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Operating Precautions - Casio YC-430 User Manual

Multi pj camera/multifunctional camera system
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PJ Camera and PJ Camera Stand
Note that the PJ Camera and the PJ Camera Stand are shipped from the factory as a set, and
are intended for sale and use as a set. Proper operation in any other configuration is not
PJ Document Stage
Never write on the document stage and take care to guard against scratching or otherwise
damaging it. Writing or other marks on the document stage can interfere with projection in the
Document Camera Mode and scanning in the Scanner Mode.
External Light
Room illumination, sunlight, or light from some other source shining onto the document stage
during a Document Camera Mode or Scanner Mode image recording operation can cause white
out and other image abnormalities.
PJ Camera
Never subject the camera to strong impact. Doing so creates the risk of malfunction.
When mounting the camera onto the camera holder, make sure that it is connected correctly
and securely. Incorrectly attaching the camera can cause it to fall, resulting in malfunction. Take
care to avoid dropping the camera when removing it from the stand.
To protect against accidentally dropping the camera, make sure to have the strap around your
fingers when removing the camera from the stand.
Never apply too much force when cleaning the surface of the lens. Doing so can scratch the
lens surface and cause malfunction.
Fingerprints, dust, or any other soiling of the lens can interfere with proper image recording.
Never touch the lens with your fingers. You can blow dust particles from the lens surface with a
lens blower. Next, wipe the surface of the lens with a soft lens cloth.
All of the battery operation times shown in the camera manual indicate reference values for how
long it should take until the camera shuts down under continuous operation when powered by
the specified special battery under standard temperature (23ºC/73ºF). They do not guarantee that
you will be able to achieve the specified battery operation times during normal use. Note that
battery operation time is greatly affected by temperature, the amount of time the battery spent
in storage and the storage conditions, and other factors.
Leaving the camera turned on runs down the battery, which will cause the low power alert to
appear. Be sure to turn off the camera when you are not using it.
The low battery warning indicator will appear just before the camera powers down. Charge the
battery as soon as possible when the indicator appears. Continued use of a low battery can
cause it to leak, or can result in corrupted image data.
The camera becomes warm to the touch during use. This is normal and does not indicate
Based on the types of colors in the original and its layout, the PJ Camera automatically
determines whether the original is monochrome or color, and then performs one of the following
image enhancement processes.
• Monochrome Original: Enhancement of contrast, etc.
• Color Original: Correction process with emphasis on color reproduction
Note that faithful color reproduction may not be possible in cases when it is difficult to detect
whether the original is monochrome or color, or due to limitations in the document processing
operation. This does not indicate malfunction of the PJ Camera.

Operating Precautions


Table of Contents

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