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Ultimate digital audio/video entertainment


Home Entertainment Guide 2005 — 2006


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  • Page 1 Home Entertainment Guide 2005 — 2006...
  • Page 2 Encounter a world of new experiences On the lookout for something new and unconventional? Look no further. Pioneer brings you a world full of innovations, new challenges, new experiences and new emotions. Totally superlative multimedia entertainment for the home, business, even the dance floor. Futuristic and stylish products use only the most advanced technologies, to expand the boundaries of entertainment ever further.
  • Page 3 Pioneer at the forefront of computer hardware manufacturing. Electrify the audience When DJs mix it up with Pioneer the crowd goes wild. Push the limits of DJ and VJ entertainment with the DVJ-X1 mixing powerhouse, allowing control and playback of digital audio and video.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Entertainment that takes you to the edge of the world Discover remote places and exciting ideas. Even at home, with Pioneer you can create refreshingly unique experiences in your own private sanctuary. Razor-sharp audio and inimitable imagery are just the tip of the iceberg.
  • Page 6: Pure Digital Home Entertainment

    STANDOUT TECHNOLOGIES Take a look behind the scenes of Pioneer’s Pure Digital Home Entertainment The HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) single-cable digital interface transfers all digital signals — video and even multi-channel audio — directly from source to screen or receiver. There are no additional conversions or compressions, so the signal remains untouched.
  • Page 7 True digital living has arrived… Pioneer’s Pure Digital Home Entertainment — the only complete digital system for best-in-class pure digital entertainment. Highly advanced, each component in this total system comes with future- oriented digital networking. With no unnecessary digital-analogue conversions, quality loss in sound and video is eliminated.
  • Page 8 THE ULTIMATE DIGITAL AUDIO/VIDEO ENTERTAINMENT This combination of top-of-the-line Pioneer units is at the forefront of the digital revolution. Start off with Pioneer’s HD ready Plasma TV for vivid high definition images. It’s outfitted with a built-in digital tuner so you can enjoy free-to-air digital broadcasts. The multimedia receiver’s two HDMI interfaces handle digital throughput of audio and video signals.
  • Page 9 PURE VIDEO ENTERTAINMENT This straightforward solution is the choice for pure digital video. You’ll see it all more clearly with Pioneer’s HD ready Plasma TV. Its HDMI inputs allow you to connect digitally to two HDMI video sources. This means that the digital data is transmitted at the highest quality level, without distortion —...
  • Page 11 Open yourself to a new oasis of visual entertainment. Breathtaking in their expanse, Pioneer’s PURE Vision Plasmas provide the perfect canvas for home entertainment — now and for the future. Smooth and clean in design, there’s no better way to exemplify your distinctive taste. Digital connectivity and revolutionary technology mean realistic and well-defined images are no mirage.
  • Page 12 PURE VISION PLASMA The Plasma world is much more than simply television STYLISH HOME CINEMA Pioneer Plasma TV PDP-506XDE combined with RCS-77H HDD DVD Recorder Home Cinema System COMPONENT-DRIVEN HOME CINEMA Pioneer Plasma TV PDP-506XDE combined with state-of-the-art A/V components...
  • Page 13: Pure Vision Plasma

    Internet and digital TV broadcastings. Digital TV Get instant access to free-to-view digital terrestrial TV and digital radio stations with Pioneer’s Digital Multimedia Receiver. You can enjoy a wide variety of programming with incredible sound quality — today and in the future.
  • Page 14: Main Features

