Cable Types; Power Considerations - HP 8886 - Photosmart Camera Dock Digital Docking Station User Manual

Hp pavilion pc's - (english) 1394u user's manual
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Cable Types

There are two types of 1394/FireWire cable. One type, 6-pin to 6-pin, supplies power to
the device it connects to. The other type is 6-pin to 4-pin, for devices that are self-
powered and do not require power from the 1394/FireWire bus.
If you connect devices in a daisy chain and any device needs power from the cabling, all
cabling must be 6-pin to 6-pin. If you use a repeater, you can use either type.

Power Considerations

The 1394/FireWire bus provides limited electrical power through the connector cables, as
noted above. Some devices will have their own power supplies. Other devices may need
more power than is available from the bus and can be powered from a powered repeater.
Make sure to check the power requirements of any devices you plan to use before you
connect them. Consult the device documentation for this information and the connection


Table of Contents

Table of Contents