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Getting Started - HP DF1000A3 User Manual

Digital picture frame
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getting Started

1. Connect the power cord into the DC input of the digital picture frame
and plug the adapter into a power outlet as illustrated below.
HP df720, df780, & df820
2. The HP Digital Picture Frame is preloaded with pictures that illustrate
the basic features of this product. if you want to view these pictures,
turn the frame on as illustrated in step 4. The slideshow will begin in
a few seconds. However, if you wish to immediately view your own
pictures, go to the next step (step 3).
3. insert a memory card or USB storage device (external memory)
containing desired pictures, music, and/or video into the
appropriate card slot or USB port as illustrated below. note:
Memory cards and USB storage devices must be orientated correctly.
HP df720, df780, & df820
HP df1000
HP df1000

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Table of Contents

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