super VCD: Select a track to add to the from the Repeat Play menu. program list. • You can also press CLEAR to cancel repeat play if no menu OSD (such as the Play Mode menu) is Program Step Track (01-10)
  • Page 68: Displaying And Switching Subtitles

    Playback Displaying and switching subtitles • To save your program list and exit the program edit DVD-Video screen without starting playback, press HOME MENU or PLAY MODE. Some DVD discs have subtitles in one or more languages; the disc box will usually tell you which •...
  • Page 69: Switching Dvd Soundtracks

    Playback Switching DVD soundtracks Switching audio channels DVD-Video VR mode Video CD Super VCD When playing a DVD disc recorded with two or more WMA/MP3 soundtracks (often in different languages), you can For HDD and VR mode content recorded with bilingual switch the soundtrack during playback.
  • Page 70: Switching Camera Angles

    Playback Switching camera angles DVD-Video Some DVD-Video discs feature scenes shot from two or more angles—check the disc box for details: it should be marked with a icon if it contains multi-angle scenes. When a multi-angle scene is playing, the same icon appears on screen to let you know that other angles are available (this can be switched off if you prefer—see Angle Indicator on page 106).
  • Page 71: Copying And Back-Up

    Copying and back-up Chapter 8 Copying and back-up Copyright Introduction Recording equipment should be used only for lawful copying and you are advised to check carefully what is Use the copying features of this recorder to: lawful copying in the country in which you are making a •...
  • Page 72: Using Copy Lists

    Copying and back-up Canceling One Touch Copy Using Copy Lists You can cancel a One Touch Copy once it’s started. * See also Copyright on page 71. • Press and hold ONE TOUCH COPY for more than a second. At its simplest, a Copy List is just a list of HDD or DVD Copying is canceled and the video already copied is titles that you want to copy.
  • Page 73 Copying and back-up Select ‘HDD DVD’. Use the buttons to highlight titles you want to copy, pressing ENTER after each one to add it to If this is the first time to create a Copy List, skip to step 4 below.
  • Page 74 Copying and back-up Select ‘Next’ to move on to the Title Edit screen. • Bilingual – Set how bilingual audio should be copied when copying from HDD to Video mode DVD (see page 79). Copy HDD DVD (Video mode) 3 Title Edit Title •...
  • Page 75 Copying and back-up Copying from DVD to HDD Press to display the command menu panel. Select ‘Next’ to proceed to the Start Copy screen. • Select Recording Mode if you want to change the Important recording quality (see Recording Mode on page 78). •...
  • Page 76 Copying and back-up • Select CAPS or small to change to upper or lower- Highlight ‘From’ then use the playback controls case, or use the CASE SELECTION buttons ( ( , , , etc.) to find the start of the section to erase, then press ENTER.
  • Page 77 Copying and back-up Preview Combine Use this command to check what’s in a title. Use this command to make a single title from two titles in the Copy List. The second title selected will be Highlight the title you want to preview. appended to the first.
  • Page 78: Recording Mode

    Copying and back-up • Video Mode Compatible Editing – Edit points Set Thumbnail cannot be set with absolute precision, but high- You can change the thumbnail picture that appears in speed copying to Video mode DVD will be possible. the four-title display of the Disc Navigator for a title to any frame that appears in that title.
  • Page 79: Using Disc Back-Up

    Copying and back-up Press OPEN/CLOSE to open the disc tray and When you change the recording mode setting, you can load the disc you want to make a back-up of, then see how much disc space it will require. If this is more than is available, it shows up in red and you won’t be able close the disc tray.
  • Page 80 Copying and back-up Select ‘Start’ to start writing the backed-up data to the blank disc. Disc Back-up Write back-up data from Hard Disk Drive. The disc contents will be overwritten. OK to start? Start Cancel • To see the progress of the back-up, press DISPLAY. •...
  • Page 81: Editing

    Editing Chapter 9 Editing Press HDD or DVD to select the hard disk drive or the DVD. The Disc Navigator screen The Disc Navigator screen is where you can edit video Press DISC NAVIGATOR to display the Disc content on unfinalized Video mode and VR mode DVD Navigator screen.
  • Page 82: Command Menu Panel Options

    Editing Command menu panel options The table below shows which commands you can use with which video type. VR mode VR mode Video mode (Original) (Play List) Create (page 83) Play (page 83) Erase (page 83) Edit > Title Name (page 83) Edit >...
  • Page 83: Title Name

