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Epson PriorityFAX 1000 Product Support Bulletin page 5

Maintenance switch function tables
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- Switches 3 & 4: Modem Equalizer
These switches are used for setting the modem equalizer to
compensate for line loss. The function section of Table 4 lists the
relationship between the line loss and the appropriate switch setting
compensates for that loss.
TABLE 4 - Switches 5- 8: Modem Attenuator
These switches are used to adjust the transmission level attenuation.
The amount of attenuation is accumulative when setting more than one
switch to "1". For example, if switches 5 and 6 are set to '1" and
switches 7 and 8 are set to "0", the accumulative attenuation is 12 dB
The maximum attenuation with all the switches set to "1" is 15 dB.
When a switch in this section of Table 4 is set to "0", that switch value
is 0 dB.
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