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Digital picture frame
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Deleting pictures from internal or external memory
Pictures can be deleted from internal and external memory
sources in the same manner as it was added. Before deleting a
picture or pictures, it is important to select the desired memory
source (see Selecting a Memory Source section for details).
Select the desired picture to be deleted and press the
button to display the copy/delete menu. Press
to highlight
'Delete picture' text. Press
to display the YES and nO text.
to highlight the desired action. if YES is highlighted,
to delete the desired picture from memory. The picture
will disappear and the next picture (if additional pictures are
available) will be displayed.
twice to delete this image or press
to return to
photo browse mode.
if the frame is connected to a PC or laptop as previously
described in Copying pictures - From a PC/laptop section, pictures
can be deleted using standard Windows™ explorer file delete

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