NEC Attendant Xen IPK Attendant User Manual
NEC Attendant Xen IPK Attendant User Manual

NEC Attendant Xen IPK Attendant User Manual

Nec digital telephone user guide


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Summary of Contents for NEC Attendant Xen IPK

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    General Information Attendant Add-On Console Night Transfer Trunk to Trunk Transfer Automatic Trunk to Trunk Transfer Message Waiting or Station Outgoing Lockout Station Outgoing Lockout Paging Set Relocation Mode Direct Inward System Access (DISA) Automated Attendant Recording Voice Prompts Programming System Speed Dial Programming Forced/Verified Account Codes Clock/Calendar Setting Conference Bridge Setup...
  • Page 3: General Information

    Attendant console keys can be assigned as Direct Station Selection/Busy Lamp Field (DSS/BLF), Call Arrival or as additional central office lines (CO Add-On Console.) Refer to the Xen IPK Digital Telephone User Guide for additional information on telephone operation. All operational instructions assume Prime Line Pickup is assigned to...
  • Page 4: Attendant Add-On Console

    Voice announce after tone burst. Wait for ringing call to be answered. NOTE 1: When calling a multiline telephone, dialling 1 after the station number will change ringing to voice or voice to ringing. NOTE 2: To directly access a personal voice mailbox, dial 7 after dialling the station...
  • Page 5: Night Transfer

    Trunk to Trunk Transfer With an outside call in progress: Press Transfer. Dial trunk access code i.e. 0 Dial telephone number, wait for answer. Press Feature. Press Transfer. Replace handset. NOTE: Once established, a trunk to trunk connection cannot be re-entered.
  • Page 6: Automatic Trunk To Trunk Transfer

    Dial outgoing telephone number where calls are to be directed. Press Feature. NOTE: Once set, incoming calls to the selected CO/PBX line(s) will automatically be routed to the programmed telephone number. Message Waiting or Station Outgoing Lockout SET/CANCEL Press MSG/Station Lockout Key.
  • Page 7: Paging

    Paging PAGING USING DIRECT PAGING ACCESS KEY Lift handset. Press Direct Paging Access key. Page. Wait for Meet-Me Answer or replace handset. PAGING USING ACCESS CODE Lift handset. Dial Paging code: INTERNAL - All Zones - Zone A - Zone B - Zone C Page.
  • Page 8: Direct Inward System Access (Disa)

    Direct Inward System Access (DISA) SETTING DISA PASSWORDS Lift handset. Dial DISA Password set access code ___________ Dial DISA ID code of station to be set ___________ Dial current DISA Password ___________ Default 0000000000 (10 zeros) Dial new DISA Password ___________ Replace handset.
  • Page 9: Automated Attendant

    Automated Attendant RECORDING MESSAGES Lift handset. Dial VRS Voice Message access code ___________ Dial 1. Dial 1. Dial Automated Attendant message number 1-8. Dial operation: - Record day mode - Record night mode - Record weekend mode Record message via handset. Replace handset.
  • Page 10: Recording Voice Prompts

    Press Feature. Press Redial. Dial System Speed Dial Memory location 00-79. Dial trunk access code i.e.0. Dial telephone number to be stored (24 digits maximum). Press Hold (if entering name) and dial name of party (13 characters maximum). Press Feature.
  • Page 11: Programming Forced/Verified Account Codes

    Programming Forced/Verified Account Codes Authorisation Code Lift handset. Dial Forced Account Programming access code ___________ Hear second dial tone. Dial the Forced Account Number (001-500). Dial the Forced Account Code ___________. Hear confirmation tone. Press Transfer. Then next Forced Account Number (001-500) is displayed. Dial additional Forced Account Codes as desired.
  • Page 12: Conference Bridge Setup

    Conference Bridge Setup Before using the Multiline Conference Bridge feature, passwords must be assigned. It should be noted that the supervisor should perform these procedures. SETTING SUPERVISOR PASSWORD Call a Conference Bridge extension. When the Conference Bridge extension answers, dial the default Supervisor Password (0000#).
  • Page 13: System Speed Dial Directory

    System Speed Dial Directory...
  • Page 14: Speed Dial Name Input

    Speed Dial Name Input To add a name to each speed dial entry, press the dial pad number corresponding to the alpha character desired. i.e 2 = A,B,D,a,b,c, or 2 3 = D, E, F, d, e, f, or 3 4 = G, H, I, g, h, i, or 4 For the name Bob press: 2-2-6-6-2-2 2nd 3rd...
  • Page 15 Notes...
  • Page 16 The material contained herein is subject to change without prior notice at the sole discretion of NEC Business Solutions Ltd. Stock# 8502595 Copyright ©2003 NEC Business Solutions Ltd Version 1 Document No. NEC-8050 DPA. June 2003...

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