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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents General Information Answering Calls Making Calls Page 1 – 2 Placing A Call On Hold Transferring Calls Conference Call Park Tone Override Page 3 – 4 Voice Over Call Forwarding Paging Call Pickup Do Not Disturb Account Code Page 5 –...
  • Page 3: General Information

    General Information The following should be considered when reviewing this User Guide: Access to many features is based on system assignments. Some access codes may vary from those stated in this user guide and not all features may be available from your telephone. The FLASH or RECALL key located on certain models of Analogue Telephones can be used in place of the Hookswitch.
  • Page 4: Making Calls

    Making Calls Internal Calls Lift handset Dial station number or 9 for the attendant (or reception) Note 1: When calling a multiline telephone, dialling 1 after the station number will change ringing to voice, or voice to ringing. Note 2: To directly access a personal voice mailbox, dial 7 after dialling the station number.
  • Page 5: Placing A Call On Hold

    Placing a Call on Hold Exclusive Hold With a call in progress: Press Hookswitch Note 1: Replacing the handset when a call is on hold will cause the held call to immediately ring your station. Note 2: Once a call is placed on hold, the telephone can be used to place another internal or outside call, or access a feature (i.e.
  • Page 6: Conference

    Conference With an internal call in progress: Press Hookswitch Place second call (internal or external) Announce conference Press Hookswitch to establish conference Note 1: Repeat above procedure to add a fourth party. Note 2: No more than 1 outside party can participate in a conference. Note 3: A conference may be placed on Hold by pressing Hookswitch.
  • Page 7: Voice Over

    Voice Over Originate Answer When calling a busy telephone: With a call in progress: Dial Voice Over Code 6 Receive Voice Over announcement Announce message Replace handset; first call is terminated Lift handset when phone rings Converse with Voice Over originator Call Forwarding From Your Station...
  • Page 8: Call Pickup

    Paging (Continued)... Meet-me Answer Lift handset Dial Meet-Me Answer code: – Internal page – External page Converse Call Pickup Call Pickup System Call Pickup Direct Upon hearing ringing at another Upon hearing ringing or voice announce- telephone: ment at another telephone: Lift handset Lift handset Dial Call Pickup code:...
  • Page 9: Account Code Forced

    Account Code Forced To place an outside call: Lift handset Dial Forced Account Code access code __________ Dial Forced Account Code (up to 13 digits) Dial trunk access code i.e. 0 and outside number Note 1: When calling from a station that is assigned the Account Code Forced/Verified feature, outgoing calls will only be processed after the dialled Account Code is verified.
  • Page 10: Quick Reference Guide

    Quick Reference Guide OUTSIDE CALLING Outside Call Dial 0 Dial Telephone Number Dial # Last CO/PBX Number Redial Dial 77 Dial 00 – 99 Speed Dial Receive Trunk Busy Indication Dial 78 Trunk Queue INTERNAL CALLING Station Call Dial Station Number Tone Override Reach Busy Station Dial...
  • Page 11 Notes...
  • Page 12 The material contained herein is subject to change without prior notice at the sole discretion of NEC Business Solutions Pty Ltd Stock# 8502594 Version 1 Copyright © 2003 NEC Business Solutions Ltd DPA. July 2003 Document No. NEC-8049...

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