    Editing Create Erase Play List only VR mode Video mode VR mode Use this function to create a Play List and add titles to it. Use this function to erase unwanted titles. Before you can use this command, make sure that the When you erase titles from the HDD or Original titles Play List is switched on in the view options panel on the from a VR mode DVD-RW, the available recording space...
  • Page 84 Editing Input a name for the selected title. Characters Characters Input Title Name . , ’ ? ! – & 1 m n o 6 ö ô ò ó ø ñ 12:30 Wed 4/01 Pr 1 SP A B C D E F G H I J K L M . , ? ! CAPS N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ( ) : ;...
  • Page 85 Editing Use the playback controls ( , , , etc.) to Highlight ‘From’ then use the playback controls find a suitable frame, then press ENTER to set. ( , , , etc.) to find the start of the section to erase, then press ENTER. The bar at the bottom of the screen indicates the current Set Thumbnail (HDD) play position in the title.
  • Page 86 Editing • Frame Accurate Editing – Exact edit points are • Video Mode Compatible Editing – Edit points preserved, but high-speed copying to Video mode cannot be set with absolute precision, but high- DVD will not be possible. speed copying to Video mode DVD will be possible. •...
  • Page 87 Editing Set Genre Select ‘Edit’ > ‘Lock’ from the command menu panel. Use this command to assign a genre to a title. Disc Navigator (HDD) 10Titles 23:00 FRI 3/12 11/29 MON 7:00PM Highlight the title you want to assign a genre to. Play 23:00 Fri 3/12 Pr 4 SP 11/29Mon 7:00PM...
  • Page 88 Editing Combine Use the buttons to select one of the user- definable genre names, then press ENTER. Play List only VR mode Use this function to combine two Play List titles into one. Disc Navigator (HDD) 10Titles Highlight the title you want to combine. 23:00 FRI 3/12 11/29 MON 7:00PM Play...
  • Page 89 Editing Select ‘Next’ from the command menu panel. Frequently asked questions • Why doesn’t the available recording time increase Disc Navigator (HDD) Multi-Mode 10Titles when I erase titles from a VR mode DVD-R? 23:00 FRI 3/12 23:00 Fri 3/12 Pr 4 SP When you erase titles from a DVD-R, the titles are no 2h00m(1.0G) 4 Titles...
  • Page 90: Using The Jukebox

    Using the Jukebox Chapter 10 Using the Jukebox The Jukebox feature allows you to use the recorder’s HDD to store and playback music from up to 999 of your CDs. Once on the HDD, you can name albums, assign ONE TOUCH COPY them a genre, and set tracks that you don’t want to play to Jump.
  • Page 91: Playing Music From The Jukebox

    Using the Jukebox Selecting a track from an album to play Playing music from the Jukebox Use the buttons to select the album You can select albums or individual tracks from the containing the track you want to play, then press Jukebox to play.
  • Page 92 Using the Jukebox Changing the album view From the album list, press to display the view options menu panel. Select the view option you want, then press ENTER. Jukebox 10Albums 12/1 Album1 Play Display order New first Album2 Erase New First New First Most Listened Album3...
  • Page 93: The Photoviewer

    The PhotoViewer Chapter 11 The PhotoViewer From the PhotoViewer you can view JPEG photos and picture files stored on a CD-ROM/R/RW on your TV. Currently selected thumbnail PhotoViewer File Chair No. 2 1920 x 1440 File information Date/Time 10:00 MON 24/1 01.
  • Page 94: Rotating An Image

    The PhotoViewer Reloading files from a disc If you have a disc with a large number of files and/or folders, you can still view all the images using the reload function. Use the button to navigate to the last entry in the folder list (‘Read next: ...’).
  • Page 95: The Disc Setup Menu

    The Disc Setup menu Chapter 12 The Disc Setup menu • Use the buttons to change the cursor Introduction position. • Select CAPS or small to change to upper or lower- From the Disc Setup menu you can name discs, lock the case, or use the CASE SELECTION buttons ( contents to prevent accidental recording and erasure, initialize and finalize discs.
  • Page 96: Finalize Settings

    The Disc Setup menu New DVD-R discs are ready for Video mode recording Important when you load them, but it is also possible to initialize them for VR mode recording. • Optimizing the HDD can take as long as eight hours. During optimization, playback and recording are not The initialize menu here lets you reinitialize a disc, for possible.
  • Page 97: The Video/Audio Adjust Menu

    The Video/Audio Adjust menu Chapter 13 The Video/Audio Adjust menu Using the Video/Audio Adjust menu you can set up the picture quality for the built-in tuner and external inputs, for disc playback, and for recording. You can press DISPLAY to see the individual settings for the current preset (Tuner, VCR or LDP).
  • Page 98: Setting The Picture Quality For Disc Playback

    The Video/Audio Adjust menu • White AGC – Turn on for automatic white level • Memory1 – user preset 1 adjustment. • Memory2 – user preset 2 • White Level – Adjusts the intensity of white. • Memory3 – user preset 3 •...
  • Page 99: Audio Drc

    The Video/Audio Adjust menu • Black Level – Adjusts the intensity of black. • Black Setup – Corrects the standard reference black level (NTSC video playback only). • Gamma Correction – Adjusts the brightness of darker images. • Hue – Adjusts overall balance between red and green.
  • Page 100: The Initial Setup Menu

    The Initial Setup menu Chapter 14 The Initial Setup menu Using the Initial Setup menu The Initial Setup menu is where you can set various recorder options for sound, picture, language and so on. Some settings can only be changed when the recorder is stopped. During playback and recording these settings are grayed out in the Initial Setup menu.
  • Page 101 The Initial Setup menu Setting Options Explanation Tuner Settings Auto Channel Setting Auto Scan Select your country and then wait for the recorder to auto tune into channels in your area. After auto scan has finished, the channel map- ping screen appears showing which channels have been assigned to which program numbers.
  • Page 102 The Initial Setup menu Setting Options Explanation AV1 Out Video • Sets the AV1(RGB)-TV SCART output to standard composite video (compatible with all TVs). S-Video Sets the AV1(RGB)-TV SCART output to S-video. Recommended if you are using a long SCART cable. Sets the AV1(RGB)-TV SCART output to RGB.
  • Page 103 The Initial Setup menu Setting Options Explanation DV Input Stereo 1 • Select to use the ‘live’ audio track (recorded during the video shoot) from a camcorder that supports two stereo audio tracks. Stereo 2 Select to use the overdubbed audio track from a camcorder that sup- ports two stereo audio tracks.
  • Page 104 The Initial Setup menu Setting Options Explanation Subtitle Language English • Sets the default subtitle language for DVD-Video playback to English. available languages Choose from the languages displayed to set the default subtitle lan- guage for DVD-Video playback. Other Select to set the default subtitle language to something other than the ones listed.
  • Page 105 The Initial Setup menu Setting Options Explanation Set Thumbnail 0 seconds • Sets the default thumbnail picture in the Disc Navigator to the first frame of the title. 30 seconds Sets the default thumbnail picture to 30 seconds into the title. 3 minutes Sets the default thumbnail picture to 3 minutes into the title.
  • Page 106 The Initial Setup menu Setting Options Explanation Parental Lock Set Password In order to change the parental lock level or change the country/area code, set the password using this option. From the following screen, enter a four-digit number that will be your password. Change Password In order to change the password, first enter your existing password and then a new one from the following screen.
  • Page 107 TV set compatibility with this model, please contact our customer service center. About NTSC on PAL TV This recorder is compatible with the following Pioneer displays Depending on the Input Line System setting and the and monitors...
  • Page 108 The Initial Setup menu Selecting other languages for language options Select ‘Other’ from the language list. This option appears in the settings for DVD Menu Language, Audio Language, and Subtitle Language. Select the language you want. Initial Setup Basic DVD Menu Language Tuner Audio Language Language...
  • Page 109: Additional Information

    Philips 57, 85 • If the maker’s name of your TV doesn’t appear in the Pioneer 50, 80 table below, you will not be able to use this remote to control your TV. Press...
  • Page 110: Screen Sizes And Disc Formats

    Additional information Screen sizes and disc formats When viewing on a standard TV or monitor Screen format of disc Setting Appearance 16:9 4:3 (Letter Box) The program is shown in widescreen with black bars at the top and bottom of the screen.
  • Page 111: Minimum Copying Times

    Additional information Minimum copying times The table below shows the minimum HDD to DVD copying time for one hour of video. Please note that not all discs are compatible with high-speed copying. Check with the disc manufacturer for compatibility. DVD disc type DVD-R Ver.
  • Page 112: Troubleshooting

    Sometimes the trouble may lie in another component. Investigate the other components and electrical appliances being used. If the trouble cannot be rectified even after checking the points below, ask your nearest Pioneer authorized service center or your dealer to carry out repair work. General...
  • Page 113 five years from factory shipping. Reset the clock and other recorder settings to use the recorder again. To have the battery replaced, contact your dealer or a Pioneer Service Center. Front panel display shows ‘LOCK’ • The Child Lock is on; turn off in order to use the recorder (page 55).
  • Page 114: Frequently Asked Questions

    Additional information Problem Remedy Can’t use One Touch Copy (HDD to • Make sure that there is a recordable DVD loaded with some free space for DVD) recording and fewer than 99 titles already on the disc. Also make sure that for a Video mode disc, the disc isn’t finalized.
  • Page 115: About Dv

    Additional information • Picture disturbance in the recording may occur if the source component pauses playback or plays an • Can I use high-speed copy to copy from DVD to HDD? unrecorded section of tape, or if the power fails in the You can only use high-speed copy from DVD to HDD source component, or the DV cable becomes when copying Original titles from a VR mode DVD-R...
  • Page 116: Manual Recording Modes

    Additional information Manual recording modes The table below shows the approximate recording times for a VR mode and Video mode DVD in each manual recording mode, as well as the standard recording mode equivalents. Levels separated by a bold line show where there is a noticeable change in picture quality.
  • Page 117: Language Code List

    Additional information Language code list Language (Language code letter), Language code Japanese (ja), 1001 Bhutani (dz), 0426 Kirghiz (ky), 1125 Sinhalese (si), 1909 English (en), 0514 Esperanto (eo), 0515 Latin (la), 1201 Slovak (sk), 1911 French (fr), 0618 Estonian (et), 0520 Lingala (ln), 1214 Slovenian (sl), 1912 German (de), 0405...
  • Page 118: On-Screen Displays And Recorder Displays

    • Cannot add any more chapter marks. chapters or combine chapters. • This disc cannot be recorded. Undo the final- The disc was finalized on a non-Pioneer DVD recorder. Undo the ization. finalization in order to recording/editing. • Cannot play this disc.
  • Page 119: Handling Discs

    This recorder is designed for use with conventional, fully circular discs only. Use of shaped discs is not recommended for this product. Pioneer disclaims all liability arising in connection with the use of shaped discs. If necessary, use a cloth soaked in alcohol, or a commercially available CD/DVD cleaning kit to clean a disc more thoroughly.
  • Page 120: Cleaning The Pickup Lens

    POWER OFF indication in the display goes off. due to dust or dirt, consult your nearest Pioneer- Wait at least two minutes. Lastly, disconnect the power authorized service center. Although lens cleaners are cord.
  • Page 121: Glossary

    Additional information DRM (Digital Rights Management) Glossary DRM (Digital Rights Management) copy protection is a technology designed to prevent unauthorized copying by restricting playback, etc. of material on devices other the Analog audio PC (or other WMA recording equipment) used to record An electrical signal that directly represents sound.
  • Page 122 Additional information MPEG audio Track Audio CDs and Video CDs use tracks to divide up the content of a disc. The DVD equivalent is called a chapter. See also Chapter. An audio format used on Video CDs and some DVD discs.
  • Page 123: Specifications

    Additional information DVD-R/DVD-RW Fine (XP) ......Approx. 1 hour Specifications Standard Play (SP) ....Approx. 2 hours Long Play (LP) .
  • Page 124: Supplied Accessories

    Additional information Supplied accessories S-Video output ......AV1, Output Y (luminance) - Output level ....1 Vp-p (75 Ω) Remote control .
  • Page 125 Additional information...
  • Page 126: Index

    Index DV camcorder error messages – Areas (GUIDE Plus+™) recording from Audio setting the audio track to record digital output settings DV audio settings activity display dynamic range control aspect ratios external audio settings backing up input settings compatibility setting preferences for audio language DVD-R vs DVD-RW switching on playback finalizing...
  • Page 127 optimized settings Language simultaneous playback and audio time and picture quality code list TV programs DVD menu Video mode vs VR mode setting for menus and displays (OSD) Recovery recording settings for DVD playback Remote control subtitle – buttons explained changing the batteries operating range MP3 audio files...
  • Page 128 253 Alexandra Road, #04-01, Singapore 159936 TEL: 656-472-1111 PIONEER ELECTRONICS AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD. 178-184 Boundary Road, Braeside, Victoria 3195, Australia, TEL: (03) 9586-6300 PIONEER ELECTRONICS DE MEXICO S.A. DE C.V. Blvd.Manuel Avila Camacho 138 10 piso Col.Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico,D.F. 11000 TEL: 55-9178-4270 K002E Printed in China <VRB1370-A>...

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