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  • Page 2 Xen IPK Digital Telephones Dterm Series i 16 line Dterm Series i 8 line display (LED) display Dterm Series i 16 line Dterm Series i 16 line display (LCD) display with 16 DSS/BLF One Touch Keys 8. One Touch Keys 1.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents General Information Answering Calls Pages 2 – 3 Making Calls Microphone Control Handsfree Calls Placing a call on Hold Pages 4 - 6 Transferring Calls Conference Conference Bridge Call Park - System Station Busy/No Answer Options Pages 6 - 9 Outside Call Dialling Options Pages 9 - 10 Call Pickup...
  • Page 4: General Information

    General Information The following should be considered when reviewing this User Guide: Instructions are provided for the NEC Xen IPK digital telephones (Dterm Series i). All operational instructions assume Prime Line Pickup is assigned to intercom dial tone, Ringing Line Preference is assigned to all telephones, a Call Appearance and Call Arrival key has been assigned to all digital telephones and only a single tenant has been assigned in the system.
  • Page 5: Answering Calls

    Answering Calls Ringing Calls Lift Handset Converse Note: When assigned the delayed ringing feature, incoming calls will first ring at a primary station. If the call is unanswered after a preprogrammed time interval, calls will also ring at the assigned secondary station. Ringing Calls To A Call Arrival Key Lift handset Converse...
  • Page 6: Making Calls

    Making Calls nternal Calls Lift handset Dial station number or 9 for the attendant (or reception) OR press Feature Access Key or One Touch Key programmed for Direct Station Selection Voice announce after tone burst or wait for ringing call to be answered. Note 1: When calling a digital telephone, dialling 1 after the station number will change ringing to voice or voice to ringing.
  • Page 7: Trunk Queuing

    Speed Dial – Using The Softkeys Press the SYS. or STA. Softkey ( (System or Station Speed Dial respectively) Press the UP or DOWN softkey ( ), repeatedly until the desired name/number is displayed. To search alphabetically (optional step): Press the dial key showing the first letter of the name to be dialled Continue to press this dial key until the desired letter is displayed Press to display the first match corresponding the chosen letter...
  • Page 8: Group Listening

    Group Listening With a call in progress via the handset/headset: Press Speaker, then the LED Lights Converse. Conversation is heard over the speaker and the handset/headset. Only the handset/headset may be used to respond. Press Speaker to cancel the Group Listening mode Note: When switching from Group Listening mode to the Handsfree Mode, it is recommended that the Microphone be turned off.
  • Page 9: Conference

    Note 3: A Feature Access Key or One Touch Key may be assigned for DSS. Note 4: To transfer a call directly to a personal voice mailbox, press Message or dial 7 after dialling the station number. Conference With a call in progress: Press Conf Place second call (internal or external) Announce conference...
  • Page 10: Call Park - System

    Call Park - System Retrieve With a call in progress: From any station: Press Transfer Lift handset Dial Call Park Set code 4 Dial Call Park Retrieval code 4# Dial Call Park location 0-9 Dial Call Park Location 0-9 Replace handset Converse Note: If the dialled Call Park location is busy, dial another Call Park location (0-9).
  • Page 11: Outside Call Dialling Options

    Station Busy/No Answer Options (Continued) Step Call When calling a busy telephone: Dial 2 to advance to the next station number in that 10’s group Voice Over Originate Whisper Page When calling a busy telephone: With a call in progress: Dial Voice Over code 6 Receive Voice Over announcement...
  • Page 12: Automatic Redial

    Outside Call Dialling Options (Continued) Store & Repeat Store Repeat With an outside call in progress: Lift handset Press Feature Press Redial Dial 7 Dial ; stored number is dialled Dial new phone number to be stored Press Feature Complete conversation and replace handset Note: Store &...
  • Page 13: Call Pickup

    Call Pick Up Call Pick Up System Call Pick Up Direct Upon hearing ringing at Upon hearing ringing or voice another telephone: announcement at another Lift handset telephone: Dial Call Pickup code: Lift handset - All Calls Dial Call Pickup Direct code 67 - Outside Line Dial station number of the - Night Call Pickup...
  • Page 14 Call Forward All Calls (CF/A) Do Not Disturb (DND) Cancel Press Feature Press Feature Dial Call Forward All/DND Dial Call Forward All/DND set code 60 cancel code 69 Select operation Press Feature - DND: Press Feature - Call Forward All: Dial destination station number or voicemail and press Feature Note 1: The Feature LED will flash intermittently when your telephone is in CFA/DND.
  • Page 15: Call Forward Destination

    Call Forward Destination From Destination Station Cancel Press Speaker Press Speaker Dial Call Forward All Destination Dial Call Forward All Destination set code 47 cancel code 48 Dial your station number Dial your station number Dial destination station number Press Speaker or voicemail Press Speaker Customised Message...
  • Page 16: Station Outgoing Lockout

    Station Outgoing Lockout Changing Lockout Code Press Speaker Dial Lockout Change access code_____ Dial current Lockout code Dial new Lockout code Press Speaker Note 1: By default, Lockout code is set at 0000000000 (10 zeros). Note 2: When Lockout code is set for the first time, station is automatically restricted. Note 3: Lockout code may be a maximum of 10 digits.
  • Page 17: Disa Password

    DISA Password Setting Your DISA Password Lift handset Dial DISA Password set access code Dial your DISA ID code__________ Dial your current DISA password__________ default 0000000000 (10 zeros) Dial your new DISA password__________ Replace handset Note 1: Password may be a maximum of 10 digits. If the new password is less than 10 digits, replace the handset to enter.
  • Page 18: Volume Control

    Volume Control Off-Hook Ringing Volume Ringing Volume Lift handset Press Speaker Dial 60 Dial 60 Dial Off-Hook Ringing Dial Ringing Volume code 1 Volume code 1 Press to set level Press to set level Press Speaker Replace handset Note 1: Press during audible telephone activity to adjust handset or speaker volume.
  • Page 19: Feature Access Keys

    Feature Access Keys Station Speed Dial DSS/BLF (Stations) (Outside Numbers) And Feature Access Press Feature Press Feature Press Redial Press Redial Press Feature Access Key Press Feature Access Key to be to be programmed programmed Dial 0 Dial 1 and station number Dial trunk access code to be stored i.e 0 (if necessary)
  • Page 20: Speed Dial Name Input

    Speed Dial Name Input To add a name to each speed dial entry, press the dial pad number corresponding to the alpha character desired. i.e 2 = A,B,D,a,b,c, or 2 3 = D, E, F, d, e, f, or 3 4 = G, H, I, g, h, i, or 4 For the name Bob press: 2-2-6-6-2-2 Key Press...
  • Page 21 Quick Entry Guide For Programming Feature Access Keys and One Touch Keys Feature Press Microphone On/Off Call Forward All Set Dial destination Answer Feature Feature Do Not Disturb - Set Answer Feature Feature Call Forward All/DND - Cancel Answer Feature Feature Save &...
  • Page 22: Quick Reference Guide

    Quick Reference Guide Outside Calling Outside Call Dial 0 Dial Telephone Number Last CO/PBX number redial Redial Dial # Speed Dial Redial Dial 00-99 Save/Store & Repeat - Access Redial Dial * Trunk Queue Receive Trunk Busy Indication Dial 78 Automatic Redial Receive busy Speaker...
  • Page 23 Notes...
  • Page 24 The material contained herein is subject to change without prior notice at the sole discretion of NEC Business Solutions Ltd. Stock# 8502589 Copyright ©2003 NEC Business Solutions Ltd Version 1 Document No. NEC-8055 DPA. June 2003...

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