    Furthermore, the PDP-506XDE and PDP-436XDE have all the features of the PDP-506FDE and PDP-436FDE With the Pioneer Plasma TV’s Multimedia Receiver (included) you can take full advantage of the NexTView EPG service provided by Analog terrestrial broadcast*. Plan your watching week by browsing through the 7-day advance on-screen programme listing.
  • Page 15 High Definition Television (HDTV) is the most important advancement in television since the colour TV. With a Pioneer ‘HD ready’ Plasma TV, you’ll be prepared for the significantly enhanced sounds and pictures from HDTV broadcasting. What does HDTV entail? Transmission and reception of signals in digital format means a sharper image, no analogue interference, a wider choice of channels and interactive services.
  • Page 16 Display your plasma panel with the handy table top stand (PDK-1014) or choose for the wall-mount bracket (PDK-WM03) Table Top Stand PDK-1014 1000 mm For 61-inch only For more details on features and technology, please visit PURE Vision Plasma Panel PDK-WM03 221.6 mm 470 mm...
  • Page 17 Swivel Table Top Stand PDK-TS12 249.5 mm 380 mm 577 mm For 43-inch and 50-inch only Floor Stand PDK-FS06 784 mm 476 mm 701 mm For 43-inch and 50-inch only PDK-WT02* Angled Wall Bracket 573 mm Depth = 67 mm 740 mm For 43-inch and 50-inch only * With under-mounted speakers, the angle options are limited.
  • Page 18 Pioneer Plasma TVs display images with increased depth and dimension — especially in darker picture areas. Sharpness and contrast in shadowy and night scenes is enhanced, and a wider range of black tones can be reproduced, up to the purest black. This is made possible by Pioneer’s unique PUREBLACK Crystal Layer: an additional layer added to the inside of the protective glass screen.
  • Page 19 SHARP AND RICH-IN-CONTRAST PICTURES With Pioneer Plasma TVs, there’s no problem of dull or faded pictures. Because the Dynamic Range Expander is at work behind the scenes to enhance light and dark areas. How? After making a dynamic analysis of the complete image, a collection of technologies continuously adjusts the picture according to its characteristics. You’ll notice a marked improvement in the contrast and a sharper presentation —...
  • Page 21 Reach new heights of home recording Run free, run wild, Pioneer DVD recorders have got you covered. Designed for lifestyles on the go, to capture all the fast-paced excitement at home. Maximum flexibility adds to the adventure. Discover the untamed capacity of the hard disk drive: more hours of video and audio recording than any other recorder in the world.
  • Page 22: Dvd Recorders

    RECORD FROM A RANGE OF SOURCES — ALL WITH DIGITAL QUALITY Pioneer DVD recorders are the ultimate recording and archiving tool. Because the recording is digital, the quality is exactly the same as the original. Record from a range of sources: your VCR to archive your videotapes; a digital camcorder to edit and archive home movie masterpieces;...
  • Page 23 Now is the time for digital recording at home, with a Pioneer DVD recorder. You can have high-resolution video quality that doesn’t deteriorate over time. Access recordings instantly, even watch from the beginning as they continue to record. Record, re-record, edit and fast-copy as you wish: nothing else gives you the ultimate control and flexibility in home video recording.
  • Page 24 Digital TBC (Time Base Corrector) stabilises the signal and removes jitter often caused by analogue video recording, resulting in high-quality, high- precision picture recording. Pioneer's digital ‘Picture Creation’ processing further brings out the best picture quality in all content, regardless of how it is acquired. Besides the analogue-based input, the original digital DV input is also processed —...
  • Page 25 108 MHZ/14-BIT VIDEO D/A CONVERTER Featuring a built-in, top-of-the-range 108 MHz/14-bit D/A Converter, Pioneer’s DVR-930H offers picture-perfect images at all times. Normally only found in high-end DVD players, the 108 MHz/14-bit Video DAC boosts image resolution far beyond the limit of traditional data converters. The result? Superior picture quality and very realistic images, as close to the original DVD source as they can be.
  • Page 26 QUALITY YOU CAN RELY ON — AGAIN AND AGAIN Pioneer’s latest HDD DVD recorders not only offer you the longest recording and fastest copying time ever, but also incorporate state-of-the-art technology so you can benefit from exceptional video quality recording and playback. The innovative MPEG encoder improves video resolution for all recording modes, including the new ultra-high-quality XP+ mode.
  • Page 27 CREATE YOUR OWN DIGITAL JUKEBOX Turn your Pioneer HDD DVD recorder into a true Digital Jukebox. With a touch of a button, you can rip your favourite CDs to the HDD. You can store up to 100 songs in only 1 GB of storage space; that means your 160 GB HDD can hold more than 16,000 tracks — for hours of your favourite digital music.
  • Page 28 Pioneer’s Graphical User Interface. Recording, playing back, fast-forwarding and rewinding has never been this easy. You can copy from your camcorder directly to a DVD-R/DVD-RW disc, or first to your Hard Disk Drive and then, using Pioneer’s Copy List function, copy the desired sections of your home movie to a DVD-R/DVD-RW disc.
  • Page 29: Dvd Recorder

