Pc System Requirements - HP 8886 - Photosmart Camera Dock Digital Docking Station User Manual

Hp pavilion pc's - (english) 1394u user's manual
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The 1394U and the PC System
The I394U is a host controller card with a PCI interface. It comes with three independent
IEEE1394 bus ports, each of which can transfer data at 400Mbps. When you plug an
IEEE 1394/FireWire device into one of the card's three ports, Windows 98 will
automatically install the new device and the appropriate driver. With its hot-plug support,
you can easily connect or disconnect devices without having to first shut down your
computer. This enables true Plug-and-Play functionality.
D V D / CD
Ca m c o r d e r
S e t - t o p b o x
I 3 9 4 b
Pr i n t e r
S c a n n e r
Ca m e r a
S t e r e o

PC System Requirements

1. A Pentium based PC (recommended) with one free PCI slot.
2. Windows 98 SE or above.
3. Any 1394 device that complies with either the 1394-1995 or 1394.a specification and
does not use more than 1.5 A.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents