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Epson PriorityFAX 1000 Product Support Bulletin page 4

Maintenance switch function tables
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TABLE 2 - Switch 1: Overseas communication mode (reception)
Setting switch 1 to a "1" allows the unit to acknowledge the 1100 Hz
signal that suppresses echoes, instead of a 2100 Hz which disables the
echo suppressor (ES). Suppressing the echoes provides a more
reliable method of establishing communications.
TABLE 2 - Switches 2 & 3: Overseas communication mode (Transmission)
When switch 2 is set to "1" and switch 3 is set to "0", the unit ignores
the DIS signal sent from the calling station for suppressing echoes.
Note: Some called models may cause an error by receiving an echoed
When both switches 2 and 3 are set to "1", the unit transmits an 1100
Hz signal for 3 seconds upon detection of the DIS V.21 flag. This
operation prevents the called station from receiving its own DIS and
enables a no- carrier state until the unit transmits a subsequential DIS.
TABLE 2 - Switch 4: Direct connection mode
When switch 4 is set to 1, the unit starts receiving signals from the
remote station when the
whether the hand set is on- hook or off- hook. This mode is used
for cross testing two fax machines when they are connected directly to
each other.
TABLE 3 - Switches 1 - 4: Stan/End Transmission speed in 63 mode
The starting and ending transmission speed can be set separately in
63 overseas communication mode. If there is excessive noise,
decrease the starting speed. Increase the ending speed if the
transmission of the document takes too long. These settings are
independent of the overseas communications mode (Table 2 switches 2
and 3).
key is pressed, regardless of
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