    DVR-230-S MAIN FEATURES Record up to 12 hours on a single-layer DVD-R/DVD-RW disc in Video Mode Enjoy the purity of high-quality video recording and playback under the best circumstances thanks to the RGB Out via SCART Play back your home-recorded MP3 music files on CD-R/CD-RW discs The Advanced Disc Navigator helps you find what you want easily and quickly Simply press the Commercial Skip button on the remote to zip past commercials Speed through segments at 1.5 times the normal speed and still clearly hear the audio with Quickview: so you can watch a programme faster...
  • Page 30 No more sore eyes from movie marathons — Dual PureCinema Progressive Scan lets you enjoy a flicker-free, cinematographic viewing experience Play back your home-recorded DVD-R/DVD-RW discs on a wide range of DVD players 3-IN-1 DVR-RT601H-S For more details on features and technology, please visit 227 hrs lectronic rogramme HDD (Hard Disk Drive) DVD Recorder/VCR Combination...
  • Page 31 DVR-RT501-S MAIN FEATURES All-in-one DVD recorder and 4-head hi-fi VCR, making recording and copying more convenient than ever Record your favourite TV programmes directly onto either DVD-R/DVD-RW discs or VHS tapes ® This official DivX certified product provides you with full-screen DivX Copy material from VHS tapes onto DVD-R/DVD-RW discs or vice versa** Select one of 4 DVD recording modes or 2 VCR recording modes to ensure you maximise the available space on your discs and tapes Use the convenient ShowView™...
  • Page 32 (DVR-630H, DVR-530H, DVR-433H, DVR-RT601H, RCS-77H) The world record in high-speed copying is held by Pioneer: up to 100x faster than real-time. What does this mean? It means Pioneer HDD DVD recorders can now copy a 2 hour programme to disc in just 1.2 minutes without experiencing any quality deterioration.
  • Page 33 INEMA PROGRESSIVE SCAN FOR PAL/NTSC (DVR-930H, DVR-630H, DVR-530H, DVR-433H, DVR-RT601H, RCS-77H) Nearly all of Pioneer’s HDD DVD recorders feature Progressive Scan video output in both NTSC (525p) and PAL (625p) formats. This means you can enjoy high-quality images from both NTSC and PAL DVD discs, when connected to a NTSC/PAL Progressive Scan-compatible TV or monitor.
  • Page 34 Dive into luxurious home cinema Create your own cocoon of colourful images and shimmering sounds. One impressive system and your voyage into a world of all-encompassing home entertainment can begin. Audio and video that will have you floating with pleasure, such style and indulgence you truly desire.
  • Page 35 It’s never been this simple, or this accurate, to set up your system. Originally developed for Pioneer A/V amplifier and receivers, the unique Automatic Optimal Surround Set-up technology is included in two Pioneer home cinema systems.
  • Page 36 With groundbreaking Pioneer technology, the RCS-77H 160 GB HDD DVD Recorder Home Cinema System brings you top recorder features — streaking ahead of the rest. Pioneer, already known for high quality, has dedicated top engineering and research into its DVD recorders, to bring you both the world’s longest recording time on HDD and DVD, as well as the fastest high-speed copying from HDD to disc.
  • Page 37 Get ready for an impressive sound experience with this 620 W RMS HDD DVD Recorder Home Cinema System Control both your DVD Recorder Home Cinema System and your television or Pioneer Plasma TV with a single remote control Enjoy spacious quality surround sound from your versatile speaker set — placed in the standard 5.1-channel setting or front surround setting...
  • Page 38 Get ready for an impressive sound experience with this 620 W RMS DVD Recorder Home Cinema System Control both your DVD Recorder Home Cinema System and your television or Pioneer Plasma TV with a single remote control Enjoy spacious quality surround sound from your versatile speaker set — placed in the standard 5.1-channel setting or front surround setting...
  • Page 39: Digital Home Cinema Systems

