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Nokia 0276822 - Navigation Kit - GPS User Manual

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   Summary of Contents for Nokia 0276822 - Navigation Kit - GPS

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents: Introduction.............................. 5 System requirements ........................5 GPS................................ 5 Get started..............................7 Set up Nokia Maps for the first use..................... 7 Set up network connections ....................7 The map ............................... 8 Map elements..........................12 Main Functions............................14 Find places ............................14 Choose a place from the map....................14 Find an address ..........................14...

  • Page 3

    General settings..........................25 Map..............................25 Map complexity .........................25...

  • Page 4

    Portions of the Nokia Maps software are © 2006 The FreeType Project. All rights reserved. Reproduction, transfer, distribution, or storage of part or all of the contents in this document in any form without the prior written permission of Nokia is prohibited.

  • Page 5: Introduction, System Requirements

    INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION With Nokia Maps, you can see the current location on the map, browse maps for different cities and countries, search for addresses and different points of interest, plan routes from one location to another, and save locations as landmarks and send them to compatible devices.

  • Page 6

    INTRODUCTION GPS should only be used as a navigation aid. It should not be used for precise location measurement and you should never rely solely on location data from the GPS receiver for positioning or navigation.

  • Page 7: Get Started, Set Up Nokia Maps For The First Use, Set Up Network Connections

    Set up network connections When you use Nokia Maps for the first time, you may need to define an internet access point for downloading map information for your current location.

  • Page 8: The Map

    GET STARTED The map When you open Nokia Maps for the first time, the map is centred on your GPS position or last known location if available. If no position is available, the map is centred on the capital or major city of the current country or region, determined by the local network.

  • Page 9

    GET STARTED Point of Interest/Street Main street Secondary street Selected location GPS position Data transfer indicator/ counter Availability/ Strength of GPS signal Scale bar To zoom in, press *. To zoom out, press #. To find a specific location, select Options > Find place. Select from the following: GPS position [0] —...

  • Page 10

    GET STARTED Landmarks — to view previously saved landmarks To use the highlighted location information, press the scroll key, or select Options > Use this place and from the following: Show details — to view the details of a highlighted location, if available Search nearby —...

  • Page 11

    The longer the bar, the stronger the satellite signal. When your GPS device receives signals from four satellites, Nokia Maps can show the coordinates of the current location and show it on the map. Please note that in certain situations, only three satellites are needed to calculate a position.

  • Page 12: Map Elements

    The counter shows the amount of transferred data when you browse maps, create routes, or search for locations online. The counter is reset each time you restart Nokia Maps. GPS indicator The GPS indicator shows the availability and strength of the GPS signal.

  • Page 13

    GET STARTED GPS device not active Looking for signal Two satellites found Three satellites found. GPS positioning enabled. Connection lost Positioning via operator network One-way streets One-way streets are marked with a blue arrow pointing in the driving direction.

  • Page 14: Main Functions, Find Places, Choose A Place From The Map, Find An Address

    When browsing to a certain direction, map information may not be available on your device for that area. Wait while Nokia Maps downloads the required map data. To return to your GPS (or last known) position, choose GPS pos..

  • Page 15: Choose A Contact, Find A Place By Keyword

    MAIN FUNCTIONS To see a set of actions available for a search result, select Options > Use this place >. This includes showing it on the map, setting it as the start or destination of a route or navigation (extra service). Tip: When entering your search criteria, try to keep it as simple as possible.

  • Page 16: Find A Place Nearby By Category, Choose A Landmark, Plan A Route

    MAIN FUNCTIONS Find a place nearby by category Nokia Maps features many points of interest, including car parks, petrol stations, cultural attractions, and public transport. Select Options > Find place > Nearby. To open a category, scroll to it and select Options >...

  • Page 17: Save A Location

    MAIN FUNCTIONS The Itinerary tab lists the single waypoints of a route, and shows the turns and the distance between them. The Summary tab shows relevant information about the route, for example, the distance or the time needed to reach the destination. To switch between the Itinerary and Summary tabs, scroll left or right.

  • Page 18: Share A Location

    MAIN FUNCTIONS Share a location You can share any location with your friends by sending it, for example, in a text, multimedia, or e-mail message, or by using Bluetooth or infrared connectivity. The information about the location is sent as a geocode and text (except in text messages, in which it is sent as text only).

  • Page 19: Extra Services, Turn-by-turn Navigation

    EXTRA SERVICES EXTRA SERVICES Turn-by-turn navigation Turn-by-turn navigation guides you along the shortest or quickest route from A to B – turn by turn, with voice guidance and in 3D view. Turn-by-turn navigation is an extra service and needs to be purchased prior to its use.

  • Page 20: Navigation Map

    EXTRA SERVICES Navigation map Next junction/exit Manoeuvre icon number Distance to next manoeuvre Direction Route GPS position Availability/ Data transfer Strength of GPS indicator/ signal counter In the turn-by-turn navigation map, the route is displayed in grey. The red arrow shows the direction. The blue arrow shows your GPS position. Turns are displayed in the upper left corner and indicated through voice guidance.

  • Page 21

    EXTRA SERVICES Voice guidance > Repeat command — to repeat voice guidance Voice guidance > Volume — to adjust the volume of voice guidance Stop navigation — to stop turn-by-turn navigation Map options > Next turns — to show the upcoming turns (arrow mode). To return to the navigation map, select Options >...

  • Page 22: Guides, Download A Guide

    EXTRA SERVICES 2 — Switch map colours 3 — Send current location 4 — Repeat voice guidance 5 — Choose alternative route 6 — Show satellite info 7 — Mute volume Guides Guides (city and travel guides) contain detailed information about locations, such as descriptions, contact information, prices, opening times, and so on.

  • Page 23: Search Or Browse A Guide

    EXTRA SERVICES Choose a guide from the list, and select OK. Confirm if you want to download the guide. Choose your payment option, and select OK. Enter your payment details. To confirm the payment, select OK. You may be prompted to choose your internet access point for processing the payment.

  • Page 24: Settings, Network, Routing

    When the storage limit is reached, the most seldom used information is deleted. Use network — To allow Nokia Maps to establish an internet connection whenever needed, for example, for downloading map information, select When needed. To deny network usage, select Never.

  • Page 25: General Settings

    There may be some city areas with restricted access (for example the London Congestion Zone in Central London) that are regarded as toll roads by Nokia Maps. Therefore, if you choose to avoid toll roads, you are not guided through these areas. However, there is no warning if you enter these zones accidentally.

  • Page 26

    SETTINGS Select any category you want to have displayed on the map. Deselect those that should be hidden. To select or deselect all categories, select Options > Mark all/ Unmark all.

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