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Troubleshooting - Casio YC-430 User Manual

Multi pj camera/multifunctional camera system
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The following explains what you should do when you experience problems with using the Multi PJ
Camera System.
For information about the messages that appear on the PJ Camera monitor screen and other
troubleshooting procedures, see the "Reference" section of the Camera User's Guide.
You can find more troubleshooting information in the FAQ of PJ Camera Software help.
Nothing works.
No image is projected.
PJ Camera Software will
not start up.
Failure to record camera
images properly in the
Document Camera Mode.
Light shining in a
camera image in the
Document Camera Mode.
The projected image is


The USB cable, AC adaptor, and/or power cord is not connected
Check each connection and make sure it is correct and secure.
The computer is not turned on.
Start up the computer.
The software or driver is not installed correctly.
Correctly install the software and driver.
There is something wrong with the system setup.
Check the following.
• Is the AC power cord plugged into an electrical outlet?
• Is the AC power cord connected to the AC adaptor?
• Is the AC adaptor DC plug connected securely to the [DC-IN]
terminal of the PJ Camera Stand?
• Is the [
] (power) button turned on?
• Is the USB cable connected securely to the USB port of the PJ
Camera Stand?
• Is PJ Camera Software installed on your computer?
The computer does not conform to the necessary system requirements.
Check the "Minimum Computer System Requirements" on page E-50.
The document stage is not set up correctly.
Use the procedure under "Setting Up the PJ Camera Stand" on page
E-22 to set up the document stage correctly.
Fluorescent lighting or sunlight is shining onto the document stage.
Take the action required to keep the unwanted light from shining onto
the document stage.
Insufficient illumination when recording the image.
Provide more illumination.
Cause and Required Action


Table of Contents

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