    And you still get the full surround effect of two rear speakers. All thanks to Pioneer’s digital wireless rear speaker with built-in stereo amplifier, and a separate transmitter that sends the digital sound signal.
  • Page 40 AUTOMATIC OPTIMAL SURROUND SET-UP (with MCACC technology) Pioneer’s Automatic Optimal Surround Set-up with MCACC technology optimally adjusts your sound, for a quick, easy and accurate set-up. Simply install your home cinema system, plug in the MCACC microphone, push the MCACC set-up button on the remote control and watch it go to work, calculating speaker settings and room acoustics for you.
  • Page 41 DCS-240 ® DivX ideo Digital Amplifier Optional Front Surround Setting DCS-232 Optional Front Surround Setting MAIN FEATURES Play back full-screen, full-motion DivX ® Achieve superb sound quality, thanks to the 360 W RMS digital amplifier Enjoy spacious quality surround sound from your versatile speaker set — placed in the standard 5.1-channel setting or front surround setting Energy-saving, low standby power consumption Total power Built-in DVD recorder...
  • Page 42 Dazzle the senses with pristine audio and video Digital discs demand to be played with clean perfection. Pioneer DVD players are carved out for the task. Crisp images and crystal-clear audio put them in a class of their own. Their quality is unquestionable. Their...
  • Page 43 (High Definition Multimedia Interface) directly transports digital audio, including multi-channel audio, and video content to a plasma or A/V receiver using only one cable. Pioneer technology further ensures picture quality, by converting DVD pixel information to high definition levels. So the full digital signal is transferred from disc to plasma, without quality loss.
  • Page 44: Dvd Players

    The DV-989AVi — equipped with i.LINK Advanced Resolution Digital Audio Interface — passes the digital content of an audio disc directly and securely to a compliant amplifier or receiver. Pioneer’s engineers developed the i.LINK interface to deliver this output free of jitter**. The i.LINK interface even goes further, integrating support for device-to-device communication, which enables, for example, operation commands to be transferred via the i.LINK connection —...
  • Page 45: Audio Components

    ADVANCED DIGITAL VIDEO TRANSFER Video reproduction is significantly advanced by Pioneer’s Video Quality Enhancer (VQE9) progressive processing. Since the video data is transferred entirely in the 10-bit domain, all the delicate signal details remain intact. The quality of the image is optimised, faithful to the original.
  • Page 46 * DivX, DivX Certified, and associated logos are trademarks of DivX Networks, Inc. and are used under license. COMPRESSED AUDIO COMPATIBILITY — FOR EVEN MORE ENTERTAINMENT All Pioneer DVD players are capable of reading MP3 files recorded onto CD-R/CD-RW and CD-ROM discs and can also play back WMA files* recorded on CD-R/CD-RW and CD-ROM discs.
  • Page 47 Use the easy and convenient Advanced Disc Navigator with moving thumbnails to find the exact scene you need Choose from various equaliser sound fields to recreate different listening environments in your lounge, from Rock to Classic For easy connection and high-quality picture performance, hook your DVD player up to your TV via Euro-SCART HDMI Interface...

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