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Setup Menu - HP DF1000A3 User Manual

Digital picture frame
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Available languages
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Setup Menu

Display image Size
Slideshow Transition
Slideshow Speed
Slideshow Music
Slideshow Shuffle
USB Mode
Choose from 7 On Screen Display languages.
Options are: English, german, French, Spanish,
Portuguese, italian, and Dutch.
The factory default is "English".
Select "ORiginAl" to display pictures with their
original properties. Display picture in full height in
normal aspect ratios. Many pictures may not fill the
screen, and leave space on both sides.
Select "OPTiMAl" to allow the frame to display
pictures with optimized properties. Picture(s) will
enlarge to fit the full width of the screen.
The factory default option is "ORiginAl".
Choose from 6 options and select the preferred
transition. Options are: normal, Random, Fade,
Curtain, Open_Door, and Cross_Comb.
The default option is set to "RAnDOM".
Select the desired picture display duration. Options
are: 5, 10, 30, 60 Seconds, i Hour, and 24 Hours.
The default option is "5" Seconds.
Select ON to allow playback of mp3 music during the
picture slideshow. Note: you must have mp3 file(s) on
the memory source.
The factory default is set to "On".
Select ON to display pictures in a random order.
Pictures will not repeat until all have been displayed.
Select OFF to display pictures in sequential order.
The factory default is set to "OFF".
This feature will automatically turn the lCD on/off
to save energy. Select Power On Time or Power Off
Time to set the on/off time respectively. Use
to switch between the Hour/Minute/AM PM
fields, and
Select ""- - : - - - -" to disable the feature. if you want
to turn the lCD back on, press any button on the
picture frame or remote control.
The factory default is set to "- - : - - - -".
This option configures the mini-USB port to either
connect to a PC or PictBridge™ Printer.
The factory default is set to "PC".
to change the values.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents