Summary of Contents for CHICCO KEYFIT STRADA BOOSTER

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS Safe Use Checklist ...................4 Registration and Recall ...................5 Warnings ......................6 Booster Contents .....................9 Booster Parts ....................10 Assembling the Booster ................12 Attaching the Backrest ................12 Vehicle Use Requirements ................14 Installing Near Airbags ................15 Using the Booster WITH Backrest ..............16 Adjusting Backrest Height ................17 Adjusting Backrest Width ................19 Installing the Booster WITH Backrest............20...

  • Page 3: Safe Use Checklist, Registration And Recall

    Forward-facing vehicle seats only NEED HELP? Child faces towards front of vehicle If you have any problems with your Chicco Child Restraint, Using BOTH vehicle shoulder and lap belt or any questions regarding installation or use, please call: Position with NO active frontal airbag...

  • Page 4: Warnings

    WARNING WARNING Failure to follow these warnings and instructions could result in serious injury or death. Ensure Child’s Safety When Using Booster Take Time to Read This User Guide NEVER leave child unattended in vehicle, even for a short time. CAREFULLY READ AND UNDERSTAND ALL INSTRUCTIONS AND WARNINGS IN THIS USER GUIDE AND ON THE BOOSTER SEAT Before use, remove and dispose of all plastic bags and packaging...

  • Page 5: Booster Contents

    WARNING BOOSTER CONTENTS Backrest Check Condition of Booster Seat Base Shoulder Belt Clip & Webbing DO NOT use this booster seat if it is more than 6 years old. Check Cupholder manufacturer’s label on underside of booster seat. Do not use booster User Guide after date given.

  • Page 6: Booster Parts

    BOOSTER PARTS BOOSTER PARTS Headrest Lap belt guide Backrest/seat joint Side wings Instruction guide pocket Seat back lock Backrest Height adjust lever Reference circles Armrests Width adjust dial Seat locking dial Fabric panel Seat base Shoulder belt guide Front View Back View...

  • Page 7: Assembling The Booster, Attaching The Backrest

    ASSEMBLING THE BOOSTER ASSEMBLING THE BOOSTER Attaching the Backrest Release the 2 buttons to attach the Pull out the seat back lock on the backrest. booster seat base by pressing button. Check that the backrest and seat are correctly locked to each other by pulling on assembled Booster Seat.

  • Page 8: Vehicle Use Requirements, Installing Near Airbags

    VEHICLE USE REQUIREMENTS VEHICLE USE REQUIREMENTS Installing Near Airbags WARNING! This is a belt-positioning booster child restraint. Some vehicles have seating positions with seat belt systems that do not work NEVER place this child restraint with boosters. To determine a proper seating position, consult this guide in a vehicle position that has an AND the vehicle owner’s manual.

  • Page 9: Adjusting Backrest Height

    USING BOOSTER WITH BACKREST USING BOOSTER WITH BACKREST Adjusting Backrest Height Make sure your vehicle seats meet all requirements listed on pages 14-15 in addition to those requirements listed here. The booster backrest has 9 height positions to allow the booster to grow with your child.

  • Page 10

    USING BOOSTER WITH BACKREST USING BOOSTER WITH BACKREST Adjusting Backrest Width While holding the booster firmly with one hand on the seat, use the other hand The width of the booster’s backrest can be adjusted, allowing you to to squeeze the height adjust lever located adapt the seat to fit your child.

  • Page 11

    USING BOOSTER WITH BACKREST USING BOOSTER WITH BACKREST Installing Booster WITH Backrest Securing Child in Booster WITH Backrest Place the booster on the vehicle seat, leaning the backrest against the back of Place the child into the belt positioning the vehicle seat. booster, sitting all the way back, ensuring that the child's back is against the booster backrest.

  • Page 12

    USING BOOSTER WITH BACKREST USING BOOSTER WITHOUT BACKREST Slide the shoulder belt through the Make sure your vehicle seats meet all requirements listed on pages red shoulder belt guide. Make sure belt is 14-15 in addition to those requirements listed here. over tab of belt guide clip.

  • Page 13: Removing The Backrest

    USING BOOSTER WITHOUT BACKREST USING BOOSTER WITHOUT BACKREST Removing the Backrest After removing backrest, take plastic square out of the fabric panel. This child restraint can be used as a backless booster if the child meets all the requirements on page 23. To make removing the backrest more convenient, adjust backrest to tallest height position.

  • Page 14: Attaching The Shoulder Belt Clip, Adjusting The Shoulder Belt Clip

    USING BOOSTER WITHOUT BACKREST USING BOOSTER WITHOUT BACKREST Attaching the Shoulder Belt Clip Adjusting the Shoulder Belt Clip Pull black webbing strap to adjust the Use Shoulder Belt Clip only when using booster WITHOUT backrest. height of the shoulder belt clip. Shoulder Belt Clip comes in plastic bag with instructions.

  • Page 15

    USING BOOSTER WITHOUT BACKREST USING BOOSTER WITHOUT BACKREST Securing Child in Booster Pull the shoulder belt up, ensuring WITHOUT Backrest that the seat belt is snug and that it lays Place the child into the booster, sitting flat across the child’s chest, and the lap all the way back, ensuring that the child's belt lays flat across the child’s thighs.

  • Page 16: Securing Child Safely

    SECURING CHILD SAFELY SECURING CHILD SAFELY Never use the vehicle belt in any ALWAYS check to make sure vehicle buckle is securely latched. If position other than those indicated in this buckle separates, child could be killed or seriously injured. instruction booklet! Check that the seat belt is not twisted.

  • Page 17

    SECURING UNOCCUPIED BOOSTER AIRCRAFT USE REQUIREMENTS This restraint is NOT certified for aircraft use. To avoid injury to others, ALWAYS secure this child restraint with the vehicle belt when unoccupied. An unsecured child restraint could injure An aircraft seat does not have a lap other occupants in a sudden stop or crash.

  • Page 18: Cupholder Adjustments, Attaching The Cupholder, Adjusting The Cupholder, Removing The Cupholder

    CUPHOLDER ADJUSTMENTS CUPHOLDER ADJUSTMENTS Attaching the Cupholder Adjusting the Cupholder Cupholder can be attached to either side of the Strada Booster. Avoid Spills. Keep liquids level when storing in cupholder. Hold cupholder as shown and slide the "U" shape cupholder connector down Do not adjust cupholder angle while liquids are in cupholder.

  • Page 19: Removing Fabric Covers, Headrest Fabric Cover, Backrest Fabric Cover, Side Wings Fabric Cover

    REMOVING FABRIC COVERS REMOVING FABRIC COVERS Seat Fabric Cover The fabric covers for the headrest, backrest and seat are attached with Velcro straps and zippers, so they are convenient to remove. The seat is made of two rigid plastic parts hooked to each other. The top part is covered with fabric and the lower part is black plastic.

  • Page 20: Replacing Fabric Covers

    REMOVING FABRIC COVERS REMOVING FABRIC COVERS Replacing Fabric Covers Position the child restraint upright on a flat surface. Repeat Removing Fabric Cover steps in the reverse order, ensuring that the fabric cover fits onto and adheres correctly on the frame, in particular in the red areas, which correspond to the belt guides.

  • Page 21: Care And Maintenance, User Guide Storage, For More Information

    Do not spin dry the fabric covers. Line dry without wringing. user guide. A fabric cover can be replaced only with another fabric cover approved by Chicco. FOR MORE INFORMATION If you have any questions or comments Cleaning the Plastic Parts about this product, or are missing any of Clean the plastic parts with a soft, damp cloth or a mild detergent.

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