Installation - HP 8886 - Photosmart Camera Dock Digital Docking Station User Manual

Hp pavilion pc's - (english) 1394u user's manual
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This chapter explains how to install the card.
1394U Installation
To install the 1394U card, follow this procedure.
1. Make sure the computer is turned off.
2. Gain access to the interior of the PC.
3. Insert the 1394U card in an empty PCI slot.
4. Press the card gently but firmly into the slot and check to see that all contacts are
fully seated in the connector.
5. Attach the bracket screws that secure the card to the chassis.
6. Reinstall the covers on the PC.
7. Turn on the computer. Windows 98 will detect the addition of new hardware and
display the following message:
8. Click Next. Windows will then begin searching for a driver. The following message
will be displayed:

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents