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HP Pavilion xg900 - Desktop PC Update

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HP Pavilion
home PC

Freeing Up Space on Your Hard Disk Drive

Your HP Pavilion home PC comes with a hard disk that has 20 to
120 gigabytes (GB) of total disk space, depending on your model
(1 GB equals 1 billion bytes). Your PC comes with preloaded software
programs and a hidden partition within the hard disk that take up a
certain amount of hard disk space.
Hard Disk Hidden Partition
The hidden partition:
Houses a backup version of the operating system and the programs
included with your model.
Takes up about 4.5 GB of hard disk space, reducing the total
amount of space available.
Replaces the need for system and application recovery CDs.
Use the following procedures to:
Determine available disk space.
Uninstall unneeded programs.
Use the Disk Cleanup utility.
Reinstall programs that came with the PC.
Displaying Available Hard Disk Space
To view the amount of space on your hard disk:
1 Click Start on the desktop.
2 Click My Computer.
3 Click the Local Disk icon under Hard Disk Drives. The amount of
free space is displayed under Details on the left side of the screen.
Increasing Available Hard Disk Space
You can free up space on the hard disk by uninstalling programs or by
using the Disk Cleanup utility to remove unneeded files.
Uninstalling Programs
To uninstall programs:
1 Click Start.
2 Click Control Panel.
3 Double-click the Add or Remove Programs icon.
4 Select the program to be removed, and click Remove.
Using the Disk Cleanup Utility
To use the Disk Cleanup utility:
1 Click Start.
2 Click Control Panel.
3 Click the Performance and Maintenance icon. You may need
to scroll down to view this icon.
4 Click the arrow next to Free up space on your hard disk. The disk
cleanup window appears.
5 Select the files you want to delete, and click OK.
Reinstalling Programs
You can reinstall any program that came with your HP Pavilion. For
programs that came on CDs, just reinsert the CD and follow the onscreen
instructions. For preinstalled programs, follow this procedure:
1 Click Start.
2 Choose All Programs, hp tools, and then click hp application
3 Select the option to reinstall the applications shipped with your PC,
and click Next.
4 When the preinstalled application list appears, select the programs
to reinstall and click the Install button.
5 Restart your PC after reinstalling the programs.
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