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Multi Pj Camera System Features - Casio YC-430 User Manual

Multi pj camera/multifunctional camera system
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Multi PJ Camera System Features

The Multi PJ Camera System is a presentation tool that lets you record images of document,
whiteboard contents, and even objects for projection and storage on your computer.
Real-time projection of documents and objects
Simply place a document onto the PJ Camera Stand and the PJ Camera automatically records it
and projects a clear, high-resolution image.
Automatic image correction
Contour extraction and other enhancements are applied automatically to optimize projection of
document images.
Projected image buffering
Projected images are stored temporarily in a buffer, which means you can scroll between them
quickly and easily. Buffered images can be saved to permanent files for later recall whenever you
need them.
Projection Area Capture
Projection Area Capture lets you extract figures and text that are written into an image projected
onto a whiteboard, and then combine the handwriting with the original projected image. The resulting
combined image is clearer and easier to read than a simple snapshot of whiteboard contents.
Camera unit (PJ Camera) can be removed from the PJ Camera Stand and
used as a normal digital camera.
The PJ Camera's 3X optical zoom, high-resolution 10-megapixel imaging, macro mode, and business
mode provides you with many of the capabilities of today's compact digital cameras. You can take
the PJ Camera along anywhere to record images for your presentations.
Presentations using image files in PJ Camera memory or on a computer's
hard disk
Image files in PJ Camera memory or on a computer's hard disk can be projected during a
presentation. All operations can be performed from the computer.
Conventions Used in this Manual
The term "PJ Camera" refers to the camera unit of the Multi PJ Camera System.
The term "CASIO CD-ROM" refers to the CD-ROM that comes with the MULTI PJ CAMERA
PJ Camera Software is basically software for projecting images from a projector. Because of
this, the term "projection" is used in this manual to refer to operations that actually cause the
image to fill the computer screen (without actually projecting it).


Table of Contents

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